Developing Scalable IoT Solutions to Deliver Values to Businesses

Bytes Technolab implements solutions with the embedded Internet of Things so that you can focus on things that matter. As you interact with a lot of connected devices, we ensure our IoT solutions can save you time and money while you monitor data, optimize resources, and automate the routine operations.

Getting our hands dirty with processors, microcontrollers, sensors, GPS, and FPGAs is our regular activity at Bytes Technolab. Our IoT specialists are always determined to crafting a whole new level of IoT solutions accelerating your business and reducing human errors.

From industrial grade sensor integrations to data visualization and actuation to data aggregation, we cover all.

IoT Development Services

As a full-stack IoT development company, we have designers alongside electrical and mechanical engineers to produce every product with security, privacy, and scalability. Our IoT development services help you build smart gadgets, platforms, and infrastructure for web and mobile platforms.

IoT platform development

We work on REST APIs and WebSockets to build IoT platforms and enable you to control sensors, actuators, and controllers for the connected IoT devices. Our developers also develop advanced IoT platforms that offer extended customizability, code control and ease of use.

IoT dashboards

We develop IoT dashboards so that you can accomplish many things together from monitoring hardware and software to managing maintenance costs. Our service includes connected device management, real-time sensor data visualization solutions among others.

Hardware simulation

It is simple and cost-effective to connect a large fleet of virtual connected devices or widgets with our device simulation solutions. With a GUI interface console, you can reduce time-consuming scripts and configuration and improve data collection and also analysis.

Cloud-based IoT infrastructure development

We speed up your transition to IoT solutions. Our IoT development team uses the latest cloud-based services to help you build serverless architecture such as Amazon Lambda or Azure or IoT infrastructure services with Amazon IoT development. Build and get cost-efficient solutions.

Virtual personal assistant development

Using IoT technology, we can help you control the action of virtual personal assistants with web and mobile apps. Also, we build tools to manipulate personal digital assistants like Alexa, Google Home or Siri by giving you flexibility with voice control. Our developers also implement skills to control your assistants.

Hardware prototyping and design

We follow extensive procedures including schematics, custom enclosure design, PCB layout design and analysis, firmware development, and documentation among others as a part of the smart device prototype. Our process helps you with concept verification before IoT development happens.

Embedded software development

Our IoT developers can embed millions of software code into control system architecture and create HMIs. Together with C and C++, we write our embedded software codes and integrate smart devices into IoT systems and derive sensor data accurately and securely.

IOT Applications Design & Development

Your IoT solutions act much like frontend UX. Using our extensive experience; we can integrate consumer application capabilities into your IoT applications and make them immersive and powerful. We also build Industrial IoT apps.

Mobile apps for connected devices

We craft intuitive and connected mobile apps for devices, wearables, and IoT solutions on iOS, Android, and Windows. Our mobile apps include rich features such as real-time alerts, automatic control or sensors, geofencing, navigation, and contactless payment solutions.