Bytes Techonlab Inc adds a dash of merriment with fun picnic to Udaipur

Sep 14, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

To achieve and sustain success, extraordinary efforts are required from everyone in the team. This can be, at times, grueling and tiring. Keeping that in mind, the Bytes team decided it was time to rejuvenate.

Adding fun to work, Bytes Technolab Inc decided to throw a fun corporate picnic for their team members in Udaipur. The entire visit was a whip of fresh air to everyone.

The fun event started with a moving speech from team leaders describing their journey and inciting motivation in the hearts of each and every team member with wonderful growth and success charts of the company. It was followed by the felicitation of all the hard-working employees, and they were presented with certifications and applause.

After all, this picnic aimed to refresh and rejuvenate, to forget the work-related tensions for a while and just enjoy the company of their workmates, so various fun games were organized for the team members.

Is there anything better than dancing your heart out to enjoy life? Well, that’s what all the team members did on the electrifying beats of the DJ. Dancing and having a gala time with your friends is the best medicine for tiredness, isn’t it?

After all the fun and frolic, everyone sat down for some lip-smacking dinner and enjoyed the merry time.

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For Bytes Technolab Inc. this is a pleasant occasion that allows everyone to unwind from their busy schedules and spend time together, while also meeting members of the community and creating new friendships.

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