Top 15 UI/UX Design Trends To Follow In 2022

Mar 10, 2022

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott


The UI/UX design trends keep on changing now and then. It is changed according to the different tastes of the users. So, a UI/UX service provider should strictly adhere to the top 15 UI/UX design trends to set themselves apart from their competitors. If you are planning to redesign your website from a web design company, then you should always ensure that they follow the latest UI/UX design trends in 2022.

It ensures that your website is visually appealing as well as updated. And, that is the true power of UI/UX designing. Now, let’s talk about some of the best user interface design trends that you should necessarily have a clear idea about in the following section:

Latest UI/UX Design Trends In 2022

Dark Mode

The choice of the “Dark Mode” feature is getting a lot of recognition among the most updated design trends. The activation of this occurs with turning on of the night and turning off of the daylight. It is evident from many research studies that exposure to vivid light is not that right for the eyes.

Due to this specific reason, many of the best UI/UX designers are presently switching to the Dark Mode. There are many other advantages of dark mode as well, which include effectively saving battery usage, highlighting the design elements, looking distinct and appealing, etc.

Minimalism And Simplification

It is another latest UI trend that is based on contrasting text, free space, graphic elements, shapes, and a limited color palette. All of these characteristics are aimed at streamlining the visual perception of the website.

Not only that but minimalism and simplification ensure the convenience of interacting with it. This is always a top priority for the designer. The clearer and simpler the interface is, the more pleasant it is for the user.

Brutalism (And Return Of The Flat)

You may have seen websites with hard fonts, huge titles, and a combination of bright or neon colors. Those websites are specifically designed in such a manner that, their elements are scattered chaotically. It is referred to as brutalism which is one of the UI design trends in 2022.

Although this style does not seem to be convenient and comfortable, it is challenging as well as breaks the rules. This concept is getting more and more recognized these days. However, one should clearly understand when to apply it and when not. For example, this style is ideal for portfolio design.

Design System & Library

In the past days, this particular trend was only relevant for large companies, but now almost everyone has adopted this due to the emergence of tools such as Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch. With the help of these specific tools, the designers can create uniform components for every page of an app or website.

Not only that, but they can also collect them into a single library which is accessible to all of the team members. So, you can easily call and discuss any specific element from the library with other team members. Additionally, even being far from one another, the designers can conveniently work on the joint project to gain a proper understanding of the spirit and structure of the brand and thereby maintaining its integrity.

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Glassmorphism And Glass Inspired Elements

This design trend is also rapidly gaining popularity. Frosted-glass effects, strikingly colored backgrounds, and translucent objects floating in space are all included in glassmorphism. One thing to note is that this UI design highlights dark or light objects which are placed on top of the colorful backgrounds.

Also, a background blur is placed on the object which ensures that the background shines through and thereby, providing the impression of frosted glass.

Aurora Backgrounds

This is another latest visual trend for 2022 which is characterized by blurred, organic gradient backgrounds. It is again characterized by subtle, soft, and abstract gradients.

Bold & Wild Typography

It is not the latest trend to make use of bold fonts in UI/UX design. But, this year, this particular practice is expected to gain momentum. Fonts play a crucial role in UI interfaces. Bold and wild typography helps to attract the attention of prospective clients. It contributes to making the total user interface and content more appealing.

NFT’s And Democratisation Of Art

Another latest trend is NFT and the democratization of art. Talking about NFT, it is a digital asset that fully exists in the digital universe. One cannot touch it but can own it. An NFT can be many sorts of digital files i.e. an article, an artwork, music, or meme. It stands for ‘Non-Fungible Token’.

A Glimpse Into VR And Metaverse

Virtual reality and metaverse are getting incredibly popular these days. With the advent of VR headsets, the effect of VR is seen in the gaming sector. It has also been proved that there is a lot of potential for VR in other sectors as well. Facebook has already started experimenting with VR. It has even rebranded itself as Meta.

Metaverse is a combination of many segments of technology which includes augmented reality, virtual reality, and video where users “live” within a digital world.


Presently, brands are making use of storytelling in their website to share their vision and mission interactively and creatively. By doing so, they are trying to be approachable. It again makes consumers believe that they are also a part of the business.

To achieve storytelling, typography, copywriting, interactive design elements, etc. are utilized. This is regarded as one of the trends which are not only robust but is expected to remain pertinent in the upcoming days.

3D Animation & Illustration

Illustrated animations are considered to be an effective way in which you can focus on creating designs that grab the attention of people. The designers focus on adding very small details to effectively draw out a personality and that too in a subtle way.

In the previous years, many of the designs were seen to make use of illustrations and 3D animation to create an engaging touch. This trend is expected to grow more in the future.

Voice User Interface

Designers are now integrating voice-based UIs into their design process. So, in case you are looking forward to making your mark as a good designer, then you need to implement the most updated design trends. With the help of this, the website visitors can search for pertinent info or take advantage of any services with the support of voice assistants.

Personalized Experience

The personalized experience is considered to be a new way in which one can retain the interest of the users. Currently, an increasing number of people are seeking personalization and so, it is identified as the latest UI/UX design trend. With the rise of machine learning and AI, it is expected to see more personalized experiences in software products.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Both augmented reality and virtual reality are seen as the most updated design trend which will stand out in the upcoming years. These concepts are not only restricted to the gaming world, but it has effects in other fields as well such as education and healthcare.

Mobile-First Design

Currently, many people prefer browsing on their phones. And so, the trend of mobile-first design has become an absolute must for websites as well as building SaaS products, It is expected to remain at the top in 2022. 

This approach is all about convenience and satisfying the demands of mobile users. It enhances your SEO, the number of your website visitors and thereby provides more traffic. So, in this aspect, the designers should always focus on making convenient mobile-first layouts and do experimentation with colors, typography, and overlapping elements.

Experimentation with colors, typography, and overlapping elements. At The End!

Through this blog post, we have tried to highlight some of the most updated UI/UX design trends which will dominate in 2022. You, as a business should essentially adhere to all of these trends to reach a lot of customers.

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