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What is IoT needed for?

IoT is about embedding intelligence to the devices and processes to make them smarter and provide us with endless benefits.- for better productivity, lower operational costs, provide real-time data, save time, and the list of benefits goes on.

We have been at the forefront of building IoT solutions for almost every industry in the global space from smart healthcare solutions to implementing industrial IoT. Be it building Smart healthcare solutions or implementing IIoT (Industrial IoT), we’ve done it all.


Our Approach to Develop Custom IoT Solutions



To define the precise and right IoT environment to begin your IoT journey, we identify and define the existing problems with you. Comprehensive research, if needed, is carried out to check viable solutions leveraging the technology to move forward.



Using the research data, we brainstorm and conceptualize a prototype. The gathered data is used by the expert use of various IoT sensors and tools to create models. Based on the results, our IoT experts will finalize the right feasible hardware platform to go with.


Custom Development

The IoT engineers will implement algorithms while running validation and compatibility tests between the software and hardware platforms for flawless operations. This is to ensure that the model works to deliver desired results when integrated into a web app or mobile app.


Testing & Implementation

End-to-end software and hardware testing will be performed along with the analysis of the results in the live environment. Our engineers will also help you implement the IoT app or solution in your existing system with technical support to ensure a smooth transition.

About Bytes Team

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Our IoT App Development Services

Strategic IoT Consultation

Our IoT experts will suggest the best possible IoT solutions. They will present a roadmap to take you through a journey for all the stages, from ideation, design, development, implementation, and post-launch support.

IoT Architecture Development

Our IoT project team works in collaboration with clients to dig deep and gather details to design a complete solution architecture. This is to ensure a complete understanding of the created blueprint of connected devices.

Custom IoT Solutions

Bytes Technolab develops custom IoT solutions for a wide range of industries with a holistic approach to meet your evolving business needs. Be it a product or a thorough IoT system, we promise 100% project delivery.

IoT App Development

Hire IoT programmers from us who have rich experience to design and develop IoT apps that are fully compatible with IoT hardware, mobile and web platforms while elevating user experience with intuitive app interfaces.

IoT Solution Testing

We test and overcome issues related to product and app security, performance, compatibility with hardware to deliver a flawless experience. Our advanced quality IoT testing services offer good value for money.

IoT Support & Maintenance

Hire a team of dedicated IoT experts that holds technical competence and experience to help our clients with regular maintenance of the IoT platform and take care of the version upgrades, bugs resolution, and performance.

Tech Stack We Use to Develop IoT Apps

IoT Platforms
  • Azure IoT Hub

  • AWS IoT hub

  • Google Cloud

  • ThingWorx

  • Predix

  • Bluethooth

  • ZigBee

  • Sigfox

  • Wi-Fi

  • LAN

  • NFC

  • RFID

  • Ethernate

Hardware & Sensor
  • Arduino

  • iBeacons

  • Raspberry Pi

  • Eddystone Beacons

  • OBD Devices

  • Miniature Boards

Protocols & Standards

  • LoRaWAN

  • TCP

  • BLE

  • MQTT

  • DDS

  • AMQP

  • Homekit

  • OpenIoT

  • Nest

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