Top Eight Ways to Hire Remote Developers For Your Software Development Project

Dec 26, 2019

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Top Eight Ways to Hire Remote Developers For Your Software Development Project

When you hire remote developers for your project, are you sure enough to get the real value of your resources and efforts?

As per reports, more than 23 million people are offering their services for web, desktop, and mobile app development. And this unprecedented number consists of the in-house team, remote software developers and also freelancers. So, when you are looking for a team of developers for your next project or new project for mobile application development, the task certainly not an easy-to-go for your company. Based on your project requirement, you must delve into specific insights to know if your decision works better for you and your project.

For the massive digitalization in the workplace, technology has changed the way businesses or enterprises used to operate a few decades ago. In today’s high-demand atmosphere where business needs to engage with its customers on a core level and deliver high-performance service, one needs to focus on the better service offerings to get a competitive edge. But, how would you do that in the fast-growing environment that embraces a skilled talent pool to gain the most from the investment?

Key Identifiers To Choosing The Best From In-House, Remote And Freelancers

In recent times, modified work culture has popped out that supports outsourcing and distributed teams to be hired by the companies. As per a study by in 2018, the global outsourcing market is poised to grow to $85.6 bn, whereas IT outsourcing for services such as mobile app development, web development, AR/VR and cloud services are a growing rage among the enterprises and SMBs. And they are likely to reach $62 billion.

However, the other two sectors are not trailing behind. The work culture associated with in-house teams and freelancing is something to think upon. Let’s explore various sides to in-house, freelance and remote to harness real potentials for your business growth.

As is with the in-house team for your next app development project or other projects, you can get the freedom to work with them in terms of supervision, loyalty compliance and maintenance of work. If your project involves your advanced software architecture, an in-house team can play a pivotal role here. So, you require in-depth supervision for your project. Although heightened supervision is possible with freelance as well, the in-house team works for the interest of your company, while the freelancers are interested in securing their position and working dedicatedly.

At the end of the day, your in-house team is working hard to identify success for your business; hence they build loyalty towards your business. Since they are aware of your software architecture, they can unleash better performance with ease of effort.

Well, amidst everything how can we forget the adeptness of remote workers like web developers for remote job? This is an option that keeps you primary in- house team in the loop while leveraging the most efficient service for your next web development of a software development project. Regarded as a remote or outsourced team, you can make the most of the talented global workforce to transform for your project and enrich your collaboration with the team. The additional benefits are there for hiring the remote team as well.

It ensures a 24-hours work cycle to accelerate the project life cycle at the quickest possible time frame. The remote work environment also ensures boosted productivity, efficiency in operations and cost reduction. As per the survey from the Harvard Business Review in 2014, employees working in a remote ecosystem are more likely to be happier and efficient than those working in a traditional office environment. So, as a business leader, you are more likely to make the most of your resources. The foremost flexibility is the ease of time zones that allow you to collaborate with a well-structured team round the clock. So, you can get more from it.

However, there is still confusion if you can leverage more from freelancers or remote teams.

Benefits of remote developers for remote jobs

You can hire remote developers from any renowned software development company with some terms and conditions. Any renowned web and mobile software development company can help you collaborate with their dedicated remote team to accelerate product development. The remote team is under supervision and pressure from the company itself for the completion of the product. At the end of the project, you are always assured of a high-end product on time. But, with freelancers, they do not work under direct supervision. For any feedback related to the work, freelancers have to wait that can be prolonged depending on the availability of the concerned persons. As a result, the final product delivery might get delayed.

The expertise matters as well. The developers assigned by the company for the project of software development, mobile or web app development can exhibit enhanced know-how of the products and services. They are adaptive to working under extreme pressure and challenges to creating a rich and dynamic product for you. Hence, the experience of the developers matters most for any projects.

If you want web developers for remote job, you can hire remote workers under a progressive and established web development company. The reason is the ease of availability of resources that help them finish the project on time. Besides, the development company is more concerned to deliver the right project to suit your desires.

However, another key aspect of hiring remote developers for mobile application development or any other project is security concerns. When you hire a remote developer for your new project, you get the assurance of the company to keep your information safe and confidential. This phenomenon is not assured with the freelancing-based work ecosystem. So, you can be assured that your project is safe and secure.

Collaboration with remote workers is convenient as well. They follow a stipulated time frame while working at their office. You can collaborate with them and discuss your project. This is not possible with freelancers.

So, in this scenario, freelancing and remote work culture are going to increase that enables you to do more. But, if you hire a remote team from the best software development company, you can hire a dedicated team and an efficient team that work on your terms. And in your pursuit of hiring a dedicated remote team for the software development project, you can follow the following strategies.

How to Hire Remote Developers for your Dream project

Hiring the best web developers for a remote job takes some effort and knowledge. If you have one, you can hire the best remote team for your project. Here are the most efficient ways of hiring an expert remote team.

Highlight your Business Needs

Based on three circumstances, you can determine your next step to hiring a dedicated remote team.

First, you want to leverage the world-class service from the global workforce. Based on the project scopes, you can hire either an in-house professional, remote developer or a freelancer.

You want to bring in new technology you have never used in your business and want to deliver the best service to your customers. For say, if you want to implement React.js to reconstruct your website, you need to wait for your team to develop a learning curve for this. Hire a remote developer by outsourcing their service, or hire top freelance remote developers.

In case, you are a startup or small scale business, where budget is a constraint, you can prefer hiring developers for remote jobs.

So, it is a key aspect of choosing your team based on your budget and business needs. In terms of getting the most of your time and resources, web developers for remote job can offer more liberty and flexibility.

As you decide your next course of action with the remote developers for mobile application development and any other software development project, you must go ahead with the detailed work description.

Presentation Of Detailed Work Description

It is so relevant you want a remote team for your project for the short-term. For this, you must focus on the project deliverables and other tasks. Besides, your developers for remote job must be supplemented with all the necessary information for the project so that they can work sooner on it. You can also ask them different levels of technical questions to develop a better project idea on it.

Go For an Extensive Screening Process

Once your project is ready to be undertaken with the remote work, you must ask for applications from a large group of remote agencies working for software development firms or companies.

At the first step to building your screening process, you can draft your paper that contains information about your company and your business requirement. Second, comes the company information you want from the remote developer for remote jobs. And a series of screening questions that must highlight specific technical skills and expertise should talk more about the job profile of the candidate.

If it is still not adequate to screen their skills and proficiency in the domain, you can ask them to present an assignment through the development of a test project. This is a better scope to unravel how skillful and expert are they in specific area such as Laravel Development or Mean Stack Development for robust software building tasks. Many a time, this is a paid test. If you want to explore the best sides to web developers for remote job, you can consider this technique.

The screening process lets you continue with the most efficient, reliable and high-quality top freelance remote developers. As you go ahead with them in the next phase of the hiring process, you can let loose other remote developers in the loop.

And to hire the best web developers for remote job, it is time to extract key potentials from the shortlisted candidates based on their soft skills. It is not their education or experience that counts for the project success in most cases, but their dedication to work, time-management, flexibility to interact with the distributed team, and improved communication skills win you the game.

Develop the Most feasible plan to get along with the remote team

So, now you have decided some of the key pointers to interact with the best remote workers and close the deal. Ask for a demonstration of the best work from your present remote developers. This works as a proof to you. On the other hand, ask for well-documented codes for a specific project, and look for solutions needed to solve a tough software development challenge. Once everything looks fine, you can go ahead.

Decide your budget

This is an essential criterion to decide if your project undertaking is feasible within your budget. Ask for the project quote, if that suits you in terms of skills and expertise in the team, you can hire remote developers for your project.

Once everything such as the right time of project deliverable, you can set the deadline for the project. Your project plan must be detailed that describes your project needs in terms of design, pattern, technology, and testing. Your plan also includes troubleshooting service to avoid discrepancies during resolving bug attacks. So, your plan must include the troubleshooting feature.

Get a project manager onboard

For your remote development project, you must assign a project manager who guides you through the project and communicate constantly on the progress of the project through effective communication. He is responsible to ensure the implementation of the proper technological processes all through software development. As you get detailed information about your project, you can have the right information about how your project can complement your business needs.

Always Get In Touch With The Project Development

It is key to developing a robust product for your business. Always make sure to have direct communication with the top freelancer remote developers.

Have a meeting with them before the final product goes live. As you ensure better communication with your remote team, you can ensure the positive and efficient delivery of your final product.

Maintain agility

Being agile is core to get the most of your time and effort. Have a topic discussion on the documentation process. If your approach is flexible and adaptable, you can get more from the remote developers. Your final product is rich, dynamic and efficient.

Last but not least, once you have found efficient and suitable remote mobile application developers, you can hire remote developers for mobile application development on trust. Trust is key to adding value to your business.

The Takeaway

Believe it or not, the remote is the new reality of today’s work culture triggered by the growth of remote jobs over the past times. This is so relevant in the sphere of website and mobile app development, where businesses can meet their developers as per their convenience. The culture features great transparency in compliance with the policy and practices of remote employers like Bytes Technolab that eases the transition process for established firms and even startups. Even though the choice is yours in terms of your business needs and budget, we as one of the leading IT firms can offer you high-quality web development and software development services cost-efficiently. Contact us to explore robust remote web and mobile application scopes and discuss the best options for your business needs.

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