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As a leading cloud solutions provider, Bytes Technolab moves you forward to AWS cloud services and ensures peak performance with cost-efficient IT solutions, increased flexibility and reliability. Our qualified AWS experts always keep current with leading practices in the tool and features. With AWS infrastructure, you can build software and IT products with reduced time to market. At the same time, its pay-as-you-go model is quite budget-friendly and helps you innovate. Amazon Web Services offers a wide range of services for cloud native application development while we allow you to use this cloud platform as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Hire our AWS experts if you are keen to harness financial scalability, speed, reduced risk and strong security with application development.


Outstanding Benefits Assured With Bespoke Amazon Web Services

  • Flexibility : With AWS massive cloud-based platform, you have no constraints on a physical computing infrastructure with on-demand availability of data storage and access to server.
  • Cost-effective : You can automate infrastructure operations that lower costs and reduce manual labor while its associated errors.
  • Secure : With no overheads to secure own facilities, AWS offers you the world-class-security through data center management by enabling the highest standards of service.
  • Customizable : We can offer highly custom AWS service to meet individual business needs. We do everything from cost-tracking to automation and security.
  • Third party API : We do integration with third-party APIs so that you can manage your cloud-based infrastructure in any programming language you want.
  • Automated scheduling : Our AWS experts schedule service at predefined times on Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Relational Database Service (RDS) without any scripting.
  • Disaster Recovery : We don’t let spell the curse of downtime and data loss. Our AWS service specialists can simplify your AWS disaster recovery instantly during a disaster.

Amazon Cloud Services

We at Bytes Technolab make it possible for you to embark on the agile digital transformation journey so that you can leverage outstanding end-to-end cloud services. Our AWS managed cloud services set your success roadmap with full transparency.

AWS Web development

AWS offers a great flexibility to build your website and run quickly. Our specialized AWS developers hold in-depth web technology knowledge to create website using Linux, PHP, Python, Apache and MySQL.

AWS application deployment

By employing Serveless Deploy, we make it easy to construct and deploy AWS applications on open-source Serverless Framework. Bytes Technolab is a leading AWS service expert to deploy code faster with AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway.

AWS business apps solutions

As we help you build mission critical business applications, we ensure you get faster availability, agility and flexibility with business apps solution development such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft in the AWS cloud. Our services like CodeDeploy and Opsworks help build apps and software fast and increase speed to market.

Business model integration

If you are eager to leverage the cloud as a business enabler, we help you create a flexible strategy for software-as-a-service solution on AWS and meet your business needs for different business models faster and smarter.

Enterprise IT apps on AWS

For your diverse business needs, we can craft rapid enterprise IT apps of any size using open source mobile application software. Our developers write code fast for HTML5, CSS3, and JS efficiently and deploy your apps efficiency on AWS.

AWS cloud automation

Our in-depth dexterity in AWS helps us with software deployment automation using CodeDeploy to varied AWS services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon EC2, AWS Fargate, and also on-premise infrastructure. Automate to address application development complexities and avoid downtime with additional features.

AWS cloud management

As you optimize your AWS cloud, you can get more gains from the perfect balanced out strategy including agility, scalability, and cost savings. Our DevOps professionals can enable you to benefit from even native interface and third-party interfaces to help you accomplish cloud management tasks like scheduling EC2 and automating backups.

AWS Implementation

When it comes to having your AWS implemented successfully, our full service AWS managed service partner can offer excellent capabilities to unleash potential Amazon web services. Leverage the expertise from Bytes Technolab to design, build and maintain productive cloud strategy.

Server and app solution management

The success of your apps is fully dependent on how effectively and efficiently your server is being managed after deployment. As your trusted AWS partner, we ensure your server and app solutions work properly and securely and help you reduce complexities and optimize operations.


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Well-structured AWS strategy

We at Bytes Technolab are experienced AWS consultants who can build a robust AWS strategy so that you can optimize cloud performance and reshape your infrastructure with cloud benefits. Our AWS experts are agile to adapt to diverse needs of small business or enterprise and drive business value.


High-caliber AWS professionals

From native cloud applications development on AWS to high-profile AWS managed services, our AWS certified professionals have extensive AWS knowledge to offer cost-optimization, reliability on customer demand and also operational efficiency. Not only that we also have amazing dexterity to work with Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon S3, Amazon EBS, Amazon CloudFront among others.


AWS monitoring and support

Our team of AWS certified experts offer round the clock environment monitoring service so as to rapidly assess incident response if any. With high-standard key application metrics, we do investigation on root cause analysis and ensure consistent performance. We also do compliance checks and threat and vulnerability management to protect your data and safeguard your business.

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