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As the pandemic consequences, the landscape for ecommerce has been altered, and now, providing an exceptional buying experience for customers has become more critical than ever. Now, the stores have to turn out to be “pick, pack and ship” locations and must support more contact-less means of delivery. It is a must for retailers that their digital commerce platform can support fundamental changes taking place with these changing situations.

Vice President, Commerce Product and Platform, at Adobe Jason Woosley says- “The realities of COVID-19 have catapulted ecommerce technologies to the forefront as bra
nds are looking for ways to engage with their customers at a personal level and offer exceptional experiences.”

Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant report has named Adobe’s Magento Platform, a leader for its exceptional ability to deliver an optimal solution of digital commerce.
New direct-to-customer initiatives seem to be growing persistently. With this, brands cannot be limited to a necessary storefront, and they are needed to provide much more than that. Customers are now demanding a more intelligent and personalized experience to make their purchases easier, and the buying experience has taken over to become a key for competitive distinction.

Another factor that plays a crucial role in the success of businesses is the ability of brands to enhance their agility and integrate the key digital marketing and customer experience systems with the commerce platforms. Magento Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud (a combination of Adobe Experience Manager and Magento) have proved to be having the ability to meet these demands along with many other features. This is the key reason for Gartner to be recognizing the Magento platform as a leader.

A highly capable ecosystem of partners has assisted the success of Adobe with Magento. This ecosystem of partners helps brands getting the optimum benefit from their implementation. A wide range of supportive services and products have been provided by these partners, which helps Magento in being the most preferred ecommerce platform for so many brands. Adobe’s ecosystem approach exclusively allows developers, agencies and solution integrators to work closely with Adobe to empower brands’ innovations. Magento platform also offers a high level of liability where a single brand can easily engage with both B2B and B2C customers.

With Magento, engagement of multiple commerce solutions is no more needed. And, with Magneto, starting up for smaller businesses is easier, and they get the ability to seamlessly grow in future without having to shift between the commerce platforms.

Being named a leader by Gartner Magic Quadrant significantly validates Adobe’s Strategy to optimize Magento. It is a proclamation of Adobe’s vision for what must be delivered by current and future commerce platforms.

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About Magento Commerce

Magneto is an open-source technology-based ecommerce platform providing online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, and also manage the presentation, content and functionality of their stores online. There are three different Magneto editions: Magento Open Source (Magento Community); Magento Commerce (Magento Enterprise); and Magneto Commerce Cloud. Magento facilitates powerful marketing, search engine optimization and tools for catalogue-management.

Scalability of Magento allows small retailers with very few products in their stores to expand to thousands of products quickly and to manage complex custom behaviour without shifting between platforms. It can enhance a customer’s experience as it offers a variety of plug-ins and themes. There is a need for a configuration of so many aspects to the online store, and it is often dependent on business acumen, how well that is accomplished. When the functionality is to be customized, the more complex programming is needed.
Magento presents a design that can be utilized as an application by anyone who is not a developer.

There are numerous reasons for which developers are called upon to adjust a Magento website. Magneto is a robust system, even at its most basic. Once you start integrating with other systems, or introducing thousands of products, your business often requires the services of an experienced developer. The functionality can be turned up to a certain point only; and beyond that, arises the need for customization by an expert who understands Magneto, and implements best practices. Speed is the essence in ecommerce, and every expert knows this. No one likes to wait for reloading of systems while doing a lot of shopping online. Here comes the need for an optimum capacity of Magento.

Benefits of Using Magneto

  • Easy to install and add additional layouts and plug-ins;
  • Open Source technology offering flexible and scalable ecommerce solutions;
  • Effective and cost-sensitive program;
  • Allows for several discounts and promotions during check-out; and
  • Provides too many gateways for payment, both online and offline.

For businesses and individuals who are willing to develop a permanent professional ecommerce site, Magento must be the priority. Magento is considered as the best open-source when one wants to build an online store. But, what makes it more vital and significant is that it is highly professional and free. One only requires having little knowledge of English and understanding of technology, and they can build a monumental website themselves with the help of this open-source.

Some basic features of Magneto make it the best open-source system:

  • Product Management

    With Magento, you can effectively manage your product presentation with several images, Optional comments for product reviewing, list of favourites, and inventory.

  • Category Management

    You can enlist your whole range of products into different categories, enabling the feasibility of finding and selecting required products by category.

  • Inventory Management

    Magento enables you to manage the inventory of your business or online store effectively. It allows efficient management of products left in stock, products out of stock, products to be imported or exported, delivery arrangements and other significant store management.

  • Client Account

    With the help of Magento, you can easily manage the accounts of your clients. It helps you maintain the different accounts’ status, keeping transaction history, preferred catalogue, address, contact details and shopping cart etc.

  • Customer Service

    Including enhancement of features, customer contact form, comprehensive follow-ups and e-mail service.

  • Order-ManagementEfficient management of order, tracking, and delivery.
  • Payments

    It supports several payment methods and gateways such as Credit Card, PayPal, Google Checkouts, and external payment modules like CyberSource, ePay, eWay and many others.

  • Search technology

    It provides fast, friendly support search on Google SiteMap.
    International Support: Magento supports multiple languages and Currencies to offer international business capacity.

  • Magneto comes with several promotional and marketing tools such as coupons, promotions and more.
  • Magento integrates with the Google Analytics service and provides multiple reports significant for business and inventory management.

Magento does not just offer flexibility and scalability with its ecommerce solution models. Still, it also enables you to customize flexibly and to extend your platform with the exclusive and distinct brand experience. Magento promotes the ability to be adaptive to change and potential modification to meet the specific needs of store owners. All these make Magento the best in providing fast, extensively reliable and secure platforms for ecommerce solutions.

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