Magento 1 End Of Life June 2020 – How Should Your eCommerce Store Stay Alive?

Jan 29, 2020

Bhavesh Surani

By Bhavesh Surani

Magento 1 End Of Life June 2020 – How Should Your eCommerce Store Stay Alive?

Are you an owner of an online store? Does it run on Magento 1.x ecosystem? The latest announcement of Magento 1.x EOL is something to pay heed to.

The Meet Magento Conference in Prague did throw some speculations about Magento 1 End of life in November 2017. But it was kept on hold. Now,it is official.

Retails built with this eCommerce framework are nearing the EOL. So, it is just a few months away to go for necessary Magento upgrades . Or else there will end of support for your stores as of June, 2020.

About the announcement

Is the news intimidating you? Well, there are reasons for such apprehensions.

As many as 240,000 online stores are approaching the EOL. Amidst this, the version 2.0 eCommerce platforms have new and improved features and specifications which are twice as likely to connect with the retailers.

The new version is highly capable of reducing the online retailing frustrations too. Hence, the declaration means an immediate Magento 2 migration of your existing store.

But what do you think? Is it a small and easy project? If you are a retailer and want final support for your existing store, you need expert help from a renowned eCommerce development company.

Use advanced Magento development services to have a smooth transition. But, before you get lost in frustrations and daunting tasks of investment and cost, we will walk you through a simple and easy-to-understand upgrade methodologies and functionalities.

What are 1.x upgrades?

This eCommerce platform became to be known as Magento Commerce 1 and Open-source CMS platform.

It has been a powerful and versatile eCommerce platform for retailers around the world. This scalable open-source framework powers more than 240,000 active eCommerce websites.

Hence, these users need to opt for version 2 upgrade or move to other platforms. In this scenario, the migration to the 1.x versions means futile. Still, if you want the same flavors and ethnicity, it is ideal to prefer the upgrade setup.

Upgrading to Magento 2

Now, you are pretty convinced that the upgrade is a necessity. The task is not as easy as you might imagine.

Therefore, you should make your mind to hire experienced Magento developers. A lot of essential upgrade tasks is there as you look for 2.x migration services. Let’s find some of the most critical upgrade methods.

Theme migration

  • Check if your existing store’s theme is compatible with 2.x versions. If it matches, you can use the same theme for 2.x. Or if it fails, you must buy one from the Marketplace.
  • Stop all the current activities in 1.x when getting ready for the theme migration.
  • Run the maintenance mode on 1.x and restrict the chron job. This is to ensure that the database is free of any changes.
  • Run ports in the firewall to enable communication between two eCommerce platforms and interaction between database and migration tools.
  • It is ready for migration. Migrate all of your extensions from version 1 to version 2.

Extension Migration

  • Check the compatibility between two extensions before the Magento updates.
  • If yes, migrate the same extensions to 2.x.
  • You have to add new extensions now.


  • Customization is another key attribute of Magento upgrade to the latest version .
  • Use code migration tool for customization.
  • Once the toolkit is run, you need to manually edit the files.

Data Migration

This is a critical part of the migration job for. Here, you need to use the 2.x Data Migration Tool to enable porting.

This process helps you perform critical tasks such as product migration, store setting and configuration and more.

Note : The versions between these two frameworks must match.

php bin/magento –version

Use the above root directory of 2.x via SSH terminal to know your version.

Look into the composer.json file in the former root directory and use this to update the location of the data migration tool.

The yellow marked component is your option to correct the version. Put the required edition into that space.

Now, put the authentication keys via the route Marketplace → Sign in → press My Access Keys

Data migration tool configuration

Use the above root to migrate your 1 Community Edition to 2 Enterprise Edition.

Use the above path in case you want an upgrade from Magento 1 Enterprise Edition to Magento 2 Enterprise Edition.

It is essential you build a config.xml file in the appropriate directory.

Do it the following way:

And now, save it in the following directory.

Now it is time to port data set up from 1 to 2.

This includes your entire website, store, shopping cart, and shipping methods. Use the following configuration to your settings.

Once done, you will receive a successful migration message.

Now, the final time arrives. It is time to port your data to the new 2.x store. Use this following command to enable the task.

For error handling, you can refer to the Troubleshooting page of the platform to have a smooth transition for the upgrade.

So, your migration is complete now. But, do you think it is all over? No, not yet. Testing is another core part of the migration job that ensures the proper functioning of your new store.

So, what should you do now? The task is not an easy one and an expert and experienced web and mobile development company can help you.

If you are not ready yet for the migration, here are things likely to happen to your store.

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What Happens If You Don’t Opt For Migration Once The End Of Support Comes Into Effect?

There is a variety of challenges for you if you do not embrace the migration as of June 2020. Check them.

  • PCI compliance is critical to keeping payment gateways functioning. Once the support ends, you will no longer enjoy security for store payments, meaning non availability of PCI scans. The credit card transaction will end within 3 months.
  • Data security is a major concern. You are unable to do it manually. Replatforming is key to eliminating additional security risks and threats. Full stack developers with Magento expertise could work on this matter.
  • No updates and extensions will be available for Magento 1. If you fail to comply, you have to bear extra costs to customize your current store.

End of Support for different Magento 1.x versions

Magento 1.x Community Edition

Magento Versions End of Support
Community Edition 1.7 June 2020
Community Edition 1.8 June 2020
Community Edition 1.9 June 2020

Magento 1.x Enterprise Edition

Magento Versions End of Support
Enterprise Edition 1.12 June 2020
Enterprise Edition 1.13 June 2020
Enterprise Edition 1.14 June 2020

The Takeaway

There is no doubt that Magento 1 merchants across the globe are busy planning for migration. The 2.x migration offers you improved functionalities and features for your store that improves the sales growth. So, we can say the transition to 2.x will be a happy one for you.

If you have such planning, please get in touch with Bytes Technolab , the renowned eCommerce Development agency in the town. Our expert developers will do the perfect job for you so that you can optimize your existing website and enjoy great gains from it. Contact us to discuss your project today.

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