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About the client

Wazo is a leading furniture brand based out of Canada.
They started out as a solid wood furniture company and now have one of the most extensive collections of live edge tables in North America. They rapidly expanded into various categories after witnessing explosive growth, including handcrafted wood furniture and sculptures, sumptuous fabric mattresses, and sofas built using their own patented foam technique


Project Objectives

For Shopify store development, the client wanted a custom feature that would only show product quantities in the Store front from mapped Shopify locations with unique dynamic rules and conditions dependent on the customer’s location.

They also needed a feature that would show the estimated delivery date for specific SKUs in different languages, along with a unique message.


The challenge

We don’t have a native functionality in Shopify customization that allows for the bifurcation of location-based quantity display or custom criteria to filter it. To display estimated time of arrival message in Shopify, Shopify customization was required which should be simple to edit and modify based on the client’s needs.

The solution

Our team recommended creating a custom script and private App for Shopify store development, which would allow us to display product quantities depending on unique rules for locales and consumer location. We’ve also added functionality to the backend app that allows you to manage SKUs and their estimated arrival dates with personalised messaging in English and French.

Important Features

  • Location based inventory display in Shopify
  • Location mapping based on customer location for displaying product quantities
  • A simple interface for mentioning SKUs with an estimated arrival date
  • Custom messages could now be displayed on the front end.
  • The App data may be easily imported and exported using the easy import/export capability.
  • Multiple languages support
  • Display Estimated Time of Arrival message in Shopify

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Success Story

We developed a solution for Wazo Furniture, as well as a custom private Shopify App, to enable them manage their product inventory display based on their own custom rules and client locations, allowing them to conveniently handle location-specific orders and shipments. Our Shopify custom app development services assisted them in both retaining and gaining new consumers.


What Customers Say About Their Experience with us

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The processes work much better, and Bytes Technolab managed the project well. They came in and fixed all the issues, and their work was exceptional.” They never overpromised, and they only agreed to tasks that they had the expertise to execute.


Bytes Technolab’s experienced assistance allowed the site to grow very quickly in the first year.


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