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Marketplaces, e-Commerce platforms, MySQL, Redis, PHP, Node, React, Angular, New Relic, Github, Ngnix, AWS Cloud, GraphQL

About the client

Finale Inventory is a cloud-based software platform that helps with inventory and warehouse management. As a result, it provides a variety of benefits to enterprises of all sizes. Cloud-based inventory management allows you to manage and monitor your company’s inventory levels from any location with an internet connection. Web-based inventory management software reduces errors and issues that can arise with a local or manual inventory management system, allowing your company to achieve higher efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.


Project Objectives

A few e-commerce platforms were supported by the Finale inventory management system. The goal was to cover as many different markets and e-commerce systems as feasible. Another goal was to upgrade existing integrated e-commerce platforms with new APIs.


The challenge

  • The client used outdated platform for their management system
  • Required new upgraded API

The solution

We began by reviewing their present e-commerce integrations, APIs, and constraints. We examined existing e-commerce connectors for Importing products, Importing orders, and Syncing Product inventories. We improved the present architecture to include more e-commerce and marketplaces by integrating through their available APIs. We created an independent script that handles authentication as well as specialised e-commerce functionalities.

Important Features

  • Integrates seamlessly with more than 40 of the most popular enterprise software platforms
  • Accounting software, such as QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online. Finale Inventory will automatically import customer and transaction data from your QuickBooks company file, minimising tedious data entry and making account reconciliation easier.
  • Channel management software such as Zentail and Acenda. Once synced, Zentail — or whichever platform you use — will send inventory data to Finale via ShipStation and update the inventory supply automatically. This data will then be synchronised back to Zendesk to ensure an accurate picture of your count.
  • Marketplace portals such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and others. Finale Inventory can link directly to an Amazon marketplace, tracking quantity changes and ensuring your listings are always up to date.
  • POS systems such as Square and Shopify. Finale Inventory will automatically sync to your inventory when you make a transaction in person, allowing you to keep track of both online and offline sales channels from a single spot.
  • Shipping software such as ShipStation, ShipRush, and Inventory Source. Finale Inventory works in tandem with ShipStation and other cloud-based shipping technologies by integrating with marketplace platforms, accounting software, and other systems, as well as calculating dynamic reorder points to ensure that users never run out of stock.
  • Shopping cart software like OpenCart, Shopify, and others. Finale Inventory aids in the consolidation of data from numerous sales channels – if you sell directly through your website, syncing your orders with our product will ensure that you always have an exact image of your available inventory.

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Success Story

With the aforementioned improvements, the application was able to support and deliver solutions to a greater number of e-commerce customers.


What Customers Say About Their Experience with us

Compared to other offshore groups I’ve worked with, Bytes Technolab has amazing communication.” They were highly responsive and keen to fix any functionality issues that arose.


Our business is driven by our website and they’ve played a key role in our success.


Ten years ago, the programmer working on my podcast hosting platform abruptly quit. The project was 75% completed. I used Upwork to find a replacement programmer and I found Bytes Technololab. They were able to finish the project on budget.


The processes work much better, and Bytes Technolab managed the project well. They came in and fixed all the issues, and their work was exceptional.” They never overpromised, and they only agreed to tasks that they had the expertise to execute.


Bytes Technolab’s experienced assistance allowed the site to grow very quickly in the first year.


Of all the technical developers and companies we’ve worked with, Bytes Technolab is the best.


We’re amazed by their domain expertise.


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