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Our Simple & Powerful DevOps Implementation Approach

Empowering the three cornerstones of your organization: People, Process, and Technology.


Hardcore Analysis & Assessment

Our DevOps engineers perform a comprehensive analysis of the existing system, infrastructure, and process to identify the blockers which may affect the execution of a successful DevOps implementation.

Automate Infrastructure Through IaC

We follow the best IaC (Infrastructure as Code) practices to automate software infrastructure in terms of provisioning, configuration, and control of all environments without errors to ensure seamless alignment between the teams and continuity.

Scalable Solutions

The experts will brainstorm and present all the possible solutions to tackle problems, establish communication channels, and streamline the software delivery pipeline. The aim is to deliver a scalable DevOps solution that helps you control your data, application, and products when you scale.

Implementation & Execution

Our DevOps engineers will deploy CI and CD by using the right tools. It helps to rectify existing loopholes in the software development ecosystem. Planned execution also optimizes the release management cycle.


Bytes Technolab offers packages that are client-focused and affordable for continuous support after the launch. Hire a dedicated team of DevOps engineers to ensure a flawless, high-quality software development & delivery pipeline.

DevOps as a Service

Insightful Roadmap Design

Intellectual expertise to design a journey to plan and rectify wrong processes, integrate stronger security mechanisms and create an automated software ecosystem.

Precise Resource Planning

Planning the number of DevOps resources needed by analyzing your existing skillsets and software infrastructure along with resource strategy to meet your project needs.


Help you integrate the security-first approach into your infrastructure and apps from the design phase itself along with automating compliances and regulations into processes.

Continuous Integration

Implement continuous integration and delivery practices to reduce rollbacks, improve time to market, and cut costs by putting testing and security at the core.

Continuous Deployment

Implement automation to schedule and directly deploy builds to production environments without bugs or delays to ensure the software being launched is market-ready.

Cloud Migration

Leverage our DevOps practices to migrate workflows and applications to the cloud for anytime-anywhere availability & empower your business to tackle runtime challenges.

Kubernetes & Container Adoption

To implement the right strategy for a microservices architecture, we will help you maintain the container management ecosystem by orchestrating Kubernetes and containers.

Cloud-native Development

Using microservices-based architecture, platform-as-a-service and multi-cloud infrastructure, we help you build new app cloud-natively through DevOps.

Code Integration & Audit

CI/CD integration with Jenkins, Azure DevOps Server, and many others results in clean codes to ensure code reliability, application security, and enhance your workflow.

Why is Bytes Technolab a Preferred DevOps Partner?

Our state-of-the-art DevOps practices combined with IT infrastructure monitoring enable you to offer outstanding experiences to your users. We help you release quality software faster.

Bytes Technolab offers automation through AWS, Azure, and DevOps infrastructure implementation to reduce the complexities of manual and scripting efforts. Through the integration of DevOps operations, we also eliminate software development errors for mobile and web applications.


Benefits of Infra & DevOps Services From Bytes Technolab

End-to-end Scalability

We offer outstanding scalability across server, bandwidth, and storage capacity and optimize resource consumption.

Updated infrastructure

Our DevOps experts ensure your IT infrastructure is up-to-date and secure and reduce costs.

Tailored code deployment

We possess extensive expertise in Continuous Integration systems and tailor your code deployment strategy best suited your needs.

Increased effectiveness

We make DevOps deployment predictable and remove mundane tasks through automation and standardizing the production environment.


DevOps delivers continuous new features and stability despite occurrences of continuous integration, code deployment, and others.

Faster delivery

We can easily streamline and reorganize the workflow, hence producing a shorter iteration with an improved response that adds to the speed of delivery.

Documentation/code synchronicity

DevOps offers a transparent and organized code structure and therefore, we can solidify and synchronize documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, we can go with MVP (minimum Viable Product) with primary features and make it market ready and then after we can take phase wise development approach

Yes, It highly secured and we can take care of all security patches

For startups, CRM & ERP for mid size businesses, Service based marketplaces, Hospital management, Reports management such types of projects are more suitable with Custom approach

If we are builing any web based Apllication or software with long term vision in that case it is one time cost and it will be definitely cost effective.

The platforms provide 60 to 70% of features & funtionalities already available and we need to make necessary customization on top of it based on our need. While, Custom based application is something developing completely from scratch and every small funtion and feature will be designed & developed as per the requirement which will effect directly to the timeline & cost of the project.

It means you get access to its source code and can study, modify and improve it according to your needs. There are many frameworks available in market but Symphony & Laravel are widely used framework of PHP.

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