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COVID 19 now has the entire world in its toes, and the times are extremely hard for various sectors of industries. While a few businesses have completely shut down, some are surviving, and a few others are achieving success. One such enterprise is the online teaching app development. With the schools shutting down for an indefinite period, teachers have now adapted to the online teaching model. Learning through online teaching applications has increased enormously, and this change caused due to Coronavirus is here to stay for a long time, and according to  the World Economic Forum, it has projected to reach further.

Education Mobile App Development

Education is no longer the learning behind closed doors of the classroom. In this pandemic, tailor-made learning solutions have been possible only because of online teaching apps. The online teaching mobile application requires a collaborative atmosphere along with the integrated digital ecosystem wherein teachers, students, parents, and administrators work together.

Essential features in Education Application

It is essential to make learning fun and more interactive for students who are locked inside their homes. You should consider below-mentioned features while developing a learning app which will benefit your users and business:

1.Course and Syllabus:

It is important to have all the course materials that you intend to offer in the online teaching app. This app would be used as a smart classroom to study all the subjects with special teaching tools. Many schools have started developing their customized app for improved student experience while learning. A feature to download all the study notes must be available so that the learner can download it and refer even in offline mode.

2.Video teaching facility:

Education was on a pause for the first few days of lockdown, but it cannot be the same way, so many schools, colleges, and educators came up with conducting video tutoring. The student can learn sitting at their homes without any hindrance through the mobile application.

3.Live sessions:

Your online teaching app should have the facility for creating a virtual classroom. The teacher can create a group and give codes to the students to join the class online. Once the students join, the teacher can start teaching. The learning experience can be taken to a new level with such live classes and chat sessions.

4.Online submissions:

Where there is learning, there are assignments, home works, and projects. Online teaching app must have a provision where the teachers can give instructions to students digitally. Students too can then upload their work for submission through the app.

5.Test and practices:

It is highly necessary to include an assessment of online teaching mobile apps or web apps to test the understanding of students. Mock test papers can be uploaded regularly via app and students can log in to give these tests. Marks obtained can then be linked to the scorecard by teachers.


Good notification features should be included to keep all the students and parents in the loop with the required updates. An activity forum can be made to notify the users about the latest development in the course/ subject.

7.Multiple Language:

It is highly recommended to have an app in multiple languages as it will help in increasing the user base and make more profit. If your app is in only one language then the target audience is limited.

8.Performance Reports:

Parents and teachers can keep track of their student’s progress using this tool. Performance in tests, assignments, online attendance, and every other detail can be reported using such a feature.

9.User Interface:

Any app is downloaded only when it is simple to use and engaging for the audience. So the first impression of the app is important as it is the first step in the use of the app.

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To attract more students to download the app it is crucial to have a great user experience. Students are always fascinated with gadgets, and games, integrating healthy gamification to the digital classroom can make the app more attractive. Students will take up study challenges and move to the next study level with the help of badges. Gamification helps in the intellectual improvement of students and builds increased engagement with the application.

11.Social Media Integration:

When it comes to augmenting benefits, integration with social media is a must. Subjects uploaded in the apps can simultaneously be shared on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn to persuade users to study. You can also make a YouTube channel where tutorials and audio clips related to theonline teaching web application can be uploaded. In this way, you can get in touch with existing and new users and motivate them to study through your app.


Separate panels for teachers, students, and parents must be created for a more defined application.

Overall, if the app responds according to the students learning pattern and habits and in a manner in which all their queries are resolved quickly, it further improves user experience.

Is it a good time to develop an Online teaching web app?

The global market shows that online learning through web and mobile applications is all set to boost by at least $375 BN in the next six years.

During these critical times, portable applications have helped a lot of people with a lot of things. The convenience such mobile and web apps have provided has made more people using them. Thus, even after the pandemic goes away and things start getting back to normal, online learning will continue. This unquestionably implies that now is an ideal time to build the Online Teaching app.
Mobile app development has made teaching and learning fun. This sector of education has become more popular and in demand, so there are good chances of generating revenue as well. In this crisis


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