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Why Laravel is the Best Php Framework for Web Development

Apr 13, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Why Laravel is the Best Php Framework for Web Development

The market for Laravel development in USA is ever-thriving. The PHP web programming language is already used to build almost half of all websites on the internet. However, several people are dissatisfied with most PHP frameworks’ mediocrity, mainly because there are better options available in the developer community.

It is pretty apparent that many Laravel development services are quickly gaining momentum because of their elegant and detailed syntax. While using the Model-view-controller design to create web apps, the Laravel Web development platform quickly gains momentum.

Below listed are some of the reasons that would make you confide in a Laravel Development Company to get your PHP work done:

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Safe and Secure

A database’s security is critical, and the PHP platform Laravel guarantees that it can be built into the design. The framework and specification of Laravel ensure that device protection is taken into account. Passwords aren’t stored as plain text in Laravel, which can be hacked.

An automatic token is created any time a user logs into the system to avoid unauthorized access to the web. As a result, the password is encrypted using the Bcrypt hashing algorithm. Laravel also allows it impossible for injection attacks on the servers since it comes with ready-to-use SQL statements. The following are some of the security features included in Laravel:

  • Use of encryption
  • Secured Routes.
  • Reset and password alerts
  • Authentication of users
  • HTTP Security Authentication
  • Login storage
  • Manually logging in users
  • Authentication drivers


Laravel is considerably less expensive than other PHP frameworks, thanks to its MVC design. When you hire Laravel developers, they need to divide code into three parts: business logic, user interface, and controller.

The best part is that each of the three elements has a distinct function to play and is handled separately by different developers when operating on the company website. Nobody can interfere with each other’s programming.

As a consequence, it not only assists in obtaining the modular specification but also provides significant budget relief.

Database Migration

Keeping the database in harmony between production devices is a source of frustration for developers. It’s a breeze for Laravel database migrations. Users can make several modifications to the database, and MySQL Workbench isn’t a perfect way to sync databases across production machines. This is where Migrations come out to play.

You will quickly move the modifications to every other production machine you have if you keep all of the database functions in migrations and seeds. This another instance of why hiring a Laravel Development company is in your favor. Laravel is the most powerful PHP platform is because of this.

Automated Checking To Fix Bugs

Manually repeating tests take a long time and cost a lot of money, mainly if you hire a specialist to maintain your website. The PHP platform Laravel has superseded this idea.
It can use automation testing to solve problems in short-term to long-term ventures. A Laravel Development company uses integral unit checks to remove bugs from different source code units.

Packages Are Discovered Automatically

It was previously challenging to mount packages in earlier versions of Laravel. In Laravel 5.5, however, a new function named Automated Package Discovery automatically identifies the packages that users choose to run.

This means that when downloading new packages in Laravel, users no longer need to set up any aliases or providers.

ORM and Object-Oriented Libraries

One of Laravel’s most remarkable qualities is that it comes pre-installed with object-oriented libraries. Some systems that are related to PHP do not provide these pre-installed libraries. Monitoring active users, password resetting, Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) security, and encryption protocols are all included in the Authentication Library.

Eloquent is the Object Relationship Mapping (ORM) used in Laravel, which lets you get data faster. Eloquent makes it easy to create relationships between tables, which is essential when interlinking items. It also gives the user access to helper functions and building joins between tables using similar fields.

Artisan Commands

Any Laravel development company knows that one of the most valuable aspects of PHP Laravel is the potential to automate activities. You can use job automation commands with Artisan, a command-line GUI offered by Laravel. It enables programmers to generate their artisan commands that can be task-specific or personalized.

Artisan’s simplicity allows you to use a variety of commands to complete routine activities. They cover activities including creating a database seeder, creating a blueprint, migrating databases, and creating a controller.

The benefits of eliminating compatibility problems between databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and SQLite are hefty. When you choose to hire a Laravel Development Company, you can quickly move from one database to the next. Along with that, you can include a variety of scalability choices by altering essential Laravel configuration specifics.

Blade Template Engines

Blade is a user-friendly templating engine that lets you deal with HTML and PHP spaghetti. It comes pre-installed with the Laravel web platform and allows users to create great templates for their tasks efficiently. Since it is lightweight, it does not necessitate a large platform.

For a Laravel Development company, Blade helps in data management by linking the data model, source code processing, and performance management based on a text file. This pre-installed templating engine enables data structure improvements to be shown. The content seeding feature’s incorporation will enable you to build genuinely revolutionary templates.

Finally, the Blade template framework provides users with a mechanism that allows generating files that have conditional statements. The blade has an integration feature that allows you to divide the models into separate parts before allowing other files to inherit them.

Know About The Latest Lavarel 7.12

Laravel 7.12 is the newest version of Laravel.

Another piece of good news for retailers is that the Laravel team has released Laravel 7.12, a new edition dated March 2020 that aims to reach new heights with entirely personalized websites. The following are some of the fantastic features that tech geeks have used in the most recent framework:

TrustHosts Middleware

Laravel’s base middleware class uses it to build a large number of logics. For these purposes, software behemoths include the TrustHosts middleware to streamline the customization method.

Now, Laravel website coders don’t have to think about whitelist rules when optimizing network configuration. And that is because the middleware allows them to lock down hosts using regex automatically.

You Can Skip The Middleware In Resource Routes

It is necessary to skip the middleware from the resource routes whenever protection for resources such as configurations, programs, and data is needed (#38291). Laravel 7.12 takes this strategy to a whole new level.

Laravel 7.12 Version’s Additional Features

The errors can be corrected using the rebinding method and default URL: Illuminate\Routing\UrlGenerator(6ad92bf)

The platform will avoid the foundation function call in the auth feature (#32805).

The errors would be cleaned most accurately before transmission of Illuminate\Mail\Mailer::sendSwiftMessage() (#32799).

Final Words

Laravel is superior to all other rival web application creation systems due to its powerful authentication mechanism and superior caching framework.

One of the principal explanations for Laravel’s bright future is that it allows for the development of multilingual websites that can hit the mass market and many markets all at once.

Starting with its simplicity and ease of use, this is one architecture that eliminates redundancy and repetitiveness. Along with that, it also provides a scalable forum for developers to add their intuitive and inventive structure to app growth.

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