Leverage High Sales using Walmart Marketplace Integration

Magento Walmart Integration

About Magento Walmart Integration

With over 80 million visitors per month, Walmart is gathering popularity and has proven to be the largest platform for online sellers. Through Walmart Marketplace, third-party sellers can easily list and sell their products on Walmart. This selling channel can hence bring a great opportunity for your web stores to boost business.

To sell on Walmart.com, you need to apply, and on acceptance, you can automatically start listing and synchronizing your products with the help of Walmart API.


Features Offered By Walmart Integration Extension

  • User-friendly interface from Walmart marketplace solution providers is easy to use.
  • You can create promotional deals for your customers and can fix discount price and expiry duration.
  • It’s simple to manage the returns and refunds in Walmart integration.
  • Any errors occurred during listing of the products can be rectified from the admin panel.
  • Magento connector allows the seller to manage the Walmart tax code in a single click.
  • Multiple language support allows mention of product attributes in a different language.

How Can Bytes Technolab Help You With Magento Walmart Integration?

Expert team

Our team has expert knowledge and experience in the integration of many marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Jet, Sears, Rakuten, Walmart, and more.

Affordable Solutions

We at Bytes Technolab provide a cost-effective solution to your eCommerce Business


We provide highly scalable and tailored solutions that help our clients to grow their online business.

Resources and Tools

With the help of our resources and tools, we provide a complete solution to manage everything right from the stock inventory to order management and shipping.

Seamless experience

We integrate your online store with multiple channels for a smooth user experience between both your marketplace and the web store.

Synced Inventory

We ensure that your products are well synchronized through Walmart integration with your ecommerce store.


To know more about Magento Walmart Integration Service

How can Magento Walmart Integration help your business?


Synchronization in Real-time

Walmart extension integration with Magento eCommerce helps easy synchronization between Walmart marketplace and the Magento store.


Inventory Management

You can easily manage the product details, inventory, and prices in the Walmart store from the admin panel of the Magento Walmart marketplace integration app.


Reminder for Shipment

Automated shipping features ensure instant reminders if any order received on Walmart is missed being shipped or cancelled.


Automatic order Import

With an eCommerce plugin for online shops, you can avoid a split of data across multiple solutions and update products automatically.


Integrate other Software

Using CSV files you can easily integrate third-party software such as Amazon FBA/FBM, Ship station, and Ship work.


Control of Data

Advanced data mapping features ensure auto update of products and provide flexibility to set up channels as needed.

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