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About the client

The client is a leading electronic brand with a wide range of products in the telecom and consumer electronic segment. The client sells their product catalog in the middle east market through dealers’ channels. Their plan was to create an individual eCommerce store that would facilitate them in operating country-specific eCommerce businesses and enable their dealers’ channels with marketing and other supportive guidelines to boost revenue, Product consumption, and branding.


Project Objectives

The well-known electronic brand with a presence all over the world particularly in the middle east market was aiming to develop a country-specific electronic eCommerce store with a unique product catalog to increase and help dealers’ reach within the country. The cutting-edge technology was prioritized in order to make a single eCommerce framework with maximum features and functionalities. We created a B2B portal for the client to help them sell their electronic products to dealers directly. They wanted an automated coupon-generating system to offer discounts to dealers on bulk purchases.


The challenge

  • To integrate a country-wise system with different currency & Payment methods
  • Use one framework for all and create clones for each country’s website.
  • Integrate maximum common features and functionality to reduce rework.
  • To create a system to generate discount codes on bulk orders for the dealers.

The solution

To reduce rework and maintain Popular Electronics company branding and policy, Bytes Technolab first designed and developed a single eCommerce platform with maximum features and functionalities. We used the same architecture to build country-specific stores making clones as well as set store-specific requirements such as Payment Gateway, Shipping, Taxation, Marketing Channel, SMS & Email Gateway, Dynamic Layouts & Templates, and many more. We delivered a system that adjusts the price of products based on the quantity so that the dealers can avail discounts on bulk orders. We offered the best Magento 2 eCommerce development services for this solution.

Important Features

  • Country-wise e-commerce store hosted on a separate domain
  • Each store has its own payment methods and marketing strategies
  • Unique layout with minimal changes
  • Dynamic Web Pages for new product marketing and launch
  • Store-specific architecture and cloud infrastructure to drive traffic

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Success Story

  • Cost-effective way to deliver multiple stores
  • User-friendly framework for all
  • Store-specific architecture
  • Dynamic layouts

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What Customers Say About Their Experience with us

Compared to other offshore groups I’ve worked with, Bytes Technolab has amazing communication.” They were highly responsive and keen to fix any functionality issues that arose.


Our business is driven by our website and they’ve played a key role in our success.


Ten years ago, the programmer working on my podcast hosting platform abruptly quit. The project was 75% completed. I used Upwork to find a replacement programmer and I found Bytes Technololab. They were able to finish the project on budget.


The processes work much better, and Bytes Technolab managed the project well. They came in and fixed all the issues, and their work was exceptional.” They never overpromised, and they only agreed to tasks that they had the expertise to execute.


Bytes Technolab’s experienced assistance allowed the site to grow very quickly in the first year.


Of all the technical developers and companies we’ve worked with, Bytes Technolab is the best.


We’re amazed by their domain expertise.


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