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Custom Software Design & Development

In today’s fast-growing atmosphere, the software has taken every one of us by sweep. The custom software development is the utmost need in today’s urban culture, if not a crucial add-on to shoulder our needs. Besides businesses, the need for software is highly felt by us in day-to-day activities.

In terms of daily activities, Software has changed the way we shopped, traveled, and ate. From booking a cab or accommodation for a holiday trip to placing a food order, the software has got us covered from all angles. And for business, it means a lot too.

It is custom software that has fostered a digital transformation across the industries. According to Forrester, a quarter of all the software industry is custom software development. It witnessed the growth at a CAGR of 33% and reached $136 billion between 2011 and 2015. The growth rate is a precursor to indicate how fast it is estimated to disrupting every industry in the coming years.

However, there are multitudes of factors that fuel this market growth. The figure below depicts the IT spending on various categories of software development. For companies, the foremost necessity is custom software development services that include fast web development, mobile app development, and cloud computing development.

Besides, companies are more interested to gain flexible returns from   desktop development, cross-platform development services, and UX/UI design and development as well.

Figure 1 IT spending from 2014 -2019 source- IDC


Factors Driving Custom Software Growth

Owing to easy catering to open-source solutions in the ‘90s, companies turned to custom software development agencies to get custom built software tools specific to their business needs. Ever since the growth trend is on a steady route, and today it is growing larger than the software industry itself.

Off-the-shelf software is another factor that has accelerated the growth of custom software development. As is with ready-to-use software like that of off-the-shelf software, it is more like thrusting the predefined software to the clients and compelling them to adjust to the software specifications and functions while compromising their actual needs.

Today, the core purpose of any software is to improve the customer experience, that custom software design and development rightly does. Also, there are some new technologies and trends that also accelerate the growth of custom software development.

For say, the flexible cross-platform app development, AI based-technologies, machine learning, big data analytics, and blockchain are heavily leveraged by developers to build top-notch and innovative digital solutions for the industry leaders. Simultaneously, we can also suggest the growth of open-source platforms has fostered custom software growth.

So, we can aptly say, custom software is the need of the moment for businesses that want to stand out their customer service and gain a competitive edge over their rivals.

What is Custom Software development?

To understand custom software development, we do not need any detailed description of the term. The name is apt to discern its meaning. Well, to be more specific to the term, it is an individualized and tailor-made software solution designed and built to accomplish specific purposes of an organization instead of its overall aspects.

In terms of its functionalities, custom software solutions offer a new approach to business that is unique and innovative in nature. The capabilities, features, and specifications it harbors no other software solutions like standard and off-the-shelf products can yield.

A large enterprise always opts to have its custom software solutions built by an in-house team. However, small scale businesses have little resources to spend on its in-house team. Rather they can outsource development service from an expert custom software development firm who possesses the right tools and skills to run the project lifecycle from scratch and finish it on time.

Similarly, the large enterprises’ in-house software team may not have all the necessary expertise to develop a tailor-made project using the right technologies. Sometimes, they require overlooking their current projects and paying attention to the custom needs of the business.

This leads to project delays and does not yield the high-end product.  In such a case, it is indeed crucial to outsource custom software development services.

So, as you choose the custom software solutions, it helps you develop a high-profile product that fulfills your company’s needs and boost your ROI.

Custom Software Development- Why It Can Be a Valuable Asset for Your Business?

Custom software development can be leveraged based upon the specific needs of a business. However, in most cases, the definition changes owing to the different facets of a business. It can be more than just complementing the business-centric needs. It means adjusting to the business infrastructure and its individual requirements. Based upon the features and functionalities, it can transform your business scopes to a larger length in the following manner:

  • Its gives you a competitive edge
  • An innovative way to resolve previous business challenges
  • A well-documented interactive and engagement tool
  • An Image building tool for brands
  • A unique and novel source to boost profitability
  • A high-end product to increase efficiency, productivity, while improving customer experience
  • A reliable tool to consolidate data and streamline work process

Benefits of Custom Software Development

Going for custom software development is a tough consideration to make. The most striking hurdle is the presence of off-the-shelf software in the industry.

Since off-the-shelf software is a ready-to-use product, custom software applications are meant for adjusting to the specific needs of the business. In most cases, businesses find their existing infrastructure incapable of meeting customer needs or they are too slow. At the same time, 70% of businesses are looking for some sort of custom software development process that fosters real business growth. But, with off-the shelf-software, the process is a little slower in the context of the rapid technological overhaul across the industries.

However, in terms of performance, functionalities, and capabilities, custom software leads the race.

With off-the-shelf software, there are no financial overheads since the pricing model is already predefined. Although custom software is slightly expensive, it is easier to deploy. There are more differences to follow.

Deployment matters

With ready-to-use software, the enterprise internal IT team must devote time for procurement. The team must evaluate UX of the product and ease of use. It also needs to consider the infrastructure requirements and other parameters. So, it takes a lot of effort from your team.

But, with custom software development when outsourced from Custom Software Development Company, the process of procurement, UX, testing, and maintenance rests upon the outsourced team while improving the efficiency of the internal team.

A deeper level of customization

The market is brimful with off-the-shelf software. They are easy to cope with business needs. But, when it lacks modularity and maturity over time, it hinders the growth prospects while decreasing efficiency. Custom software development helps reduce the excess and can be optimized to the specific needs of the business.

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration as preceded by data analytics is key to accelerating competitive advantage. So, the enterprise must adhere to do this protocol by integrating software with other enterprise software. This improves real-time conversation scopes between marketers, customers, and peers. While ready-to-use software may fail to feature this, custom software solutions allow easy integration and improve productivity.

Owing to product updates, off-the-shelf products may not be updated for months and years. This results in the task management with outdated software, causing trouble on your business. Custom software gives you the freedom to make changes to your product as per your convenience any time you want.


Despite limited resources and time, smaller companies can opt for custom software tools when planning to expand their footprints. Using custom software solutions, it helps streamline the process and scale your business features in the future. But, with off-the-shelf products, there is little scope for scalability.

As you discover scopes and possibilities of custom software development, it is time to determine if your business should use custom software for specific business needs.


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How To Decide Your Business Needs Custom Software Solutions

Forward-thinking businesses that want a result-driven approach for their business operations, custom software solutions offer them the right innovation and engineering excellence to scale. Despite being a lucrative option, businesses are still in disarray when it comes to determining whether businesses should invest and spend time in developing its custom software solutions. If you are baffled, ask yourself a few questions prior to moving forward.

  • Business expansion is in sight or driving business results is the first priority.
  • Is innovation is key or do you want to improve your competitiveness?
  • Is your business process slow or are the processes outdated to adjust to customer needs?
  • Are dependencies on multiple software suites reducing your efficiency?
  • Do we need an easy-to-scale and simple collaboration and communication tool for customers?

If you think the questions are relevant to your business-specific needs, you must seek help from expert and illustrious web and mobile development company that offers robust custom software development services for agile product development.

How To Get Started With Custom Software Development

Once you determine to opt for a custom software technology, you can follow a few things to ease the transition to reliable and flexible custom web or mobile application via an outsourced team, which costs less than the project amount accomplished with an in-house team.

So, when you need bespoke software solutions to overcome business challenges, you go by following the below rules.

Strategic Resource Investment plan

It is imperative that you should budget your resources properly. If you have a long-term goal, custom software solutions surely pay off. When you collaborate with an expert team of web and mobile development company, they can easily help with budget management. Using the tool called Earned Value Management or EVM enables you to monitor the costs and performance metrics of your product on a daily basis. Besides, you can analyze the root cause of troubles to the product so as to enhance the progress of the project.

Software team development

Remember, building an outsourced development needs patience, effort and time. When you build your dedicated team of technical resources for software development, you must focus to hire the best one in the industry.

Your team comprises a project manager, software engineers, developers, and QA testing team. Once your team is ready, it is time to discuss your business needs with them. Be open to discuss additional features you need that can enhance your productivity and get you a competitive edge.

In addition, any well-versed custom software development team is aware of the business analysis and feasibility study to drive actionable business objectives before they kick off the project pipeline. There are more you can leverage from the team to build outstanding custom software solutions. Check with them.

Custom software service highlights

Figure 2 custom software development stages

  • In the case of new software product development, it is the responsibility of a highly proficient technical team to help you access, create and implement applications for web and mobile architectures. As a result, it can transform your vision into reality.
  • It helps data extraction from systems to build data analytics-based metrics and improve efficiency, productivity and faster delivery of products without breaching its security.
  • It applies application maintenance capabilities for your existing product to incorporate new features, workflows, and enhance performance and security either on the cloud or on-site.
  • It offers high-caliber cross-platform deployment with web and mobile development skills and enables deployment of apps across various platforms.

Robust Communication Management

Complete transparency throughout the project development is essential to track progress. Effective communication is a key to ensuring that. Any custom software development firm follows the right communication strategy to allow productive collaboration with you.

Having it in place ensures you get a thorough reporting of your project status.

Design and development – mission critical

You must understand the design and development of your product, including the needs of UX/UI. It helps you gauge the product deadline while ensuring necessary changes to the application. During changes, allow your development team to make the decision together and adhere to it till the end.

Comprehensive QA testing

An application testing is necessary as though it is cumbersome. Before the final product is launched, ensure to go through testing that examines the compatibility, security, performance, and interface of the product. After QA testing, your custom software solution is open to use by end-users.


Custom software development improves efficiency and fosters growth of businesses. That’s why leading enterprises and even small scale businesses are interested to invest in custom software development. The reason custom software solutions let you adopt features your business needs.

For improved flexibility and growth, custom software solutions are the way to go. If you want to harness real possibilities of custom software to add value to your business, Bytes Technolab can help you meet all your specific business needs. We offer full-fledged IT consulting, web and mobile development and business-centric software development services. If you have any queries, contact us to know more about your options.

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