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Have you ever imagined you no longer would have to own a physical infrastructure to run your business operations? All you need is a web browser to leverage the software application and use it to develop products and services. This is a basic structure of a SaaS product that eliminates the use of individual servers and hardware. The process is maintained by the cloud computing environment, so your service is uninterrupted as no provisioning entails upon it for maintenance and installation.

Once what has been a popular IT term, it is now the most demanding use case of cloud computing. Known as the most popular business vernacular, SaaS is so ubiquitous in today’s digitally-driven ecosystem. From the latest mobile devices to the consumer advertising campaign, SaaS or cloud computing leaves its mark upon every business. SaaS applications are leveraged today to empower every type of workforce to enable them to access to useful applications and features to work more efficiently and effectively.

The cloud computing or SaaS-based model has enabled business managers to get access to the most efficient and advanced business-critical applications based on a subscription. So, it is easy to apply the latest innovations for product development without buying physical hardware or software. Every time users get access to the cloud platform, they are assured of the high-performance, reliable, and secure database technologies. The primary aspect of SaaS has been to enable on-demand capacity and scalability in the businesses while allowing business managers focusing on critical business problems that need human creativity and innovation.

What is SaaS?

From the perspective of cloud computing, SaaS has never been a new concept. Rather, it has a similar business concept like the web-based applications delivered through the application service providers. This is where SaaS or cloud computing finds its connection with the latter. The earliest examples of SaaS-based services are CRM, web content management, ERP, and HRM.

So, to describe SaaS, we can rather draw a similarity between the SaaS and cloud computing models.

It is a novel method from the vendors to sell and redistribute software services. It implies to the business model that offers business application services via the cloud. As discussed earlier, every type of business function is possible with SaaS. The third-party providers supply the software service over the internet to enable users to leverage the powerful, fully-functional and enterprise-grade application on a daily basis.

So, does your business require a multi-tenant SaaS solution? Do you want the latest capabilities without much headache pertaining to expensive upgrades and installations? You must take advantage of SaaS applications for scalability and productivity of your business. The most popular SaaS products taking over the business by the storm are G-suite, Slack, and Microsoft Azure if not many.

Benefits Of Saas-Based Products

As per reports, around 60% of the businesses are now integrating the SaaS concept with their business application. Interestingly, 36% of the businesses are more likely to make new investments into their already installed SaaS business models. There are some interesting ways SaaS can you help business more efficiency.

Easy And Fast Adoption

Information and communication silos are no longer a hurdle to disrupt business operations in today’s fast-paced digital atmosphere. But, in between deploying and upgrading your existing business application is never an easy task. Generally, any deployment results in operation interruption with hindrance in the visibility of what’s going in the business. Prolonged downtime is likely despite the presence of the IT team. Additionally, a major chunk of time is wasted in testing, installing, upgrading, and migrating to the application. As per the survey, this line of activities can delay a project. However, these are nowhere near the SaaS-based application that powers your task accomplishment capability. It is easier to deploy and get work done faster.

Flexibility and scalability

Flexibility is the key to becoming successful. And as a business owner, it is central to adapting to the changes in the external factors. With the SaaS application, you can upgrade your model depending on how your business requirement changes. So, SaaS business application gives the flexibility to integrate with the other systems and get a new set of users using a new set of tools and components.

The subscription pricing model allows you to choose the application most specific to your requirement and alter it when needed.

Updated features

It is quite common for the business with the traditional structure to spend heavy amounts upon its upgrades. But, with the SaaS application, the upgrades are done by the providers. There it offers you a great level of liberty. On the other hand, since the updates and upgrades are automatic, they let you leverage the best application integration into your app and let you do more.

Reduced application costs

Having a decreased business application cost, it benefits everyone- he business and its users. Provided lower maintenance and infrastructure costs, SaaS business application can dramatically reduce the IT spending of the total business budget, while investing the amount in more critical services by using the secured and fully-functional SaaS business application.


SaaS does not need additional hardware when your business expands. This means you can still a add number of users without upgrading your hardware. Additionally, the cloud-based infrastructure is so reliable to improve performance and efficiency with easy adaptation to the circumstance.

This means your business can do and gain more with this cloud-based infrastructure. At the same time, if your service has a similar SaaS-based model, you must look for SaaS software development service. In that case, your approach should be, connect with the user base, set your product apart from others and make it efficient across different verticals to achieve your predefined goals. In this context, if you outsource the development service, you achieve more and do a lot more with your next project. Let’s find out different aspects of SaaS-based software development for your business.


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Approach to SaaS product development

Every business keen to introduce their SaaS-based business model, they must be well conversant with the lifecycle of SaaS product development. This is necessary since it allows you to track the process cycle until the successful implementation. It includes various life cycle phases comprising,


This is an essential part before you embarking your journey. Get market research done and explore business opportunities you can utilize to connect with the prospective client base. Given the value of SaaS-based infrastructure, you must decide how you can transform users’ life with endless cloud possibilities. Be attentive to your marketing activities as well.

Platform assessment

Your SaaS business platform capabilities must adhere to the needs of the prospective clients in accordance with the performance, reliability, scalability, and compliance.

Planning- Your project must focus on how it can achieve the implementation success throughout the development process. Hence, apart from the functionality aspect, various aspects such as project costs and its dispatch to the market should be considered.


This means how effectively you can acquire a production quality subscription. It is essential that you test the services and have all the documentation in place so as to make the right informed decision about your cloud platform service. Similarly, you must check with your subscription that it includes backup and recovery services.


While coming to this phase, you must ensure your SaaS-based business model features all the necessary services and attributes you want to deliver toy your users. And hence, you must focus on the development of scalable software architecture. More often, the best SaaS software development company helps you with one or two testing trials to see if your product is viable and functional. Don’t overlook this accomplishment since it is critical to ensuring your product’s overall performance and capacity.


This phase is essential to decide the structure of your SaaS-based product. You must supervise all the necessary features and specifications the product is expected to deliver to the users. Forget not to check some of the essential parameters such as security, compliance, and service level agreement.
Till this, these are some of the key parameters you must pay attention prior to hiring a remote SaaS web development team. Hence, you must evaluate how efficient your remote team is.

Saas Development Team Structure

Having only a plan is not worth. A highly-efficient and expert team with adeptness in the SaaS-based work methodologies and technicalities can account for your product success. You may choose your team or leave this important task over the development team. The key approach is own a specialist team who can understand your business model and get along well with your application specification.

Most importantly, your SaaS-based software development team must include back-end and front-end developers, project manager, UI/UX designers, cloud architect, quality analyst, DevOps specialists and administrators. Remember a successful collaboration with the team can help you deliver the best product for your user base. The best part, the team is responsible to deliver the right product that complements your needs and accomplish the business purpose.

Tools Required To Develop Saas-Based Software

There is a wide variety of tools that can be leveraged to develop fully-functional and appropriate SaaS-based software or product. Software suites generally have a very complex architecture to work upon. But, an expert technical team can use different frameworks, SaaS developer tools and libraries specific to add rich and dynamic context to web development so as to help you maximize its benefits. Based on the technology stack requirements, we can divide it into three stages.

Server-side technologies

As the name suggests, these technology stack is used for web server-side rendering using a wide array of tools such as Node.js, Angular.js, Java, and PHP and so on. They are supported by a huge community that offers customization with access to libraries.

Front End technologies

This technology stack entails JavaScript-based frameworks such as React.js, Angular, and many to offer high-caliber UI/UX design capabilities.

Cloud platforms for hosting

This is a cost-effective method to host your software product since on-premise hosting can wreak havoc on your pocket. There are many reliable and trusted vendors offering the cloud-platform for hosting services.

Once everything is in place, you must have key attributes to your SaaS-based software development to add value to your business.

Saas-Based Software Development Process

Designing a concept is important to deliver special value to your audience and stand out from your competitors.

Your product must focus on to offer a great level of user experience to enable them to correspond to their needs. Other than having SaaS web development, having an app is central to allowing your user base to maximize the product functionality to the fullest potential. This way, you can accomplish your target by fulfilling their expectations. The service leveraged through an app must offer them the best features and functionalities. There lies the success of product development. However, you must always check with the MVP of your app to know your product’s viability.

Determining the Budget

You have a better understanding of your budget depending on the team, the tools you are using, and the features you want in your product. Since, your key target is cost-savings, planning your budget is essential. It helps you optimize your resources at an optimal level. Expert SaaS-development agency can help you get a bigger picture of how much does it cost to build a SaaS-software.

Aftercare & maintenance

This cloud-based software service is one of the best solutions for the business due to ease of maintenance, and updates, enabling to be correspondent to the latest market trends. This ensures efficient application by the business and also users.


Given its ease of maintenance, updates and cost-efficiency, it is one of the most lucrative options for businesses to offer service to their users. If you have any such SaaS-based business model, an expert software development agency, Bytes Technolab can help you transform your dream into reality. Long earned expertise in the domain of software development enables us to deliver the right and high-caliber software development service to ensure your SaaS software and business management is well integrated with the essential features and specifications. And in the end, we help you build a successful project to gain the most value from ROI.

Bytes Technolab reserves outstanding engineering excellence and aptitude to drive innovation in software development for web and mobile platforms. For the past few years, we have collaborated with the leading enterprises, SMEs and startups to overcome their technological business challenges. We love to drive an innovative change to business operation with our offerings in custom software development, SaaS development, consultancy, and maintenance and support. At a core level, we are focused on improving cost-savings, efficiency, adaptation to the digital transformations, and boost your revenue. For any software development assistance, you can contact us.

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