Magento Commerce 2.3.4 Release Notes – Discover Key Features And Specifications

Feb 3, 2020

Bhavesh Surani

By Bhavesh Surani

Magento Commerce 2.3.4 Release Notes – Discover Key Features And Specifications

Good news for all Magento commerce owners. The latest version Open Source 2.3.4 Release Notes has arrived. The product is bundled with massive features, attributes, and essential fixes to give you added value for your money. Let’s see how you can utilize the new release.

Magento New Release 2.3.4- Overview

  • Relevant platform upgrades
  • 220 functional fixes
  • 30+ security enhancements
  • Security vulnerabilities addressed
  • including core code issues
  • PSD2 compliance with payment methods
  • Resolutions from the community on Inventory Management and GraphQL.
  • Cloud features included as Adobe Experience Manager

1. Significant Security Enhancements

The security enhancements are robust to keep your platform secure and scalable.

  • The security threats from cross-site scripting (XCC) and remote code execution (RCE) has been reduced with this upgrade. To minimize even the slightest vulnerability of personal information breach of customers, you can employ certain methodologies. Use IP whitelisting, two-way authentication, strong password, VPN, and unique location. This certainly restricts any attacks from sneaking into the Admin.

All necessary security enhancements information is available on 2.2.11, & Releases ported from 2.3.4. So, you can easily fix security issues when needed.

  • The Custom Layout Update is depreciated to reduce the vulnerabilities from Remote Code Execution. The core process to enable this perform is now a new addition known as a selector. Create your own file with layout updates, select it and do the necessary updates.
  • Add only whitelisted variables to templates. This is enabled with the redesigned content template. It also restricts interaction with PHP functions on objects when emails, newsletters and CMS content are used.

2. Platform Upgrades

  • New advances to the message queue framework are well compatible with the third-party technology such as the latest release of Rabbit MQ v3.8, underlying the message queue framework too.
  • The integration of declarative schema with MariaDB 10.2 and MySQL is enhanced with this new release. This flexibility lacked in the previous versions that showed errors during bin/magento setup:upgrade.
  • Magento 2.3.4 Release Notes has been tested using the latest version of Redis v5.0.6, thus enhancing page caching and session storage.
  • Payment method net is removed. You can now use the official Marketplace payment integration.

3. Infrastructure Enhancements

The latest release features more than 250 key improvement attributes to improve its core quality. The framework and modules including CMS, sales, catalog, and Elasticsearch now offer improved functionalities.

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4. Advanced Merchant Tools

The platform is now integrated with Adobe Stock Image Galleries, enabling every Magento Commerce merchant to leverage its huge bundles of images directly from the Admin. Add high-quality rich media to your content using the search button into the Gallery.

5. Page Builder

  • You can now render your storefront via the Venia app in PWA studio.
  • Page builder carousel display offers customization flexibility. It allows merchants to personalize the product arrangements in a carousel or slider format as per business needs.
  • The Admin now is enabled to use SKU sorting to sort and list products in the storefront.
  • Product category sorting can be used to categorize products and display them the same as Magento Catalog.

6. Inventory Management

  • The issue with loads on the database server has been rightly addressed to fix the common scenarios like shopping cart performance.
  • The Inventory Reservation CLI command is updated to ease activities such as missing reservation on large catalogs.
  • The quality issues with grouped products, credit memos, stock mass actions, and sources have been fixed.

7. Enhanced Cloud Features

  • The feature ‘Experience Cloud’ is aimed at enhancing the customer experience with more personalization flexibility in customer service.
  • Adobe’s ‘Journey Orchestration’ tool offers better customer engagement in real-time.
  • ‘Target’ an optimization engine embedded with ‘Recommended for you’ algorithm helps you monitor customer behavior and come up with improved choices to personalize brand experiences.
  • Cloud service ‘Experience Manager’ assists every merchant to promote loads of eCommerce campaigns.
  • Engagement Cloud Live web chat functionality in Dotdigital allows real-time customer-merchant conversation at free of cost.

8. Google Shopping Ads Channel

If you want to advertise and sell your products through Google shopping ads channel, integrate your shop with Google Merchant Center (GMC) and Google Ads accounts. This is available for every Magento version viz, 2.2.4+ and 2.3+. Merchants with the previous versions can benefit from this by installing and updating the Magento Marketplace.

For more information, you can check this link.

9. Improved B2B capabilities

  • Merchants can now optimize access permission to leverage B2B features and specifications from within Admin.
  • Requisition lists can be exported to CVS formats to allow B2B users to do the modification into the shopping cart and get back to the requisition list as needed.

10. GraphQL

GraphQL that allows a complete view of data in your API has been modified to improve performances of search, cart functionality, and navigation.

  • The mageCarts mutations allow for the migration of the guest cart with the customer cart.
  • Order can be initiated on one device and confirmed on another device.
  • Users can search product queries using URL key, ID or name. Merchants can enable this with category List query.

11. Improved performance

Plenty of performance boosters has been undertaken.

  • Requests to the server are depreciated to improve storefront performance.
  • The bundling mechanism can analyze better for PHTML files are rewritten, thus it recognizes JavaScript dependencies.
  • Reports module is disabled by default. You can use  (System Configuration> General > Reports > General Options)  to do the necessary changes to stop the static collection of Magento reports.
  • The banner cache login is improved while the invalid mechanism of the customer section is also refactored to eliminate redundant non-cached requests.

12. Issues resolved

Upgrade, Install and Deploy

  • Composer update occurs easily without the Magento cache disablement.
  • You can deploy bin/magento maintenance:enableor bin/magento maintenance:disable with an empty database. This prevents error while running the maintenance modes.
  • MySQL can update deploy container information in app/etc/config.php/ in Magento commerce 2.3.4. Previously, users faced unsolicited error.
  • Single pipes are now changed to double pipes in composer.json files.
  • Patch dependencies allow one-time use of the patch.
  • CSS files can avoid random deletion during the deployment of static content, (bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy).


  • module-analytics/Model/ExportDataHandler.phpnow creates information in the Docroot/var/
  • Analytics dialogue popup box remains active despite ESC key is pressed.
  • To navigate through ‘ Allow ’ and ‘ Don’t Allow’  buttons, an admin can use TAB key. This is earlier used to exit the dialog box.


The latest release does not contain incorrect static file paths when emails are sent from the admin.

13. Cart and checkout

  • Magento can now follow multiple cart price rules correctly. This helps apply discount features for free shipping.
  • Easy checkout for guest users is enabled after shopping cart has been disabled.
  • Even though the failure of an AJAX POST request occurs, the payment section of the checkout workflow keeps information secured.
  • The mini cart has replaced the shopping cart label.
  • Magento runs on Internet Explorer, thus enabling the clear shopping cart button to run smoothly.

14. CMS content

  • Merchants can save CMS blocks without any content.
  • The checkboxes within the widgets and Dynamic Block Rotator function properly.

15. Payment Methods

  • You can free to add PayPal Payflow Pro to enable order completion on Internet Explorer 11.x.
  • The merger between Braintree and PayPal allows the shipment to multiple addresses.
  • No JavaScript errors are thrown even if the order does not have any address during payment with PayPal.

You can discover more about the fixes and other core functionalities of Magento 2.3.4 commerce here.

Magento 2.3.4 Release Notes – Launch

In 28th January 2020, Magento Commerce 2.3.4 Release Notes is being launched for use by all merchants. You can get it from all social media accounts of Magento or its official site.


Remember, the upgrade is not an easy maneuver. You need extensive domain skills, knowledge in Magento products and its various versions to successfully implement the upgrades and updates.

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