Top 10 Enterprise Mobility Solutions And Management Services

Jun 29, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Top 10 Enterprise Mobility Solutions And Management Services

When looking for Best Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions and Services, you need first to understand the importance of adopting enterprise mobility software and services.

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is a collection of technologies, procedures, and rules that a company uses to protect and control corporate and employee-owned mobile devices. EMM is always changing to keep up with the ever-changing range of device platforms and workplace mobility trends.

How It Works

By enabling workers to work while on the move,  enterprise mobility software and services  improve productivity. However, if these mobile devices are not properly controlled, they may represent a security risk to the business. Because their mobility is more likely to be stolen, resulting in data loss or unauthorized data access.

The installation of harmful applications, which might result in a malware assault on the whole business network, is another significant source of worry for IT administrators.

By controlling devices, applications, content, and access,  Enterprise Mobility Services  allow you to keep security risks at bay without impacting productivity. Organizations can use EMM solutions to :

  • Block malicious apps on devices,
  • Implement security policies on devices,
  • Facilitate encryption on devices,
  • Prevent unauthorized access and sharing of corporate data across all of the Organization’s devices, and
  • Remotely wipe corporate content from lost/stolen equipment.

Employees may safely access business data without fear of data loss or theft as a result of this.

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Importance and Advantage of Mobility Solutions


It protects against unwanted access and removes malicious programs. For a smooth experience, it is suggested that you follow Enterprise Mobility Services.


There have been recorded instances of improved productivity in ECM systems by 40% in two quarters using mobile apps.


Organizational efficiency has improved as a result of on-the-go updates and work procedures.

System and Cloud Integration

Database and legacy systems and cloud infrastructure management services may be connected at different points, adding value and independence to the overall business model.

Time and Money Frugality

Enterprise mobility software and services save time and money by allowing quick access to critical data and synchronizing data storage and retrieval while providing full access control.

Improved Functionality

Enterprise mobility management solutions rely heavily on ease of use. It’s also one of the most significant challenges businesses encounter when adopting workplace mobility solutions that require meticulous planning and strategy.

Uninterrupted Content Sharing

Users and consumers will be able to access information on the go, at any time and from any location, with only a few clicks. This allows for seamless information exchange, which helps to define an organization’s future.

Paperless Workflow

A single dashboard provides full control over users, systems, and approvals when using a bespoke mobile application created for an organization. Furthermore, having online access to key policy papers makes the whole system paperless and hassle-free, since each user understands their duties and duties.

Minute Data Capturing

Enterprises may depend on data gathered via applications since there are many data contact points on the application.

Increased User Contentment

All users over responsive websites favor mobile Apps because of their numerous and multipolar advantages, such as making it simpler for users to access information and increasing user satisfaction.

Instant Availability

Content and information can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, meeting the needs of all users, whether they are executives seeking sensitive information or workers seeking vacation time, thanks to bespoke HR Management Systems Development.

Employee Empowerment

Through various polls, surveys, and a transparent system, workers can openly interact and share ideas. As employees participate in key subjects and debate significant problems to minimize them, the company thrives.

Here are the 10 Best Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions and Services

Jamf Pro

The Jamf Pro mobile security solution was created with Apple devices in mind. Employees and students alike may benefit from this technology since it gives them the tools they need to be more productive without jeopardizing their security. Business executives may utilize Jamf Pro to automate various EMM functions, from device enrollment and deployment to use policy setting.

The Jamf Pro system can monitor possible issues with Apple devices, gather vital information on how mobile devices are utilized, and more. It also provides access to several of the most popular encryption solutions available today.


Cisco’s BYOD solution provides a single security policy for the whole company. The solution aids in optimizing and managing the user experience for various users with varying device, security, and business needs.

Discover a fully experience-centric solution for every mobile device, complete with context-aware onboarding, secure resource access, and high-performance network connectivity.

New end-to-end wired, wireless, and VPN performance management tools, round out these capabilities. Consequently, users and IT professionals may enjoy a better user and IT experience without compromising security, visibility, or control.

IBM MaaS360

IBM is a technology company that offers a variety of goods and services. GTS and GBS are the two business segments in which the firm works. Outsourcing, integrated cloud, and technical support are among the services offered by the GTS sector. Consulting solutions, application innovation, analytics, and application management are all part of the GBS sector.

MobileFirst Managed Mobility Services from the business enable various devices and wireless endpoints, allowing workers to communicate and collaborate while on the go effortlessly. Its services provide security as well as great efficiency.

Thanks to IBM Watson, IBM’s approach to EMM includes an artificial intelligence solution. The MaaS360 system, in particular, is one of the few in the market that has an easy machine learning-enhanced interface that allows you to track down precisely how employees are utilizing mobile devices in your organization.

Furthermore, IBM’s MaaS360 allows IT teams to manage endpoints safely and effectively by enabling them to handle a variety of OS systems from a single interface. There’s also support for IoT devices that utilize APIs, so you can keep everything safe in one place.


DMI, the first end-to-end mobility business in the world, brings together all of the talents and services required to provide mobile business solutions. DMI specializes in

  • Mobile strategy,
  • UX,
  • Web and app development,
  • Omnichannel commerce,
  • Brand and marketing,
  • Big data management and analytics, and
  • Secure mobile device, app, and data management to help businesses reinvent themselves via mobility.

The company’s innovative, comprehensive approach to mobility has resulted in rapid development and a growing customer base, including hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies and all fifteen federal departments in the United States.

VMware AirWatch

AirWatch is a device lifecycle management software crafted by VMware, a virtualization industry leader, that enables IT professionals monitor, configure, and support mobile devices both remotely and in-house. This MDM solution also enhances staff onboarding with new technology by reducing setup periods.
AirWatch provides a variety of data loss prevention policies and device security capabilities, such as state-of-the-art encryption, to help safeguard business data. Controlling geofencing rules and app sharing permissions are among the other capabilities.

Sophos Mobile

Sophos offers more than just an EMM solution; it also offers a complete platform for unified endpoint management. Sophos is well-known for its contributions to mobile device security, has established a significant position in the market due to a variety of alternative security solutions.

The Sophos Mobile system has a comprehensive set of MDM features. PIN enforcement, remote wiping tools, and the ability to alter different settings to improve security are among them.


Infosys is a global leader in business consulting, information technology, software engineering, and outsourcing. In terms of business transformation, variety of innovations, and seamless operation, the firm assists other businesses in delivering superior mobile solutions.

It offers services in the BFSI, life sciences, manufacturing, retail, and consumer packaged goods, transportation and logistics, healthcare, and telecommunications industries.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform

SAP HANA Cloud Platform provides a comprehensive enterprise-grade solution to cloud mobility management. It allows company owners and IT staff to manage and safeguard mobile devices and applications remotely. Mobile device management, BYOD security, and even application compliance assistance are included in the complete platform.

With comprehensive app-level security rules, SAP enables companies to protect their whole mobile stack from a single environment. Without having access to a particular phone or device, you may also remotely erase goods, provide updates and patches, and avoid data mistakes.

Bytes Technolab Inc.

Bytes Technolab, founded in early 2011, is one of India’s top Web and Intranet solution providers. Bytes Technolab, an inexpensive web development company in India, offers a wide variety of web development services. Web application development, PHP web development, content management systems, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, e-commerce solutions, and social networking are among its services.


In terms of market capitalization and subscriber base, Telefónica is one of the world’s biggest telecommunications firms. Telefónica is converting itself into a ‘Digital Telco,’ a business that will be even better positioned to fulfill the requirements of its customers and generate new revenue growth.

All of that is because of its best-in-class mobile, fixed, and internet networks, as well as an innovative portfolio of digital solutions.
Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Enterprise mobility opens you to a world of possibilities for expanding your company’s reach and attracting new clients. Given the benefits of adopting business mobility solutions, every company with employees who work outside of the office should make it a top priority.

When you own a business, it’s also critical to stay up with new industry trends your company will eventually collapse if you don’t. As a result, developing a solid corporate mobility solution plan can only benefit your company.

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