WordPress 5.8 Beta 1 Released!

Jun 14, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Wordpress 5.8 Beta 1 Released!

The first Beta for the upcoming major version, 5.8, is now available. WordPress 5.8 Beta 1 has been launched, and it comes with a slew of new features and improvements. Handpicked Patterns, Powerful Blocks, New Template Editor with new custom templates, New Design Tools for existing blocks and more are among the features of WordPress 5.8 Beta 1. In addition, the update contains a number of minor enhancements.

Because the program is still under development, the development team advises you not to use it on a live site, and we agree. Simply create a test site to experiment with the new version. Because this program is currently under development, it is not suggested that you use it on a live site. Instead, we propose that you try it out on a test site to see how it works.

WordPress 5.8 is set to be released on July 20, 2021, as the main update. It is our obligation to assist the team in deploying the major release with a few (or no) difficulties as possible. So, let’s get started testing!

Use the WordPress Beta Tester plugin to test WordPress 5.8 (look for “cutting edge nightlies”). You can also get the beta here (zip).

Check out the key items to test in the coming weeks to uncover as many issues as possible to make things simpler for the devs.

So, what’s new in this version of 5.8? Let’s begin with the high points.

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Powerful Blocks

There are new blocks and expressive tools for Page Lists, Site Title, Logo, and Tagline, among other things. A strong Query Loop block comes with new block patterns that make use of its versatility and creative capabilities, as well as different methods to show lists of

A permanent toolbar option for choosing a parent has been added to make interacting with nested blocks simpler. When you hover over or focus on the different block-type buttons, you’ll see block outlines. When in “select” mode, block handles are now visible for dragging
and dropping.

Introduces the List View, a toggleable panel that aids in the navigation of complicated blocks and patterns.

The creation flow for reusable blocks has been enhanced, and history revisions are now supported.

A fascinating new duotone block adds picture effects to media blocks and is supported by third-party blocks. The theme may also change the color settings.

Exceptional Patterns

Patterns may now be suggested and chosen during block setup, allowing for more powerful new flows. Pattern transformations are also possible, allowing you to change the pattern of a block or a group of blocks.

A new collection of Patterns has been added, as well as an early interaction with WordPress.org’s future Pattern Directory.

Improved Tools

Create new custom templates for a page utilizing blocks using the new template editor. Theme.json files now allow themes to govern and modify the style, such as layout, block support, color palettes, and more.

More color, font, and spacing choices, drag-and-drop for Cover backdrops, block transformation options, the ability to embed PDFs within the File block, and more are among the new design tools and updates to existing blocks.

Improvements to the editor’s rendering so that it more closely resembles the frontend.

Internet Explorer 11

This year, WordPress will stop supporting Internet Explorer 11. Most of those improvements are being incorporated in this version, so take advantage of the Beta and RC periods to test!

Widgets Area Blocks

Using the all-new Widgets screen and enhanced Customizer, you can now utilize any block in your theme’s widget sections.

The Legacy Widget block continues to operate with existing third-party widgets.

You’re not quite ready to make the complete switch? Users may utilize the Classic Widgets plugin to help with the transition, and themes can use remove theme support (‘widgets-block-editor’).

Wrapping up

More than 215 tickets have been addressed in WordPress 5.8. It offers 88 new features as well as a slew of bug fixes and enhancements to help you get the most out of your WordPress experience.

As previously stated, the WordPress 5.8 release date is set for July 20, and the development team could use all the support they can get. If you believe you’ve discovered an issue, please report it to the Alpha/Beta section of the support forums. File a repeatable bug report on WordPress Trac, where you can also obtain a list of known problems if you’re comfortable doing so.

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