20 Top React UI Components in 2022

Jul 14, 2022

Kamlesh Devaliya

By Kamlesh Devaliya


The React.js JavaScript library began gaining widespread acclaim after its debut in 2013. React.js is a tool that developers must use for all kinds of projects.

The variety of React component libraries is one of the main and important factors behind the development of React.js. These simple-to-use frameworks have helped developers create stunning user interfaces for online, desktop, and hybrid apps.

To make it simple for you to locate the best React.js UI frameworks, we have done extensive research to compile our selections for the best solutions in 2022 and beyond.

In the sections that follow, we’ll examine the many features and usability of each React UI framework so you can select the one that best suits your development requirements. React.js UI framework 2020 has been brilliant and continues to shine through time.


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Top popular React frameworks to follow in 2022

Following are the React.js best UI framework that you need to utilize.

Material UI

One of the most well-known React components has a reputation for facilitating quicker and easier web development.

Create your own design system fast and easily, or begin with material design. The main benefit of the component library is that it gives developers access to a large selection of clean, affordable, and highly adaptable components. It is one of the best design libraries for React.

Without hiring app developers, you may integrate a variety of intriguing, pre-made components from the React development toolkit into any application.

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Ant Design

As a design solution for enterprise-level goods, Ant Design is listed among the top React component libraries.

Ant Design offers a comprehensive and adaptable design and has a library of 50 components. You might think about creating and developing a full-sized application with the aid of Ant Design, which is the ideal React component library for an application.


Bootstrap is a well-liked component of HTML, JavaScript, and ReactCSS framework. It includes everything you need to create user interfaces for both online and mobile applications. The JS library has been used to refer to the bootstrap.

However, React has been completely overhauled as a whole. React-components Bootstraps enable it to function without the need for jQuery or bootstrap.js. It is one of the best UI frameworks for next.js.

React Router

Because of the declarative programming paradigm, ReactRouter gained enormous popularity. Having some components and pieces that you can combine declaratively in the app is a terrific idea whenever you design an application with React.

ReactRouter, a collection of similar components enables you to bookmark other URLs if you so choose. React Router is a tool that can be used to accomplish a variety of functions, making it a viable option for navigation in ReactNative.

Semantic UI React

One of the finest ideas is to obtain the customized library by integrating React with Semantic UI. Because it lacks the virtual DOM, unlike React, the library is fully free of jQuery.

The development experts can easily access the creation of attractive and responsive web pages with articulate code rather than the semantic React UI framework.

Blueprint UI

Blueprint is an open-source React UI package developed by Palantir. Because it was “built for developing complex data-dense interfaces for desktop apps,” it stands out from other frameworks based on react. This is hardly shocking considering Blueprint’s Palantir heritage.

React Motion

React Motion is one of the best React libraries available. It assists you in producing lifelike animations.

The stiffness specification, one of the important React UI components that you can export, is what makes it more appealing.

One of the best-known and most widely used React component libraries meets the demands by producing animations with countless potential outcomes. You may start using React Motion at any time, and the documentation is simple.

Fluent UI

It was once known as Fabric React. One of the innovative UI libraries used by the Microsoft development team nowadays is Fluent UI. It stands out because its components share behavioral and visual elements with the Office product.


Redux’s most noticeable characteristic is undoubtedly how predictable it is. The only thing left to do is choose the values your components should provide.

They will be automatically fetched, updated, and informed via the involved interface. Therefore, it’s a straightforward interface that enables you to test your code in numerous scenarios and accurately evaluate the outcomes.

Additionally, Redux is one of the greatest React frameworks and top React component libraries.

React Suite

React UI component libraries contain the essential elements a web developer needs to create the majority of the best web applications. React Suite includes contemporary apps for the color scheme, a selection of clear and simple icons, and customized themes.


Grommet, created by HPE, has a more lively appearance and feel than other options like material UI or Ant.

One of the most well-known substitutes, Grommet, can offer everything that is offered in a neat package in terms of accessibility, responsiveness, modularity, and themes. It is portable, and the website design it creates is stunning.

It stands out because of the bolder component design. Grommet offers a variety of components, such as layouts, color types, controls, input visualization, media, and amazing utilities.

Additionally, you can obtain assistance and documentation, including the template.

Shards React

For a variety of industry component libraries, web development professionals have the option to create a wide range of accurate dashboards, web portals, and mobile applications.

It is one of the top React components in the minimalist library thanks to its simple and elegant design.

React 360

The world of augmented and virtual reality exists here. Most companies offer artificial intelligence and virtual reality experiences for trying out the product, notably those in the retail or e-commerce sectors.

However, it is useful for building a virtual reality and artificial intelligence experiences with React.

Chakra UI

The open-source React component library is designed to help developers write less code and focus more on creating amazing user experiences.

Chakra UI provides the user interface elements you need for designing apps in a more modular, open, and clear way. The elements adhere to WAI-ARIA standards and are also accessible.

Onsen UI

Companies are now focusing on creating mobile that is cross-browser compatible. You will therefore find interest while utilizing OnsenUI if you are an app developer who has experienced the hardship of dealing with device- or operating system-based compatibility concerns.


Based on the design strategy that produced ambitious web development solutions, Segment developed the React UI Framework. A React UI basic forms the foundation of the 30+ components that make up the Evergreen component.

Additionally, it includes patterns that are widely applicable. For the first iteration of Evergreen, there is a traditional theme available in addition to the default themes that match the Segment’s current brand.

Prime React

One of the top React component libraries utilized by major businesses worldwide is Prime React. More than 90 React components are also included, all of which may be used immediately in your app.

To help you quickly develop any interface, Prime React additionally includes 280+ completely prepared UI elements and customizable templates.

Some of its unique features include Captcha, TreeSelect, Organization chart, and Terminal.

Theme UI

Theme UI is a framework for creating individualized Reactuser interfaces. It mostly adheres to design principles founded on restrictions.

Theme UI is a tool used by developers to create themes, change base components, and establish their design systems.

Theme UI design involves two essential steps. Making a theme needs selecting fonts and colors as the first step. The next phase gives you more control over your site by letting you customize the look of individual components.


The component library VisX, created by Airbnb, is distinct from all the others on this list. VisX is a collection of low-level visualization primitives and components for Reactthat rely on d3 for calculations and math in place of high-level components.

By removing the d3 specifics and offering the components and utilities in common ReactAPIs and patterns, VisX addresses the problem of copying and pasting various React hooks.

Additionally, there are other VisX-made programs that assist you in properly tracking your job.

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Wrapping up

You now have access to a list of the most widely used and rapidly expanding React component libraries, all of which are now supported by a variety of platforms.

Additionally, you can look at the programs that work well. Therefore, take some time to evaluate frameworks that can keep focused on saving you a ton of time during web or app development before you decide to move on with a React project.

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