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Our state-of-the-art DevOps practices combined with IT infrastructure monitoring enable you to offer outstanding experiences to your users. We help you release quality software faster. Bytes Technolab offers automation through AWS, Azure and DevOps infrastructure implementation to reduce complexities of manual and scripting efforts. Through the integration of DevOps operations, we also eliminate software development errors for mobile and web applications.


Our DevOps Service Benefits To Maintain Consistency In Software Delivery

  • Scalable : We offer outstanding scalability across server, bandwidth, and storage capacity and optimize resource consumption.
  • Updated infrastructure : Our DevOps experts ensure your IT infrastructure is up-to-date and secure and reduce costs.
  • Tailored code deployment : We possess extensive expertise in Continuous Integration systems and tailor your code deployment strategy best suited your needs.
  • Increased effectiveness : We make DevOps deployment predictable and remove mundane tasks through automation and standardizing the production environment.
  • Stability : DevOps delivers continuous new features and stability despite occurrences of continuous integration, code deployment, and others.
  • Faster delivery : We can easily streamline and reorganize the workflow, hence producing a shorter iteration with the improved response that adds to the speed of delivery.
  • Documentation/code synchronicity : DevOps offers a transparent and organized code structure and therefore, we can solidify and synchronize documentation.

Infra & DevOps Development Services

Our DevOps services are best-in-class in the industry as we are experienced to work across the major Infrastructure as Code Tools to meet your needs. We take up the holistic management approach so that you can drive operational stability in your organization.

Infrastructure management

Bytes Technolab achieves a DevOps methodology and improves scalability and reliability through Infrastructure management. We assess hurdles before they occur and enhance system performance.

DevOps on cloud platforms

Our experts have extensive knowledge in building and automating cloud infrastructure across AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. We also build cloud-agnostic infrastructure and solutions for your users.

Configuration management

We enable configuration management across IT infrastructure. Using primary components such as Artifact, source code repository and configuration management data architecture through automation, we can integrate the right elements into your IT.


By implementing several virtualization processes on DevOps, it is easier to power SDLC. Besides continuous testing, we also automate complex scenarios used in APIs, JSON, messaging layer and databases using tools like ServiceV Pro and Alert site.

Code Integration And Inspection

Continuous CI/CD integration with Jenkins, Azure DevOps Server and many others results in clean codes. By applying best practice in DevOps, we can ensure code reliability, application security, and enhance your workflow.

DevOps assessment

We respond to regulatory and compliance requirements as a step forward to developing and delivering software while adding value to your business through enhanced DevOps assessment. Our technical experts assess, analyze, implement and achieve business success.

DevOps Automation

DevOps automation includes security, testing, operations, integration and development pipelines through which we ensure the best delivery of quality codes. We also offer training support for your team to adjust to the automated environment.

Cloud-Native Development

Using microservices-based architecture, platform-as-a-service and multi-cloud infrastructure, we help you build new app cloud-natively through DevOps. By leveraging our DevOps services, we enable software resiliency and business agility.

Kubernetes & Container Adoption

To implement the right strategy for a microservices architecture, you need to focus on the container management ecosystem. As a leading platform service provider, we help you work on Kubernetes and orchestrate containers.


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Our DevOps Services Reduce Costs and Bring Business Agility


Efficient delivery model

Our DevOps implement strategies include infrastructure provisioning, software development and testing enhancing your team to align in a shared environment. Our DevOps service experts are diligent in applying the right tools necessary to support Continuous delivery and rapid software development.


Expert DevOps partners

Our DevOps experts at Bytes Technolab leverage DevOps best practices to unlock the full potential of this platform and remove siloed development issues. Our team is agile that reduces costs through maximized stability of the environment, faster innovation and reduced development failures.


Continuous Management

We employ the best security solutions and take up new approaches so that we can enable round the clock monitoring upon your automated DevOps-as-a-service platform. Our service expertise helps you adapt painlessly and easily to speed up your software development processes.

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