March 08, 2021 By Angelina Eillott

International Women’s Day is the way to celebrate the social, political, and economic achievements of women throughout the world while concerning the need for global attention on further actions in crucial areas. Recognizing this, we at Bytes Technolab Inc. celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March every year. Bytes Technolab Inc. believes in equality among women and men, and thus we are celebrating the spirit of womanhood. To honor the contribution of women in our success, an outing followed by lunch was arranged for the whole staff.

On this occasion, Director of Bytes Technolab Inc. Mr. Mitul Patel dedicated some words for every woman, and said that- “A Woman is the perfect blend of some of the greatest virtues such as patience to listen, the strength to support, and care for loved ones. You all will always be our inspiration for uncommon strength, love and commitment. We wish you all will be free to dream, express, create and live your deepest heart’s desires. Every home, every heart, every feeling and every moment of happiness is incomplete without women. A woman only can complete this or anyone’s world.”

Further, the higher officials honored and rewarded the significant women contributors of the company. They appealed to everyone to show respect and the spirit of equality for all women at work or outside.
At Bytes, we believe that feminism is not about making women stronger. It’s about changing the world’s perception of that strength. Bytes Technolab Inc. wishes all of you a very Happy International Women’s Day.

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