Top 10 Reasons Why Magento Offers The Right Benefits To Your B2B eCommerce

Feb 14, 2020

Bhavesh Surani

By Bhavesh Surani

Top 10 Reasons Why Magento Offers The Right Benefits To Your B2B eCommerce

With the advent of mobile shopping, businesses are more focused to go online to attract more customers and yield profit making regardless of the business type B2C or B2B.

Over the last decades, there has been a huge surge of varying degrees of eCommerce development platforms. Today,  Magento is still the most popular eCommerce software for business owners.

As per Statista, B2B eCommerce sales are estimated to be worth $7.7 trillion by 2020.

This is indeed the next frontier for you to go for B2B eCommerce.

The  Magento development services  ease your transition to online platform, and lets you adapt to the fastest and robust market criteria of today’s business ecosystem. Well, it is also critical to determining if B2B complements you.

Difference between B2C and B2B

It involves very basic differences from the end-user perspective.


  • Emotional needs of the customers are key
  • Individual decision matters
  • UI/UX designs factor
  • one-click solutions for purchase


  • The demand for a large team of members of an organization matters
  • Multifactorial decision involves
  • Longer conversion times
  • Relevant product information is key
  • Greater emphasis on product purchase based on quotations

Since B2C and B2B are worlds apart, you need to have a robust approach when deciding to build your B2B eCommerce platform. And here, Magento development fits into your shoe.

Why Magento for B2B- an easy-to-understand overview

Magento development exhibits some advanced and core features that keep it on top of other contending platforms.

  • Extensive native B2B functionalities
  • Open-source
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy integration in the backend

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Magento development- persistent enterprise solutions

For every business type, Magento has been a popular choice. It accounts for 12% market penetration by eCommerce sellers across the globe. It is open-sourced and PHP-based eCommerce platform with a dynamic  content management system  (CMS). Today, Magento powers more than 250,000 active eCommerce websites over the internet.

With Adobe overtaking this platform in 2018, Magento users are expected to leverage its power-packed features which are explicitly designed and built for B2B solutions.

Top Factors to Tap Magento B2B eCommerce Solutions

Magento for B2B eCommerce offers its users the most advanced features to manage online stores.

The platform is also designed to support ERP and CRM integration in the backend to enable tracking from one single integrated platform. However, there are more dedicated functions of  Magento B2B solutions . Let’s find them.

One Stop Destination

Yes, your Magento B2B platform is quite user-friendly as it showcases several features. This gives your platform an appealing and intuitive feel to enhance user engagement. Also, the easy integration of ERP and CRM tools makes product procurement seamless and easy. It also eases the checkout process in a hassle-free manner.

Quick bulk order

It is easily customizable to allow bulk order placement for wholesalers. It simplifies and streamlines order management, improves shipping experiences for shoppers, and increases sales.

This is in comparison with B2C sales that do not allow bulk orders for customers. With Magento B2B, customers can use advanced search filters or use  SKU  units to enable custom search profile. At the same time, customers can also use requisition slip to make a faster checkout.

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation helps you build flexible user-specific services to suit every business type. Instead of focusing on uniform buying, you can streamline your offerings. Also, you can segment your customers based on different variables such as products viewed, the value of products, and items in the cart.

Real-Time Visibility across the Business Finances

With Magento, it is easier to track your trading account. It helps you keep updated with real-time financial information including inventory balance, credit limit, and stock requirements. This financial information is handy to make an improved decision about your liabilities and assets.

Credit limit

A credit balance is key to facilitating easy checkout. You can use this attribute to reinstate trust in your users and inspire them for future transactions.

Magento eCommerce Solutions allow you to store all payment and transaction data. This is later used to assign credits to credible buyers. Also, it offers customizable options for checkout such as “pay as and when” and “payment on account”.

Figure 1 credit limit panel in magento

Smart Inventory Management

You can manage operations and orders for all sales channels using Magento’s inventory management. This allows your supply chain to have real-time inventory information to help you with the optimization of delivery time and the costs of your product.

Responsive Design

With Magento B2B eCommerce development, your developers can build intuitive and responsive design for UX and UI. This complies with the growing demands of mobile users that offer them seamless shopping experiences.

At the same time, your eCommerce store is responsive and intuitive across all devices, hence your buyers can shop anytime anywhere.

Rapid order entry via CVS files

CVS files upload enables bulk product uploading to the Magento site. The process reduces the time and effort needed to upload products one by one by store owners. It also makes use of previous order history to upload products. It is a rapid process that helps frequent customers to buy while accelerating the ordering process. Overall, the sales process is easier and faster for everyone.

Figure 2 custom quotation attributes

Custom quotation requests

The custom quotation allows you to create and offer different types of quotes for your user base. However, this attribute is available for certain products. This is a flexible and streamlined process for customers to reach you for bulk pricing while boosting your sales.

In-Built Customer Service Structure

Every B2B Magento owners can increase their sales volumes using built-in customer service modules. It comprises up-selling, cross-selling to track your customers and increase the conversion rates.

Quick Overview of Dedicated Features of Magento B2B Ecommerce

Buyers can save shopping cart information for future preferences
Excellent device flexibility to streamline shopping
Third-party tool integration to improve the functionality of the platform
Wholesale ordering support for customers
Additional payment facility for customers such as trader credit and 30 payment option


Magento Development for eCommerce gives you an efficient and effective scope to offer seamless buying experiences for your buyers. If it is for the first time you are planning to have your B2B Magento store, a renowned  Magento Development Company  can help you deliver a fantastic shopping experience for your customers.

Bytes Technolab  is a digital hub to measure your eCommerce needs using the right tools and technology. Connect with us to get better control over your customers.

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