Develop your Magento e-commerce store with ebay integration

Magento EBay Integration

About Magento eBay Integration

eBay is a global market leader for the B2B and B2C marketplace. For easy integration with Magento eBay provides an open-source eBay marketplace API. Once the eCommerce registration is approved from eBay, you can become a partner of eBay and broaden your business sales.
Improve your data management system with improved export and import using Magento and its eBay integration. Connecting your Magento store to eBay has a much wider audience reach and will raise revenue significantly.


Features Offered By EBay Integration Extension

  • Product listing is unlimited and for a Lifetime with eBay.
  • The bulk management system and uploading of products get easy.
  • Discounts and product prices are synced in real-time.
  • Improve lead conversions and traffic channels.
  • Magnify business growth on your Magento e-commerce store with eBay integration.
  • Have a great impact on business revenue with access to a loyal customer base.

Why choose Bytes Technolab for EBay Magento MultiChannel Integration?

Expert team

Our team has expert knowledge and experience in the integration of many marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Jet, Sears, Rakuten, Walmart, and more.

Affordable Solutions

We at Bytes Technolab provide a cost-effective solution to your eCommerce Business


We provide highly scalable and tailored solutions that help our clients to grow their online business.

Resources and Tools

With the help of our resources and tools, we provide a complete solution to manage everything right from the stock inventory to order management and shipping.

Seamless experience

We integrate your online store with multiple channels for a smooth user experience between both your marketplace and the web store.

Synced Inventory

We ensure that your products are well synchronized through eBay integration with your eCommerce store.


To know more about magento ebay integration service

Why have Magento E-Commerce store with EBay Integration?


Product mapping

As a business owner you can map many categories of your Magento store into the single category of eBay


Profile-based upload

You can create a profile, assign products to the profile, and easily upload them.


Synchronized Inventory

At regular intervals, the inventory is synchronized and product listing is set up between eBay and Magento


Automatic ordering

Auto synchronization of the products between your catalog and eBay listing. You can also utilize the inventory management features of eBay and automate the entire ordering process.


Easy Import

With eBay, it gets easy to import your product list and publish a catalog on their platform.


Third-Party Integration

You can also integrate third-party software such as ShipStation, FBA, ShipWorks using a CSV file on eBay.

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