Solaray – An eCommerce for Healthcare Products

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About the client

Solaray Inc provides health supplements. The Company manufactures vitamins, minerals, and herb supplements. They primarily operate in the United States, where they have over 8000 brick-and-mortar stores.


Project Objectives

With the rising eCommerce market, Solaray decided to change their focus from the physical to the online store in order to broaden their reach and enhance product sales with Healthcare products website development.
Solaray had a simple health supplements website with few products, outdated looks, and a poor customer discussion rate. They wished to increase their sales through online stores while also automating their procedures.


The challenge

The main issue in this case was to create website design for healthcare products that will raise the customer conversion rate in order to generate sales. Their previous Shopify store eCommerce for Healthcare Products had a lot of traffic, but the customer engagement rate was too low.
They intended to use cutting-edge technology and solutions to boost sales and customer retention.

The solution

Bytes Technolab’s ecommerce experts recognised their needs, analysed their business products and skills, and devised a comprehensive plan to increase sales by 300 to 400 percent.

Bytes experts observed that their client conversation ratio was locked at a low rate for a variety of reasons.

Bytes proposed new user-friendly and minimalistic UI/UX designs with a call to action, various Upsells and Cross-sell features such as Product Recommendations via Quiz, Specific discounts to Specific customers, Subscription (Auto purchase), Product Bundles, Campaign landing pages for various occasions, and so on.

Given their existing Shopify store and the need for additional features to be implemented in a short period of time, Bytes created a new store using Shopify and successfully integrated all of the functionalities needed to boost sales.

Important Features

  • Nearby store search ( from their 8000+ stores ) using Google Place API
  • Recurring payments ( auto purchase ) for specific products using Recharge Subscriptions App.
  • Dynamic landing pages for Campaigns wherein Admin can manage each section of the page.
  • Product Recommendations using Quiz
  • Product Bundles with Discount
  • Marketing Automation using Klaviyo
  • Various Reports in Admin panel using Klaviyo
  • Integration of Designs to Shopify theme.
  • Offers/discount coupons

Success Story

Within two months of launching a new eCommerce website, the company began receiving a large number of orders, and monthly income jumped by 100 percent. Within four months of the new site’s introduction, the maximum revenue generated per month has increased 400% over the previous website.
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What Customers Say About Their Experience with us

Compared to other offshore groups I’ve worked with, Bytes Technolab has amazing communication.” They were highly responsive and keen to fix any functionality issues that arose.


Our business is driven by our website and they’ve played a key role in our success.


Ten years ago, the programmer working on my podcast hosting platform abruptly quit. The project was 75% completed. I used Upwork to find a replacement programmer and I found Bytes Technololab. They were able to finish the project on budget.


The processes work much better, and Bytes Technolab managed the project well. They came in and fixed all the issues, and their work was exceptional.” They never overpromised, and they only agreed to tasks that they had the expertise to execute.


Bytes Technolab’s experienced assistance allowed the site to grow very quickly in the first year.


Of all the technical developers and companies we’ve worked with, Bytes Technolab is the best.


We’re amazed by their domain expertise.


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