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The current edition of WordPress editor didn’t have any major changes over the years, but many contributors and volunteers have come together to launch the new Gutenberg WordPress editor. Their goal is to make WordPress simple to use and enjoyable with rich content. Let’s get into this new editor and discuss it in brief.

A brief introduction to Gutenberg 9.2

WordPress 5.0 version was updated in 2018 with a new block editor called Gutenberg. This new block editor uses a different approach called blocks with new content layouts. It offers a simple way of adding different types of content to your pages and posts. Block-based UI is designed to be flexible and looks different than the classic old editor. Each page component is represented in the form of a modular block that can be accessed from a block menu, can be dropped anywhere, and edited to create a customized presentation that the users want.
Gutenberg 9.2 comes with a new framework, interaction patterns, user experience, and functionality for WordPress. It is a modern transformation of how WordPress works and creates new opportunities for its users and developers. In simple words, you will no longer be able to see the classic WordPress editor that you have been using for the past decade.

Classic version of WordPress

New block editor of WordPress

Why is this happening?

1. WordPress needs to compete

Even though the self-hosted version of WordPress is automatic and open source it still has to do business. WordPress market share did grow up to 17.3% in 2018 compared to the previous year. But when compared to its competitors like Squarespace which grew by 180%, and Wix by 233%, WordPress falls behind.
So WordPress had to catch up!

2. Modern technology

Gutenberg is written in React – a popular JavaScript framework. It also takes advantage of modern technologies such as WebPack, REST API, ESnext + JSX, etc. Thus opening a whole new world for developers in terms of block development. There are many open-source projects like create guten block for developers to explore.
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WordPress Gutenberg 9.2 Features

1. Image Alt Text Fallback

Alt text in images holds a greater place in the world of SEO and it can be a pain at times. The new WordPress includes a feature called alt text fallback which takes up your image caption as alt text. So you have less work to do but it is best t create a unique alt text from the caption because you wouldn’t want the screen reader to read the same text twice.

2. Stronger security

A major welcome feature is the security fix. ReDos attack – Regular Expression Denial of Service is particularly addressed in this version of Gutenberg 9.2. You don’t have to worry about the attacks and threats anymore with a security fix.

3. Subtitles in Videos

Gutenberg 9.2 comes with support for adding subtitles to videos which is a pretty cool feature. There is a drop-down menu in the video media space from where the subtitles can be added. That is going to be a great tool for those visitors who are hard of hearing or lower their volume while visiting your site.

4. Enhanced information panel

The information panel usually displays stats about the current document, what has changed is that the display now uses columns instead of rows. Developers are continuing to optimize this information section. So stay tuned to know about the latest updates.

5. Template information

The latest WordPress Gutenberg 9.2 also includes a dropdown for information about templates. It shows the name and description of the template currently in use. Though this is basic it is good to have such info on fingertips.

6. Changes in layout

New WordPress gives the option of creating column-based layouts. According to developers, such a single-column layout will make building more robust. Instead of switching between the column blocks, the single function makes creating layouts a loss faster and easier.

Single column layout

7. Distraction-free writing

WordPress Gutenberg 9.2 has an enhancement to the spotlight mode of the previous version which is Distraction-free writing. With no distractions, you can easily focus on the specific block that you are writing or editing.

8. Feature Image link

You can now link a featured image to your article but is still unclear at the moment. WordPress Gutenberg 9.2 GitHub forum discussions have however revealed that adding this feature could be for improving the user UX when they visit the website.

9. Widgets Screen

There is a lot of improvement in terms of accessibility on the widget screen. Instead of relying on defaults, more meaning labels in ARIA can now be added with more description in the new Widgets screen.

Gutenberg 9.2 also comes with tons of improvements in bug fixes, performance enhancements, and code quality fixes just like modern editing sites.

Concluding Thoughts
WordPress developers are constantly making improvements and that is what makes it the most popular CMS in the world. If you haven’t updated to the latest WordPress yet, why not check the WordPress Gutenberg 9.2 download today? If you are looking for a WordPress development team or want to talk to our developers if this is the right time to get Gutenberg 9.2, then contact us right away!

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