An Innovative Trend to Create Microsites Using WordPress

Feb 12, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

An Innovative Trend to Create Microsites Using WordPress

The most effective and efficient practice to keep your audience engaged in your website is creating focused and interactive web content. In a highly competitive world of digital marketing and online business promotions, there is a greater possibility of the audience getting diverted and distracted to other platforms offering a better user experience. So, being a marketer or a brand owner, you should focus on leveraging such alluring and attractive
marketing means. For this, the Microsite marketing technique can be the rescue. Microsites are presently the best way to upscale your web traffic, without any doubt, and every digital marketer must know about the microsites and the benefits they leverage.

Sometimes, a separate web asset is created for an existing business website. This web asset comprises a small group of pages designed as a subordinate website that can be housed on a unique URL or a subdomain known as Microsite.

This article will discuss every aspect of microsites and understand how a microsite can help you attract more traffic to your web. Let’s go and start with understanding what a Microsite is.

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What is a Microsite?

Most people might perceive that microsites are just high-priced subordinate websites displaying cool animations with flash, visually stunning presentations of products and services but have low or zero SEO value. It is a common misconception that microsites have grown into robust tools with excellent marketing potential over time. The low SEO and questionable utility of the microsites have now been the past, and present digital marketers are finding new marketing and brand promotion opportunities with microsites. The latest version of microsites offers the artistic and creative appearance of your products and services. It contains vital information and exciting content, which is usually missing in other conventional websites.

According to most experts, microsites are usually a single online landing page or a mini-cluster of web pages designed outside of a company’s core and traditional marketing strategies. A separate URL structure is used for a microsite. Every Microsite generally has its content and specific interface that can be completely different from what the rest of the brand looks like. As microsites are never connected to a compan’s core domain, they serve as a fantastic launchpad for innovations and new planning/ideas. Experts say that microsites can be four times more effective than traditional campaigns. Microsites may appear to you in several forms, including Specialized Blogs, Info-graphics; Interactive Experiences; and Central Hub of a campaign.

For different reasons, companies around the world have started investing in microsites at a greater level. Microsites inspire broad out-of-the-box thinking and strategy. The companies and businesses today are high on investing in microsites with the focus of creating an exclusive experience to drive their specific business goals, which are:

  • To reach new, targeted audience demography.
  • To prompt users to perform particular and valuable activities such as signing up on
    the website for emails.
  • To develop brand awareness around a new product release.

Microsites can be a robust tool that accelerates your marketing program, and these are explicitly used in promoting a product or brand, a project or a campaign. They are also useful in saving money and time in temporary and short-lived promotions. Creating a microsite aims to prevent customers or visitors from landing the company’s older boring website every time they try to explore something new launched by the company. It provides a different web experience for customers, both existing and potential. These microsites’ benefits help businesses in several ways, which is why companies prefer creating microsites while launching a new product or introducing a new service. They are generally built to attract more traffic to the website. Now, we need to discuss how microsites drive more traffic to the web of a company.

How Microsites Attract more traffic?

A microsite is a smaller and simpler web platform or page primarily designed and created to focus on a particular product or marketing campaign. For example, a construction company builds a smaller website comprising of few pages highlighting the features of the new project. Here are the significant benefits of a microsite:

  • Build Brand Awareness

    Highly engaging, interactive and shareable microsites promote your brand across multiple channels. Microsites devoted to a particular product or product line help create brand awareness and make customers discover the value of your business.

  • Launching a New Product

    While preparing to launch a new product, many promotional campaigns are carried out through print media, exhibitions, social media, emails etc., to generate curiosity among potential customers. By redirecting the audience to a microsite containing all the information about the product, the company can make customers recalling the product for a long.

  • Generating Target Leads

    Businesses can optimize microsites’ potential to capture those leads that have shown interest in their product or service. Such leads leverage the greater possibility of turning out to be customers. This way, microsites are a great medium for companies to gain quality leads.

  • Targeting Market by Geography

    Microsites can help businesses operate at several locations, finding customers from specific areas. With Microsites, you can easily target customers in a particular geographic location seeking the type of product or service you offer.

  • Standing Out from the Corporate Brand

    Some brand websites do not match or mix with the interface and feel of their guardian companies’ websites. Those brands should create their specific microsites to demonstrate their values and features in such a case. The brand’s interface and experience should be designed according to the perception of people about the brand.

  • Promoting Events

    Companies organize and launch various types of events, online and offline campaigns to enhance their brand presence or growing business. The Microsite can help companies in hosting the details and registrations for such events. Microsites elaborate as much as required only and do not provide tedious and time consuming experience to the visitors.

Sometimes, companies and businesses underestimate microsites’ value and capability, but microsites leverage a great way to promote a specific product, project or campaign. The short-term and temporary campaigns and events are best to be represented and promoted by microsites. Microsites being specific are also cost and time-efficient. If you are also planning a new product launch shortly, a microsite can be the best option for you to attract potential customers.

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