The Wonders Of MEAN Stack – How This Framework Brings Magic To Your Modern Web App Development

Jan 8, 2020

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

The Wonders Of MEAN Stack - How This Framework Brings Magic To Your Modern Web App Development

What lies ahead for us in the world of app and web development? The impulse development scenario has brought to us a wide range of frameworks and tools to build world-class, yet elegant applications or web products.  But, in the wake of digital revolutions, developers want something more than the modern web and mobile products in line with changes in technology, backend and frontend languages. So, if you look closely, a wide range of development languages has emerged in the market over a few years.

While this is quite confusing to settle with the best one in website and mobile application development for its high service charges, the business can connect to comprehensive web development solutions. And we can guarantee you the liberty of high-end development preferences, high-quality designs, functional and useful UX/UI for your website or mobile devices with  Mean Stack development .

But, Why Mean Stack Development For Your Web And Mobile Application?

MEAN stack development services  showcase the agility of full stack web application all through JavaScript features that Mean Stack rightly complements. Know by its name that MEAN stack is a full-stack JavaScript technology process to help developers create fast, robust, dynamic, feature-rich, and resilient web applications. From the development perspective, although this technology is in the infancy stage, it is fast catching up with the web and mobile development world for its myriads of high-performing capabilities.

Unlike any other frameworks, MEAN Stack prompts the development of beautiful and dynamic websites, modern web and mobile apps with front-end and back-end server rendering and the flexibility of database environment. Above all, it is JavaScript that has made it so popular among the developers. It is also a cost-effective development choice for business leaders.

How Javascript Has Changed The Meaning Of Web Development Via MEAN?

The concept of MEAN Stack has matured through the popularity of JavaScript technology. The development process with this language-based technology has changed over the years and is now devised to facilitate development for specific purposes with its wide range of tools. Tools embedded in JavaScript for MEAN Stack have fundamental elements that are not going to change instead it helps more gains and productivity.

So far, it is easy to understand that the common confluence for all frameworks embedded in MEAN Stack is the JavaScript language. MEAN- an acronym for a line of technology stacks stands for  MongoDB Express.JS Angular.JS , and  Node.JS .

Hence, MEAN Stack seems to have unified the entire leading frameworks on one platform to support illustrious feature-rich web apps through event-driven architecture, prototype object orientation, and closures, etc.

The development process is simple and fast. Possessing knowledge and skills in the fundamentals of JavaScript is apt to build dynamic and modern web applications. This is the only requirement to work with the MEAN Stack environment that enables feature-rich app development.

As is with other frameworks in the market such as RubyPython, and Java, they need to be programmed on a server level using JavaScript in the browser. Simultaneously, JavaScript-based  web APIs  enable an easy transition between server and client sides while coding. Maybe, this flexibility gives MEAN Stack to earn a special spot in the application development sphere.

Research also suggests a steady growth for the JavaScript-based language framework. As per Stack Overflow, JavaScript remains the leading programming language and the most preferred language for developers across the world. Today, it has more than 11.7 million developers in its community whereas 2.8 million developers have joined the community.

The detailed report is an indicator of its popularity.

A Glimpse Into Four Key Components - How MEAN Stack Adds New Dimensions To New-Age Web Applications

For any web app building, data storage and management are essential. MongoDB is a popular database with NoSQLdocument to allow this purpose. The primary use case of this framework is to enable data storage and management of every web application development.

Figure 2 MongoDB growth (Source: DB-Engines)

The trending line offers a glimpse into the growth of MongoDB.

More than this, it is an open-source and cross-platform Javascript-based database framework. This programming language uses the file format JSON. If you are well aware of JavaScript- based programming language, you can understand JSON as well.

It offers scalability, and high-performance while dealing with the large volume of data. It enables server-side and client-side rendering together and also prompts easy transition between the servers. It is a cost-effective solution for developers.

Express.js – server-side and backend lightweight JavaScript-based web application framework

It eases the integration with Node.js to allow backend development for your apps. Besides, it handles the database work process offered by MongoDB, while enabling server-side rendering for application development. It offers a range of useful benefits for every web application developer, making it a highly preferred language.

  • It is a lightweight backend framework but it offers robust application processes for app development.
  • It can manage a heavy amount of processes without making your app sluggish.
  • It enables the development of feature-rich and dynamic web apps.

Angular.JS- the frontend framework

It is a high-end and high-performing frontend framework that allows frontend or client-side development of your app. Over the years,  Angular.JS has fast caught up with the developers for being the best JavaScript-based frontend app development framework.

When you hire dedicated MEAN Stack developers, they can assure you of excellent and elegant UX/UI development with angularl.js. It also offers an awesome method to add  AJAX-based rich elements during client-side rendering.

It boasts of a large community of developers with MEAN Stack front-end UI capabilities. Hence, you can get rid of your development problems easily.

There are more ways you can leverage benefits from this JavaScript-based language.

  • It is best suited to build single page applications.
  • It is an MVC JavaScript-based framework. It allows a browser view when combined with controller, and when not, it gives you MVC pattern.
  • It offers an easy learning curve to know full stack frontend development.

Node.Js – Open-Source Runtime Framework

Node.JSis an open-source framework that allows backend rendering with JavaScript. It comprises an event-driven runtime environment to facilitate the development of scalable and secure web applications.

It boasts of large communities with libraries, packages, and documents to be downloaded via npm. Node.js gives the flexibility to learn this entirely new language only by coping with a single programming language, JavaScript.

These four components make MEAN Stack a robust yet powerful framework that helps you build high-performance and fully functional web applications in cost-efficient manner. At Bytes Technolab, you can avail excellent MEAN Stack development processes for your business web apps.

Together, these four frameworks can do wonders for MEAN Stack development. And we can show you more reasons to leverage this technology stack for secure and high-performance web apps.

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MEAN Stack- Highly Scalable And Robust Technology Stack For Your Next App Development

When you leverage this technology, it powers your applications for sure and helps you achieve more. MEAN Stack technology offers you many benefits. This is incomparable with another technology stack.

One Core Language All Through Your Development Journey

When compared with frameworks, you must use different programming languages or coding across different servers. For say, if you use LAMP, It turns out to be quite confusing. During PHP rendering, you have to use Query in MySQL and JavaScript for client-side rendering. So, it requires you having in-depth programming language knowledge. But, with MEAN, it only requires knowledge in JavaScript.

Yes, MongoDB does not involve any JS, but it uses JSON format, meaning JavaScript Object Notation. So, every component of MEAN is fully embedded with JavaScript, making it an easy-to-understand programming language for faster delivery of the product.

Great UX

Who does not know a solid user experience of an app decides its success or failure. Today, users want high-end and functional user experience from applications. A user interface works and complements their needs in full potential when it supports a myriad of objectives.

  • It improves response time
  • It reduces page reloads
  • It allows fluid navigation through pages

It also adheres to user requests to accelerate the development of single page applications or SPAs. Users today are more engrossed with SPAs or SPA like attributes from an application. With high quality and high performing frontend framework Angular.JS, MEAN enables this feature in an app.

Highly Scalable

Your app should be future ready to accomplish the goals of your business. Hence, it should be scalable so that it can sync with the business changes. If your app is not functional in terms of storing data of the growing numbers of users or if your app fails to load data and offers a secure storage, it is bound to collapse. But, Mean offers a great level of scalability as MongoDB, a database framework that enables cloud storage. Besides, via Sharding, MongoDB supports horizontal scaling and thus scaling your web app. Node.js offers the same benefit as MongoDB and makes web applications scalable.

Secure And Fast Development Process

Enterprise wants to hire MEAN Stack developers who can optimize time better and accelerate the product life cycle faster. For Modern app development, faster development has become a criterion. Its simplicity and efficiency increase its effectiveness while rolling out the product in lesser time.

It supports JavaScript all through frontend to the backend. On the other hand, JSON facilitates easy understanding of texts so we can understand it once it is available on apps. It also offers easy integration with third-party apps by supporting external APIs. All of the MEAN components can support JSON and thus they don’t have to rewrite the codes.

Another core feature is the reusability of codes through the isophormic coding. The flexibility of Isophormic codes enables easy transition of codes from one framework to another without delay.

For this reason, it can save you lots of time in app development.

Free and Open source

The web app development with MEAN is quite cost-effective since it is free and open-source. It means you can access to its upgraded versions whenever you want from its large pool of developer communities. Hire MEAN Stack developers today to build fast, feature-rich and dynamic web apps that truly count your success.

High-performance and Speed

MEAN armed with Node.js offers you outstanding app performance which is way better than Apache. It’s an event-driven architecture, it helps optimizes its core features and makes it high performance to cope with your business needs. At the same time, its user-friendliness makes it cater to the diverse industry needs while fulfilling the objectives of industry leaders.

Intuitive and Cognitive

From the development perspective, the building of competitive web applications with MEAN is simple and less complicated than LAMP stack. LAMP’s MySQL requires formatting data and working with strict schemas. Although the same applies to MEAN, it is not mandatory to follow the route. Also, developers can provide information for some items leveraging MongoDB in a JSON format. This is not possible with LAMP’s MySQL where it asks for information even in absence of some undefined values.

Wrapping up

MEAN Stack is the latest web application development trend that allows robust single page applications development to a great potential. Industries today leverage this technology to build high-performing real-time web apps such as gaming apps, ecommerce apps or transaction tools, social media channels, chat apps, and many more.

Bytes Technolab are an industry expert to help you with the best web app development that complements your business needs in an efficient manner. For any kind of MEAN Stack development assistance, you can contact us.

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