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In this blog, we will discuss services in angular. Services are a great medium of communication between components which are totally different from each other.

Angular Services are easy to create and use. Let’s explore Angular Services.

Why Services

In every enterprise-level application there is always difficult to maintain code and structure.

  • For data sharing between different components
  • For the testing as well as code debugging purpose
  • For re-usability and organization of code
  • For calling APIs and authentication


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Acknowledge Service

We can identify service with @injectable() decorator.

@Injectable() decorator is used for permitting injection of service into components to use certain functionality for a component in typescript class to emit metadata.

It allows Angular to inject it into a component as a dependency.

Generate/Define Services

Generating a service is so easy using Angular CLI, you can generate service using

ng generate service or ng g s

Which will generate a file like following:

Making API Call using Service

HttpClient is an npm default package that comes with angular for making API calls over the backend server, to communicate between frontend and backend for making a dynamic web app.

Use a Service (Inject a service)

We can inject a service in a component like following.

In the constructor, we can inject Service and we have to subscribe particular method to get a response and use it in component. In this example, we will get data of sendGetRequest() method which we had already defined in TestService and we will get a response of that method in data variable.


Services are the backbone of Angular Applications. Services are used to solve one big problem instead of repeating logic (write logic more than one time), they centralize our business logic. Services are very useful everywhere in angular applications because they can be easily injected via dependency injection.

They are also very useful if you want to use the same instance of one class everywhere in your class.

After all, services are just classes. Other than components, services may only contain logic. They should be completely separated from the view part.

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