Bytes Technolab Inc. Celebrates India’s 72nd Republic Day

Jan 25, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

As the whole nation was preparing to celebrate the 72nd Republic Day of our country, Bytes Technolab Inc. was also not an exception in this regard. Republic Day Celebration was started for Bytes Technolab Inc.; a day earlier, the HR team began decorating the office and cubicles and transformed the theme of the whole premise to the patriotic tricolor. The office area gave us the feel of patriotism, and the entire workplace was beaming with the colors of patriotism and representing colorful India. On the day, the whole team of Bytes Technolab Inc. heartily participated in the celebration. All the staff members were dressed up in the national tri-colors and painted our India’s National Flag on their faces and hands. The day was celebrated with an incredible feeling of patriotism. Everyone had fun coloring the Indian National Flag colors on various parts of their body and their friends and colleagues.

Republic Day is not just a holiday but also an occasion that evokes a robust sense of pride and patriotism in our country’s people. On occasion, the Director of the company, Mr. Mitul Patel had said that- “The Republic Day of India is a day for all of us to feel proud of being Indians. We should be proud to be a part of the country that has inspired nationalism and democratic governance in many countries worldwide. Tri-colors represent the greatness and virtues of our country, and dressing up in the way demonstrates our love for India.”

He further said that- “Republic Day reminds us to ask two major questions to ourselves that- do we know what freedom does mean, and do we follow the ideals of our great Constitution in our life. If the answer is no, we have no reason to celebrate, and we need to do self-assessment, and we need to realize that we are disrespecting the legacy of our freedom fighters and our great nationalist leaders.”

This was followed by some collation of entertaining and fun events, which pleasantly completed the day. At Bytes Technolab Inc., we have a tradition of celebrating our national and cultural festivals admirably because we believe that this is an excellent way of developing team spirit and acts as an ice breaker in engaging each person in-office events. We believe that festivals are the beauty of our country and national festivals are the representation of our struggle for dignity and respect in the world. Bytes Technolab Inc. appeals to you to keep the spirit of unity and a pleasant workplace everywhere, and we, at Bytes, are forever united as one big family.

At last, Bytes Technolab wishes you all a delighted 72nd Republic Day of India.

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