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COVID 19 outbreak has transformed everything in business; from remote working to shifting sales online is the new way of life now. Many companies are facing unprecedented challenges, but it is essential to survive this situation and Act right now. It is vital to respond quickly, provide quality services, maintain positive relationships with clients, and continue to develop the business.

A consumer survey carried out by namogoo showed that there is 56% increase in online shopping because of the global pandemic. Set your priorities in the right direction to gain most out of this Covid 19 for your business.

What should the Business do now?

A global crisis is not the time to put a break on your promotional activity, rather it is the hour to brace up the marketing strategy and develop an online presence.

1.Move Online

As everyone is staying at home, the entire globe is going digital and the online market is moving quicker than before. Some business owners already have an online store, but others who don’t have one yet now is the time to focus on ways to move your store online. Setting up or expanding eCommerce, developing or revamping a website whatever your business, venturing up your digital presence will be paramount. Moving all the business activities online where possible will help in generating cash flow and will ensure safety without the physical reopening of shops. The task for your business is to improve online reach by taking into consideration the depressed economic conditions with mobile application development, website development, and digital store.

2.Website and eCommerce for all age groups

Since this crisis has given some permanent changes in the user conduct, having a website designed for all the age groups – young to old will give you an edge over others. For developing such a website or app make sure to recruit Mobile and Web Development Company that is capable of fulfilling all the requirements for creating a user-friendly site.

3.Digital Marketing

Advertising across online platforms can drive plenty of traffic, and thereby customers even at low cost.

Google Ads: Pay only when a customer clicks on your ad and reach a wider audience as they search online.

Facebook: With over 300 million users of Facebook in India alone, Facebook Ads is one of the largest platforms to get the potential client for your business.

Email Marketing: Communication is crucial in these times and sharing important Business Information with current, past, and future customers through email campaigns are a great way. 


Tools in digital marketing like analytics will help business owners in knowing how the people interact online and what are they looking for. Our Digital Marketing team will assist you throughout this process of expanding your Business.


4.Robust website design

As the number of visitors on the website increases, your site must have the ability to take in large traffic. Regardless of whether you decide to go with website development or eCommerce application, without a firm web structure and hosting, your site might not be able to deal with the increasing traffic. It can lead to an immense business loss in terms of reputation and income. Web Development Solutions with Bytes Technolab ensures that all your business needs are being fulfilled without any problem.

5.Take care of Employees

With remote work, keeping track of employee engagement can get hard. But making use of a digital transformation by addressing the key areas, the right tools can be developed. Well, the structured workflow will thus increase productivity and improves employee satisfaction. Teaming up with the right digital development company for a plan of action, and tools, even small businesses can grow to the next level.

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6.Focus on content

Any website is indexed better only if it is updated frequently with new features and content. Technical SEO has to match Google’s algorithm that keeps on changing to improve user experience. Remember, people are now ordering online, staying at home, and depending on virtual interaction, an interactive and updated website is the key. If you are not sure about your website doing well, get in touch with us.

7.Reach more customers

The significant advantage of an online store is that it can reach worldwide and has the chance of reaching out to new audiences. The cost of the online setup is also lower compared to the physical store. With customized mobile and web development services, your Business can expand widely with no restrictions.

8.Take care of your clients

Personalizing your services and offers will help the customers reduce their stress. Focus on reaching out to your present customers and work on retaining the past ones. At times like this, buyers are going to depend on web-based shopping in general, having a website or even better a mobile application that is easy to navigate is going to be helpful.

In conclusion

Handling a pandemic like this is not easy, and it is certainly difficult to manage all the negative impact it has on your business. However, with innovative thinking, a positive attitude, and the right method, you can ensure that your business comes out of this monetary crisis without any harm.

We are here to have a conversation with you about your business needs. Get in touch with Bytes Technolab today for all your Business Solutions!

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