Symfony - the best PHP framework for complex web application development

Combined with a set of PHP components, this web application framework removes the cumbersome coding practice and lets you build rapid and dynamic web apps.

Our experienced Symfony developers are conversant with the latest web technologies that this framework contains. Also, we can easily give permanence assurance from the development services since it is supported by SensioLabs to address real-world requirements. Using Symfony’s highly decoupled and extensibility nature, we allow full customization for your custom applications.

Symfony Development Services

Bytes Technolab’s PHP web development services are cost-effective and fast that reduce time to market. Get high performing and rich functionality assurance from our skilled Symfony developers.

Symphony PHP development

Its service-oriented architecture offers scalability and Varnish-compatible HTTP caching improves performance. Leveraging these features, our developers can assure high-performance PHP-based symphony development for web and apps.

Symfony Component Development

Asset, BrowserKit, Cache, CssSelector and Console among others are decoupled and reusable PHP libraries. Using our extensive knowledge in CSS stylesheets, JS, and standard PHP conventions, we can build bespoke modules for your online stores.

Symfony eCommerce Development

Using several open-source eCommerce Platforms such as Magento, Sylius among others, our Symfony developers can easily use quality codebase and customizability as per your needs. This PHP-based eCommerce framework helps you with the functionality and appearance of your online store.

Symfony Rapid App Development

Symfony comes with huge components and bundles. On top of that, it is supported by the MVC paradigm that keeps code maintainable and reduces repetitive tasks, thus allowing us to leverage rapid application development with Symfony.

Symfony Widget Development

Our widget development services add dynamism to your web applications or websites. Use them as Call To Action, live chat, pop-ups or subscription forms as we override the configure and render to build custom solutions on Symfony.

Custom Symfony Theme Development

With customized themes in place, your users can be intrigued by feature-rich UI designs. Similarly, our customized Symfony themes are meant for improved SEO functions along with uniqueness to grow your conversion.

Symfony CMS Development

We develop CMS using Symfony so that you can get the security and extendable features of the framework and connect with your users at a core level. We use a wide array of CMS components from Drupal, Joomla, Sulu and more to scale your business.

Symfony Extension Development

By developing plugin or extension, we can offer added functionality or capacity to your Symfony websites or applications. We can build extensions quickly at scale and help transform your business.

Microservices Development

Microservices are small and autonomous services that work together. Since Symfony supports this architecture, we can easily deploy small modules in the software and enhance the performance of your apps.