Top Reasons To Choose WordPress Over HTML To Build Your Website

Feb 22, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Top Reasons To Choose WordPress Over HTML To Build Your Website

The total number of websites in the world is over two billion, and the number is still increasing as new startups and websites for them are emerging on an everyday basis. But, it is to note that only 53% are having their websites among all the small businesses. The reason for around 20 per cent of small companies not having a website is that they chose not to have a website to avoid the cost of developing a website.
But, now, these business owners need to realize that with WordPress, designing a website is not that expensive to affect their budget a lot. WordPress allows you to create your website within a few minutes and for a cost equivalent to no cost. You must be thinking about what WordPress is and how you can develop a gorgeous looking website for so much lesser price. After reading the above discussion, these questions are natural to come to your mind. In this article, we would try finding answers to these questions.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is considered the best Content Management System (CMS) among all the CMSs that exist today. WordPress facilitates easy creation, editing, managing, and publishing content on your website even without programming knowledge. The popularity and capabilities of WordPress are known by the fact that more than 25% of the websites use WordPress.

Contrary to general perceptions, WordPress is not merely used as a platform for blogging. It also allows you to build business websites, e-commerce sites, setting up professional portfolios and many other services. In short, WordPress is a CMS that lets you create your website in a user-friendly online platform with the ease of designing and content management within the website. WordPress provides almost free of cost, a simple and popular alternative for website creation. Companies of all sizes, kinds and from various industries use WordPress. But, is WordPress worth the hype and why businesses should choose WordPress over HTML or other CMS is a critical question. This article would discuss the top benefits of using WordPress over HTML for building business websites.

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Saves Money

Designing a custom HTML website usually costs so much as you need to hire a web developer design website for you. In addition to that, yearly hosting fee and maintenance fees make you end up spending a massive share of your budget on developing and maintaining your website. This is why small and medium enterprises are tending to choose WordPress over custom-built HTML websites for online business operation.

Develop the Way You Want

The first thing that comes to mind with WordPress is blogging, but WordPress is much more than that. WordPress allows you to build any website, and WordPress Multisite from the business web to social networking. Some of the most popular brands, including Sony Music, Bata, AMC, Xerox and many more, have built their websites with WordPress.

Eliminates the Role of Middleman

Maintaining a website is a tedious task that includes updating with the latest standards, incurring mobile accessibility, equip security measures to prevent hacking and adding up new pages and content. An HTML powered custom-built website requires a web developer to perform all these tasks for you, which cost so much to you. WordPress eliminates these need, and any updates with WordPress can be incurred with just one click. Installing security plugins and managing all the website pages is on your own, and you don’t need to spend a significant amount on a middleman’s services.

Numerous Theme Options

Another reason behind WordPress’s popularity is that WordPress offers you thousands of beautiful pre-designed WordPress themes to choose from to design your website. WordPress theme shops make it easier by providing high-quality, attractive themes at affordable prices.


With WordPress, you can extend the functionality of your business web whenever you want. WordPress plugins development allows you to create and add more features and pages to your website with a few clicks. WordPress is capable enough to offer you plenty of scaling options with over 43,000 official WordPress plugins. Even it will not cost you much if you hire WordPress Plugin Developers, as the charge of their services is also nominal.

Saves Time

WordPress is time-saving as you can design and create your website within few minutes. WordPress plugins are quick to install, and you can add various functionalities to your website in literally no time. Plugins are also helpful in streamlining how you manage your website and automate tasks to save a lot of time.


WordPress does not require any special skills to work upon. With the basic knowledge of computers and the internet you can build a website for your business on your own. You don’t need to be a PHP expert to create and set your website.

SEO Friendly

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a critical strategy to mark your business’s active presence online. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is usually time-consuming and technical in HTML powered platforms, but WordPress facilitates easy SEO implementation and helps you attracting more customers to your website.

Constant Support and Regular Updates

WordPress is an open-source platform but can deliver premium quality user experience. This is why a massive community of millions of users worldwide supports WordPress and prefers it for building web business solutions. The experts worldwide are always ready to help you out whenever you encounter any problem in WordPress. Apart from that, WordPress automatically gets updated as the company behind WordPress release auto-updates on regular intervals.

Supports Mobile Devices

The responsiveness and supportive nature of WordPress make it suitable for mobile platforms and screen sizes. With WordPress, you don’t need to create a distinct website version (as HTML requires) to support smartphones and tablets. WordPress themes are pre-optimized, especially if you buy premium themes.

Improved Security

Installing enterprise-level security features in your website is easy with WordPress plugins. WordPress plugins can protect your websites from hackers and malware and help enforce strong passwords to keep your website safe and secure.


There is no doubt about WordPress as it will stay relevant and quality-dedicated in the future. The possibilities with WordPress are endless as WordPress is having a world of its own.

So, if you are planning to hire a web developer for creating your business website, think of giving WordPress a try, and you will see how it can open up scope for your business growth. Suppose you are unable to use it yourself. In that case, you can hire WordPress developers or a company like Bytes which is a WordPress development company in the USA and India that provides high quality and affordable WordPress Services. Try WordPress for once, and you will have a better experience than HTML.

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