Can I terminate the service immediately?

No. You’ll be required to notify us as per the contractual agreement before the said period as mentioned in the contract. You cannot terminate the
engagement within the first month.

Can I hire on a Part-Time basis?

Yes, we do have that option for special skills like Graphic designer, UI/UX Designer, Project Manager. The hired developers will be working on your project for a consecutive 4-hour window every day, for 5 days a week, during the length of the engagement period.

Do you provide a report that shows the progress of the work and what I’m paying for?

Precisely. The team working on your project fills in a DAILY report in our internal system (as shown above in this presentation). They will submit a copy of the same on a weekly basis to you to keep a record of the efforts spent. Moreover, they will put updates over basecamp, where you can view a summary of tasks executed with other details.

Can the developer work in the same timezone as ours?

The developers work from our own Development Center based out of India. They work for 8 hours a day and can be available to work easily in any slot between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Indian Time (+5:30GMT). It is totally fine if you need a meeting in a week for discussion during your time zone.

However, if you require them to work dedicatedly during your timezone only, they can certainly be made available. In such cases, you have to pay a nominal additional fee.

What if the developer decides to leave your company?

We require that anybody in our company who wishes to leave us, notify their immediate supervisor, delivery head, and the HR team at least 2 months in advance. When they resign from their jobs and we accept their resignations, we immediately plan to switch the resource and initiate a handover process along with knowledge transfer (KT) to the new (replacing) developer.

Before leaving the company, the outgoing developer signs EXIT NDA with Bytes Technolab, where they undersign the confidentiality and non-compete, non-sharing terms. They also hand over all credentials and access and communication rights back to the relevant authorities at Bytes Technolab before leaving.

In case, our hosting services or any other related services are down, do you own the problem to find a solution or do you prefer to say “that’s not what we’re supposed to do”?

We firmly believe it is our responsibility. However, something that’s within our reach or access, we can certainly chime in and help you to fix the issue even before it arises. However, in certain cases where clients prefer to leave a few parts of the project to their own teams. In such cases, we can’t do much. However, we certainly can give you insights, guide you, or recommend a solution. To be able to “FIX” the existing problem itself, we need to have your permission along with the access.

When is it ideal to choose a dedicated team for software development?

You shall opt for the dedicated development team for reasons such as:

• The scope is defined very briefly and the requirements are very likely to change throughout the project.

• Can define clear short-term milestones – depending on the working model chosen (i.e. Agile or Waterfall).

• Works best when you’re ready to go into multiple iterations for a given feature and fine-tune it by inspecting all the possible aspects.

• When you have more time to spend with your hired development team, by sharing clear objectives and goals so that they are always in sync with you.