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There is no secret in that many people spend a considerable share of their time using their phone, and most of this time goes in using a mobile application. So, investing in a mobile application for your business can be producing immense benefits in many areas. Mobile applications have become increasingly popular among businesses and companies lately. Be it an eCommerce store or online food business; all are trying to get closer to their customers by developing mobile apps. The use of smart mobiles has also been increasing every day which has a significantly impacted application development and the number of available applications for specific businesses in the market. The business community has started adopting technological ways so that customers want to connect with your company. With the increasing mobile use, the millennial generation has started going instrumental in this mobile evolution. Businesses have now adopted the same as they want to connect directly to their customers with mobile devices.

As the digitization is growing, every business requires an effective presence online, and only having a website does not give you desired results. Companies want something more significant and mobile apps to provide with them a solution to their wants. Such applications are not only for virtual reputation, but they are useful and helpful in transforming the ways of doing business. Due to the increasing use of technology, companies need them. The studies have shown that more than 55% of millennials expect brands and businesses to have a mobile app to have quick and easy access to their business. The same applies to the automobile sector, and car dealerships and automobile companies have also started to go online with mobile applications of their respective brands. Car Dealership Mobile App Development is an increasing trend as this gives direct access for both customers and dealers to each other.

Why is having a Mobile App so Important for your business?

If you look around being a business owner, companies and businesses are making constant efforts to connect with our customers through various means. Mobile devices are the most popular way. If you ignore their efforts, you would let them and ultimately be promoting them with your actions. Not being a part of the trend is as good as asking your customer to shift their loyalty and trust to some other brand or company. Can you afford to promote another app? Avoiding having a mobile application for your business may give other similar product brands to complete access to your customers for their future sales and service needs. It will make you lose money and give up control of the most precious asset, your customers.

Having your mobile application helps you gaining instant access to your customer base to interact with them has never been this faster, more comfortable and cost efficient. Besides, they will also carry your brand in their pocket, and they will know that you are just a tap on their phone away. According to a survey, more than 50% of auto shoppers use mobile applications to research payments, offers, prices and inventory. Online company eBay alone manage to sell more than 13,000 cars every week through the mobile app. So, investing in a car dealership app may be helping you sell more cars and attract more traffic to your dealership. There cannot be any way better than having a mobile app to spread the news about your car dealership. Having a mobile app of your dealership gives your customers access to browsing about the car models for sale, making new orders, interacting with you for information, and sending referrals through your app. Through your mobile app, you can also reward your customers with loyalty programs, schedule test drives, and release special offers for them. There are several benefits for which a mobile app can be an all-in-one solution for car dealers. Let’s discuss.

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Why is a Mobile App needed for Car Dealership?

  • Brand Image

    A mobile app for a car dealership with an eye-catching logo and user-friendly design can be the key to allure customer and help improving brand image. Additionally, push alerts, multimedia content, and consistent promotion automatically drives a strong brand position and attracts a larger number of buyers.

  • Customer Knowledge

    With the help of a car dealership mobile app you can provide all updated and ready information such as dealer, inventory, services, pricing, discounts, payment options and many others, directly to your customers. It builds a particular brand’s reputation and allows customers to settle on a specific car model confidently.

  • Follow-ups

    An app allows you to quickly and proactively follow up with their potential customers through various means. Sharing new information about price drops, incentives, offers and discounts, inventory, availability of car models, finance schemes etc. gets easier through a mobile app to move the prospects farther down the pipeline.

  • Data Analytics

    An efficient mobile app for your car dealership gets you the opportunity to analyze data on key business indicators, including the financial performance of the company, the bestselling car models and the specific performance of sales team members etc. A mobile app for a dealership powered with analytics tools can reveal powerful insights such as inventory management, tracking usage, app installs, service requests and daily users. This analyses market, improves merchandise, planning of budget, and growing business ROI efficient for dealers.

  • Flexible Payment Options

    Multiple flexible payment options, provided by an app, may help buyers making new orders with ease, either from the comfort of their homes or while travelling to some place. It ensures improved customer experience and satisfaction and reduces the time consumed in the whole process.

  • Customized Campaigns

    A mobile enables you to design a personalized user interface and personalized in-app campaigns, which helps dealers target niche customer groups. A car dealer, through his app, can push customized messages related to a specific car model according to customer’s tentative choice and search. Its exclusive features to attract specific customers. This may lead them down the sales funnel.

  • Competitiveness through Geofencing

    With mobile app, Geofencing can be possible that may help keep on-site customers involved in buying the vehicle. It also allows the dealership to be effective and discreet in enticing customers apart from the competitors. Geofencing enables pushing special promotions for car buyers at a certain distance of the dealership and tracking the buyer’s real-time actual location. This makes car dealers improve their competitiveness in the market and snap up future leads with effective and attractive deals.

  • Customer Loyalty

    Having a mobile app enables dealers to present loyalty reward programs and execute customized digital campaigns to manage existing customers’ re-engagement for their upcoming vehicle purchase.

  • Boost Revenue through Servicing

    With an app, dealerships can lure customers back repeatedly by providing the facility of vehicle servicing. The servicing department usually produces the highest share of a dealership’s profit margins. This has come out in a study that customers using branded dealership mobile app are more likely to make service appointments than those who do not use their dealership’s mobile app. In a survey of DMEautomotive, car owners now prefer spending more money on servicing their cars than ever before. Dealers not having a mobile app miss out on an excellent opportunity to generate higher revenue by servicing vehicles. Dealer apps provide several features to customers such as view service hours, book service appointments in minutes, pay repair orders, consult with servicing staff through in-app chat functionality, save call, message and email history, update service profiles etc. All this enable customers to manage their schedule accordingly instead spending hours waiting at workshop to get their vehicle

This way, it seems that next-generation car dealerships need not to maintain huge showrooms with outstanding infrastructure in the city’s prime locations or on the high streets. They can manage a better customer experience by having digital kiosks, equipped with mobile apps or AR/VR tools at prime shopping centers. The potential buyers can visit, explore the app, check the car features and interiors digitally, and book a test drive on the spot. Such apps also give them the ability to make an order and process payments instantly. A mobile app may end redundant paperwork and help improve overall customer experience by digitizing the whole process. The automotive industry is increasing worldwide, and customers can be allured with the never before experience with an efficient dealership app. Automotive app development in the USA and other countries is an emerging trend, and this may be a key to boost business experience in the automotive industry. Leveraging the power of technology and mobile industry, an app can help you correct the skewed cost structure and increase profitability.

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