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10 Surprising Facts Why Should You Choose WordPress for Business Websites

Dec 12, 2019

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

10 Surprising Facts Why Should You Choose WordPress for Business Websites

Talking of the leading and most popular content management system, nothing can beat the tenacity of WordPress. Beyond blogging, WordPress dominates other verticals and is so obvious for eCommerce development. But, before we highlight its core serviceability and capacity to drive the business around the world, let’s dig into some statistics that unravel its invincible popularity and game-winning traits.

Ever since its launch back in 2003, the community of WordPress is growing big if not bigger. Being the leading CMS solution provider, it now gives tougher competition to other website development platforms and eats up a good chunk of the market share.

Most Surprising WordPress Statistics

As per reports from W3Techs, WordPress enjoys 34% of the market share on the internet of all the websites. This involves websites with active CMS or without CMS. Provided its CMC attributes, it is estimated to own 58.55% of the market share more than all the other platforms, for instance, Joomla, Drupal and Squarespace combined. Another statistic from BuiltWith reported 51% of the CMS market share exercised by WordPress.

Figure 1 source: W3Techs

Now, the internet is currently accommodating more than 172 million active websites, around 75,000,000 of them are powered by WordPress. And almost half of those websites are self-hosted, which constitutes 20% of hosting installation on WordPress.

Another interesting fact about WordPress is, this website builder has contributed to the development of 14.7% of the top websites for the leading businesses across the globe. Some of the most successful companies that have preferred WordPress are People Magazine, Walt Disney, CBS Radio, TechCrunch, NFL, TED and more. The list is ever-growing. Many Fortune 500 companies have also leveraged WordPress website building capabilities.

That’s being said, it is worth discovering what benefits and conveniences does WordPress give to these business so that existing businesses or emerging businesses should use this high scalable website building platform to win and lead in the completion?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open-source platform integrated with a robust content management system. It is powered by PHP and MySQL. When your business website is built with WordPress, it gives you access to user-friendly interfaces to work with. It is easy to learn and most of the beginners can understand its technicalities so easily to adjust to its working ethics. So, you can find a reliable WordPress Web Development and design services or use them for WordPress maintenance services.

Key Attributes of WordPress to Harness For A Scalable and Efficient Business Website Development

Find out the most viable reasons to build a powerful business website with WordPress and build a strong repute in your business domain.

Easy To Use

WordPress comes with the user-friendly development features. It means, it does not call for any high-end development skills from the developers to design a WordPress Site. Working with the WordPress web development and design requires only basic level of computer know-how. The skills help you administer content management, enabling you to keep your website fresh and updated in the search engines. With these features embedded in this platform, it is easier for the WordPress Development Company to train its clients on different service accomplishments. So, whatever you need to do with your website, be it adding a blog or post, you can tweak that in quiet an easy way.

Open-Source and Free

WordPress is open-source; it is its key potential. It means all its original source code is open to use for personal or commercial purposes. Its source codes are released under a GPL license, giving access to everyone to study, edit and share it among the communities as demands persist.

This flexibility unearths so many opportunities for the WordPress web development company to use for a large number of enterprise sites. Backed by a large developer community, WordPress has regular security and site improvement updates at free of costs. Provided assistance needed for WordPress Maintenance Services, you can ask for help from the WordPress Community.

Built-In User Role Management

This feature is exceptionally useful to assign a role to users and define their responsibility to determine their access limits. The built-in role management in WordPress is there to ensure security. Using the Role Management feature, you assign roles and make it a point of how they should carry out their responsibilities. Whatever is the role of the users, Role Management gives them permission to execute their tasks.

Whereas Enterprise needs are concerned, it needs task accomplishments from the varied users. Hence, it requires a new set up to assign roles to different users. At times, when an administrator can decide access to users by permission, each user is capable of managing their own account.

The flexibility of role management also enables you to assign users to default roles. But, in case you need to set up special user access, you must design your own custom role. This is an excellent way to manage your own website.

Embedded REST API

This key component has been added to the WordPress library in a recent update. If this feature is overlooked, the true viability of WordPress cannot be leveraged. Simultaneously, WordPress REST API is an essential tool that makes enterprise site building easier and flexible.

REST API stands for Representational State Transfer while API means Application Programming Interface. As is with WordPress REST API, this interface enables the WordPress Web Development Company to get access to WordPress design and development from outside WordPress infrastructure. It means this interface can be leveraged to build external applications and languages for WordPress using JavaScript-based Json and AJAX formats.

Integration of these two interfaces such as REST and API means they allow other systems or tools to connect with WordPress and improves their compatibility. More to it, all the third-party mobile apps or websites can access to the database of WordPress, while harnessing data from it and adding to it.

As soon as you have your enterprise site developed with WordPress, you would like to have REST API onboard in no time.

Multisite Functionality

As simple as it gets, multisite simply means when you administer multiple sites from one unification platform. With WordPress, it enables the administration of as many sites as you want from one core WordPress Installation. This feature works in tandem either with the existing or newly-developed WordPress Site. It is not so strenuous job for you. It takes you just creating one or two lines of coding and adding them to files of the WordPress Installation and your WordPress Multisite is ready to go. Once your site is created, the existing site remains there without its URL being changed and the new ones are visible on the top of the chart.

It is too flexible as well to administer multiple sites. You can set a private network to run your brand’s sites or hire a WordPress Maintenance Services Provider to run your WordPress Multisites.

For SMBs, maybe it is not a key priority, but large enterprises can use this phenomenon to its advantage.

Easily Customizable

With WordPress, the customization attributes are so agile and flexible; they facilitate a robust and feature-rich custom WordPress Development. The WordPress customization offers great scope to add interactive and dynamic rich elements to your WordPress site. The feature enables you to go as you like with your creativity and imagination.

You can embrace pre-built themes, but nothing evokes a great sense of connectedness and engagement with your brand more than its customization attribute. Use it to the fullest potential. This is a great attribute of WordPress that can transform your business while facilitating exciting customization opportunities specific to your business needs.

With an effective custom WordPress Development, you can craft custom pages and add templates. Once your site is launched, it is easier to enable the CMS management with appropriate elements and complement them with the rest of the site.

All you need is buy a premium theme for one-time only. The premium theme enables you to choose from a plentiful of pre-set layouts and detailed documents for different use cases of your business.

Powerful Plugins and themes

Plugins are meant to augment the performance of the WordPress site and increase their functional capabilities. As similar to mobile apps, plugins provide potential benefits to enhance functionality using more than 50,000 powerful and efficient plugins. The freedom of flexible customization enablement with plugins is the primary catch of this platform. WordPress gives a reason to build it to showcase your true potential the way you want.

Businesses can use plugins for different purposes. It facilitates data analysis, UX development, social media campaign, and SEO and many more.

Themes solve a similar purpose. As discussed earlier, it helps your website to appear rich, dynamic and responsive.

Both plugins and themes are paid and free. Every plugin and theme comes forth with a user’s review. This helps you choose what to choose from. Considering WordPress going through a major update in recent times, you must look out for the latest version of the plugins or themes.

Since plugins are key to improving your user experiences, it is essential that you do proper research before you select a plugin.


The search engine optimization is an essential trait to improve the optimization of your site and improve the traffic with enhanced user engagement. With the flexibility of easy site coding using JavaScript-based language, you can be able to produce semantic markup for your website, and turn your site SEO optimized at ease. Besides, with this open-source platform, there is a huge possibility to add Meta tags to blog posts or other content to enable more precise search optimization. With WordPress being rich and attractive in appearance, it is easily recognizable in search results.

Remember, An SEO is an important phenomenon to build a high frequency of user engagement and build a better conversion rate. With a reliable WordPress web development and design company, you are assured of quality SEO services for your Website, which follows as below:

  • Search results metrics
  • SEO scores
  • Customized SEO settings for every activity
  • XML sitemap generation
  • Link management
  • SEO Performance Analytics
  • Smart keyword research

Responsive Web Design

The WordPress Web Development Company pays heed to this attribute to make your website responsive across multiple devices such as desktop, mobile, laptop and tablet. This is essential for improved user experience so that users have it easy to connect with the business and find relevant information about a product and service. As you are capable of customizing your site to complement your business requirements, it is a useful attribute to use it to your advantage and build a responsive site. For Smartphones being one of the key catalysts to promoting digital media growth, you must focus on this attribute and make your website responsive and most importantly, make it mobile-friendly. Paying not to heed to this, Google algorithms may tick you out, and you are likely to be out-ranked by your competitors.

Remember, your business website must be mobile user -friendly. Interestingly, many themes these days are responsive. You can use them. At the same time, if you are incapable of choosing the right one for your business needs, you must seek help from the experts in custom WordPress development.

Scalability and flexibility

WordPress has a great level of scalability and flexibility to load any length of the site. Irrespective of what you want to use WordPress for- be it for a personal blog or eCommerce, it accomplishes that purpose. With an extensive range of extensions and features, you can turn your WordPress site into a versatile product so that it can meet all of your needs. But, if you are unable to adjust to its scalability, it can affect your capacity to deal with your visitors. With no active efforts are being in place, your WordPress website is more likely to collapse.

With regard to approaching scalability, you can use stellar resources and extensions to handle large visitors’ traffic. Use MySQL Query Cache to bolster your database. Also, you can use MySQL replication to manage database requests.


The market dominance and its high rate serviceability across the large verticals pinpoint at its massive popularity. This is due to WordPress being open-source and flexible with a large community to help you take a better initiative for the WordPress Web Development and design . Hence, it turns out to be a better choice for your business needs. So, before you go anywhere else, look at its benefits that businesses can leverage from and maximize their ROI.

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