Want To Get Your Furniture Business Rolling? Embrace eCommerce Development Solutions Today

Apr 10, 2020

Bhavesh Surani

By Bhavesh Surani

Want To Get Your Furniture Business Rolling? Embrace eCommerce Development Solutions Today

Gone are the days when furniture was subject to a tactile experience. Moving from the steps to experiencing every piece of furniture by sitting on the couch, laying on the mattresses or putting out the cupboard again and again, it is more of a mechanism to make a buy through sight alone. Yes, it is facilitated through websites or eCommerce shops these days.

But, a lot has changed over time. Some trends are doing rounds in the furniture eCommerce market since long that has reshaped the furniture world andset some purchasing trends among the buyers.

Millennial buyers

Millennials today make up the most numbers of furniture buyers, out of which 46% of them relate to B2B buyers while 37% of millennial buyers prefer furniture and bedding.This section of buyers is tech-savvy and refers to reviews and testimonials when it comes to buying in contrast to physical products.

Ready-to-assemble furniture design

Assembled furniture has long been disgraced by users as compared to ready-to-assemble furniture. RTA design can connect well with the prospective buyers since they are easy to ship as well as less expensive. Besides, the inventories do not need much space in the warehouse. This is an opportunity for furniture manufacturers to embark on their eCommerce furniture business for direct sales whilst eCommerce merchants can look to sell with B2C.

Increased rates of trials with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality enables real-time buying experience for users as they can try furniture in the backdrop of their home spaces. AR simulates3D objects and putsreal life-like characters in it. This simplifies the buying process for furniture. eCommerce furniture merchants can even allow their buyers to try each piece against exact color tone, size, and other configurations.

A Surge in B2B demands

Furniture sales account for 30% of deals made by B2B buyers alone as compared to B2C buyers. B2B eCommerce buy in bulk, negotiate the price and deal with furniture manufacturers or whole distributors. Hence, a higher demand by the B2B portfolio is a good sign for eCommerce development.

Furniture Market Insights

The furniture industry is keeping the pace fast with online selling for the last couple of years. The demand is overwhelming both in the residential and commercial sectors.

Its overall growth is projected to increase at a CAGR of 5.5% by 2024. B2B eCommerce and the ease of mobile shopping solutions have contributed to its growth.

Figure 1 Source: Global Market Insights

All these are comforting enough for any aspiring eCommerce furniture seller to build their digital shops online and make a mark.

But, the initial journey to digital commerce may not turn out to be as easy as you imagine. You need to offer more than the freedom of just visualization and buying. Today’s customers want more from you. To kick start successful furniture commerce online, go for an efficient eCommerce Development company.

Important Factors to Consider Beginning Your Ecommerce Transformation

Amazing product visualization

The only difference between online and offline shopping is visualization.You must enhance the visual experience for shoppers with mind-blowing content viz videos and HD images to highlight product features. Integrate AR experience to boost online purchase. AR that combines 3D objects with a 360 degree spin gives attractive and engaging shopping experience to online shoppers and drivesmore user engagement.

Augmented mobile experience

It is all about connecting in real-time and prompting shopping in a blazingly fast way rather than by doing a browse search on the mobile. The comfort of shopping immersing in a couch is always magnified through a mobile app. Mobile users love to jump-start their tour to shopping instantly without wasting time after mundane logging maneuverseach day. If you preferbuilding a dynamic mobile application for your eCommerce shop, it pays off and yields you high returns with a stunning mobile experience for your shopper.

Omnichannel shopping experience for your audience

Make use of omnichannel methods without irking your customers incompatiblewith certain device modes. Sellers can bring their physical stores to a seamless channelto integrate their digital platform. Here, a range of communication tools can be integrated so that no customers can be left frustrated due to a lack of connectedness. Have your digital shop connected with social media channels, voice-call, and also instant messages to facilitate buying and selling.

This omnichannel experience is engaging enough to outpace the competition.

Implement conversational commerce

Customer support is keytopaying attention to your customers and resolving their queries or issues. Instead of generating customer tickets and keeping your customers queued over the line, it is easier to resolve issues instantly using text-based conversational support or chatbots.

CRMto be taken care of

Building an online furniture store is much more cost-effective in comparison with a physical store. eCommerce shops are adaptive to buyers’ spectrumsthat allows for proper visualization, configuration and buying. However, you must expand your capacity to enrich buyers’ shopping experience. The backend of your eCommerce must facilitate the selling process and derive insights into customer data. A CRM is the right tool and technologies to set trends in the field, connect with the buyers quickly, and make fast ROI.

ERP to digitize operations

In the furniture business, you must be careful ofvendor and customer relationship management. If you don’t, manufacturing and supplying of furniture can become complex. Bring in an ERP solution to streamline a range of complex operations including logistics, inventory, back-office operations, and space optimization of the manufacturing floor.Get an ERP system to integrate with your backend operations and reduce delivery delays.

Wrapping up

The furniture business is sure to go long owing to demands for B2B and commercial buyers as well as residential buyers. It is a good decisive investment in this sector to ensurelong-term profits. But to facilitate business scalability, flexibility, and growth, you must choose the right B2B eCommerce, solution partner. If you want to know more about your scopes, Bytes Technolab helps you with your eCommerce furniture shop development. Request demo today.

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