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Laravel – What Makes It The Most Popular PHP Framework For Web Applications?

Mar 6, 2020

Mitul Patel

By Mitul Patel

Laravel - What Makes It The Most Popular PHP Framework For Web Applications?

Rebuilding a product from scratch or building a new one like that of enterprise software or mobile application is a huge undertaking, especially for startups or small scale business owners. Making a wrong call has its varied impact upon its success, failure or mediocrity.

Given a web application framework, PHP leads. Its smooth adaptability with new sets of tools, skill sets and high capabilities to build outstanding PHP new applications gives you the speed to application development. And for PHP-based frameworks, Laravel development is ideal.

Using Laravel, we can use intelligent code during the development of web applications that add speed and inventiveness to our final product. We have with us PHP-based Django and CodeIgniter frameworks too. But, why Laravel seems to be different from these platforms.

PHP Laravel - the potentials that make businesses successful

The best features of Laravel lie in its MVC architecture and modularity leading to outstanding Laravel development services.

About Laravel:

Being open-source, Laravel has incredible API integrated with it to augment the development process. This is a feature that helps you with small website development having just 3-page pamphlets as well.

Using its loads of dynamic features, you can build amazing websites and applications without the burden of complex coding. It is a clean and perfect PHP-based framework that eliminates time waste and labor.

You can effectively utilize secure validation tools and create productive and secure web PHP development. Also, you can add more features and functionality to your web designs by creating efficient widgets with CSS and JS codes.

Features of Laravel

The advancement of a PHP development framework that comes along with Laravel helps you concentrate on its codes and makes working on different projects easy. It just takes very little time to know its wide features including view format, directing, and validation among others.

Authentication and Authorization Systems

Streamlining the usage of authentication depends upon authorization which enables secure access to resources. Laravel allows this through authentication and helps engineers scale with it.


All routes are described in the route files which you can leverage from route/web.php files brought forward through the automatic loading capacity of the PHP Laravel framework. This web interface route can be accessed by entering the URL in the browser. Also, the middleware group can be assigned with these routes and consequently you get access to CSRF protection and session state.

Artisan Console

Laravel by default includes the artisan command line. You can make use of these commands while building your application with the most common being Tinker REPL. Allowing Tinker environment helps you establish interaction between Eloquent ORM, events, jobs and more.

Mail System

“Swiftmailer” library provides API designs to build mail services for individual accounts. Besides, Laravel supports Mailgun, Amazon SES, Mandrill and PHP’s mail system to quickly enable mail delivery on cloud.

Cached Web Applications

Laravel enjoys native support from cache backend including Redis and Memcached. However, you can have better applications of in-memory cache such as Memcached or APC for mission-critical application development.

Error Handling

The built-in Monolog library makes way for log handling. Therefore, we can say it can easily handle errors.

Message Queue System

Laravel queue service supports API across queue backends that allow for asynchronous web requests. This is helpful to accelerate the web requests to your web app development.

Scheduling Tasks Configuration And Management

The built-in command scheduler in Laravel allows for smooth communication exchange in the Laravel environment while Cron entries being filed easily on the server. This helps improve communication schedules on allocated time and resources.

Prebuilt apps

It is quite common that customers are eager to use apps with similar features and characteristics for their businesses. Laravel websites make loads of pre-built web apps available for the customer for use that reduces the time and cost of the development.

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Outstanding Laravel Benefits

We find you huge Laravel development service benefits for both developers and business owners. It has all the essential elements that other web development frameworks contain including ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails and Sinatra. Irrespective of your need for web application development, this PHP-based framework gives you the best benefits.


Laravel built applications are meant to scale, so is your business. You can achieve a similar experience as you get from native solutions. Featuring Laravel Cache, Laravel Horizon (queuing) and Eloquent, you can easily leverage cloud services. As you need to use ProcessMaker for software or web application development, it also extends the flexibility to integrate with Docker, AWS, GitHub and so many Laravel services.


Model-View-Controller architecture is the best add-on that enables faster development of PHP-based web development projects. With built-in functionalities and better documentation, you can build better and high-performance web apps.

No vulnerabilities

Software testing is paramount to the security and success of a web project. Laravel is integrated with PHP-unit and integration testing, making PHP-coding absolutely secure for your next level web app development. As you rely on Laravel, there is no third-party tool dependency to address threats like SQL injection, cross-site request forgery and cross-site scripting. Highly experienced Laravel developers can ensure you get rid of security vulnerabilities and reduce cost and time through the software development lifecycle.


Developed by Taylor Otwell, Laravel is being made open-source. Therefore, it provides better scopes with developers to modify, customize and extend the framework’s functionality as per needs. In the case of building enterprise software development, this open-source can be utilized to scale with Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Docker containers. Expert Laravel developers can apply this feature by using Laravel’s packaging system.

Trends with Laravel Development

Laravel is one of the leading frameworks in the PHP community which offers instant support when you are on your way to developing something elegant and unique.

Startup solutions

Startup enterprises are in great demand of this PHP-framework because it is easier to handle a large amount of data instantly and foster its launch to market.

IoT solutions

Asynchronous programming is best suited with PHP7 and hence it allows the development of IoT on PHP Laravel framework effortlessly.

Besides, this PHP framework being open-sourced open up opportunities for a large number of businesses to go with intuitive and dynamic web app development. Above all, PHP development is highly devised as a cost-effective web application development tool in the coming years. So, when you are looking forward to building amazing web applications, you must hire Laravel web developers for your business requirements.

The Take Away

No doubt, Laravel is an incredible framework to work with for web and application development. Its flexibility to support a number of web server compatible with PHP makes rooms for developers to run it on Nginx, IIS, and Apache. Bytes Technolab leverages all of its powerful features to build next-generation web applications. Also, with the highest levels of functionalities it offers, we can help you with rapid development from a simple website to high-performance website applications with easy codes and readable codes. We are committed to offering quality services for Laravel development and take your projects to the next level.

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