The SOAR platform -Security Orchestration, Automation & Response

Design, Architecture, Development, Deployment, Support


Ant Design Library, GoJS, Google APIs, Google Charts, PHP, React, React-Grid-Layout Library, Redux, Saga

About the client

The SIRP offers their customers the SOAR platform (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) to assist customers in giving detail and scores relating to security automation, risk management, threats, and vulnerabilities. Using the integrated security tools, sophisticated automation, and orchestration capabilities, the engine creates real-world risk scores that are unique to your company for each event, alert, and vulnerability.


Project Objectives

Due to a rise in the number of clients, the company chose to replace the frontend of their platform with a modern interface with simple and intuitive UI/UX to improve the user experience and streamline business operations. Thus, they required a Single Page Application wherein users may simply travel across the system without refreshing the pages.


The challenge

The company already had a PHP based security system with sluggish performance and an outdated layout. They developed APIs and screen designs for the new frontend (Single Page Application).
The main problem was the architecture because the APIs were built on their old platform and the designs they generated were for Single Page Application. As a result, creating a frontend and integrating the APIs was not an easy task.

The solution

To overcome the challenge, our ReactJs professionals analysed and implemented logics to serialise API data in suitable JSON format based on business rules and designs.

Also, because there are numerous graphs, charts, and forms, it was necessary to customise the third-party libraries based on the API data. Frontend experts developed the GoJS library according to the designs and put it on the system to create the Flowchart.

Furthermore, various events, such as drag and drop, form saving, and so on, exchange data with the server in real time to make operations easier and smoother.

Important Features

  • Single Page Application architecture
  • Frontend consumes the API from PHP based headless platform
  • Drag and Drop & Resize Widgets elements
  • Creation of dynamic widgets using Charts, Graphs, Tables
  • Charts/Graphs: Gantt, Tree graph, Timeline, Maps, Area, Funnel, Pie
  • Flowchart creation using GoJS library
  • Real Time Editing and Saving of text descriptions
  • Login using Google 
  • 2 Factor Authentication

Success Story

Customer retention and acquisition ratios improved dramatically as a result of the modern, fast, and simple navigation experience. In addition, with new features and rapid performance, the Single Page Application streamlined overall business operations.


What Customers Say About Their Experience with us

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