Top three aspects every agency should consider in 2021

Apr 15, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Top three aspects every agency should consider in 2021

The rapidly emerging threat posed by the COVID-19 virus, also known as coronavirus, is affecting the global business and investors’ community. The global and integrated existence of today’s market world raises a substantial risk of global supply chain instability, which may result in major sales loss and harm global economies.
Depending on the virus’s regional distribution, the effect on the global economy may increase. The pandemic, on the other hand, has also hurt the world economy as a whole.
But things have changed now, and have slowly started to come back on track. According to a new CallRail poll, 88 percent of agencies are pleased with their company’s overall financial health. Despite the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, 2021 will be a good and optimistic year for agencies around the globe and there’s every reason to expect that agencies will see significant revenue increases this year.
Furthermore, with sales in the Digital Media industry expected to hit $8,386 million by 2021, the outlook of digital media agencies seems to be promising. Along with that web development agencies and mobile app development agencies are on the rise as well.
The three key aspects on which any organization must rely to ensure good financial health in 2021 are as follows:

  • Keeping up with the competition
  • Keeping Customer satisfaction on top
  • Keeping top employees in the market

Experts believe that agencies that rely on the three factors above will set trends and place themselves as market leaders in 2021 and beyond. Let’s take a look at each of these points separately.

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Keeping up with the competition

You must remain competitive if you want to succeed and improve. The growth of small studio agencies places pressure on larger agencies, which must deal with the expertise of the largest, most experienced agencies.

Here’s how to keep up with the competition:

Provide a higher return on investment than any other agency.

If you can help them make 50 dollars for each dollar they invest while others are giving them a 40, then obviously the clients will come to you. You need to show how much money the customer saves as a result of your approach and how this is a greater return to what your rivals would get.

Keeping Customer satisfaction on top

We’ve always had to work with overtly meddling customers. You can soften the edge of client frustration by communicating honestly and successfully and delivering ROI-based outcomes.

Time is a precious commodity. Nothing compares to the power of regular, face-to-face meetings. As a result, pay close attention to your client’s needs, and you’ll see fewer miscommunications and misguided expectations.

Clients should be included in the feedback loop, and personalized packages can be offered. Since the beginning of COVID-19, eight out of ten agencies have offered customized services to their valued customers. About 70% of agencies say that social media is an important part of their custom-made packages. web development agencies and mobile app development agencies have been making the best out of this and are one of the most sought out industry.

Often, make sure you’re keeping up on all of the touchpoints and that you’re still communicating. You could end up with a tyrant as a client. However, by enforcing integrity and accountability in your team and with your customer, you can be able to alleviate any frustration.

Your customers are likely to believe that their idea is the best. They expect their solution to have a huge impact on the future. This is a challenge that is common in branding and design firms. As opposed to conversion-oriented resources like PPC and email promotions, these organizations can find it difficult to coordinate their efforts.

Your sacrifices should pay off for your customers. Even if that includes hiring a freelancer or a full-time expert to deliver conversion-oriented resources you don’t already provide.

Keeping top employees in the market

So, how do you keep your best employees? According to researchers, retention begins at the outset of the hiring process, with the selection process, interviewing applicants, and deciding who to interview. Following that, it’s critical to have straightforward pathways to promotion as well as more competitive pay. Aside from that, incentives and rewards like remote work policies, flexible work arrangements, and ample compensated time off help attract top talent.

It’s worth noting that big-name agencies are still on the lookout for the best in the batch. As a result, if you don’t have the funds, you won’t be able to keep them.

The following are few other problems with recruiting in-house talent:



Time spent training

If you’re facing some of the issues mentioned above, you can recruit freelancers because they don’t have the same tax, benefit, or health obligations as in-house workers do. They have significant cost savings and can be a valuable resource for completing tasks on time and budget. To complete assignments, a successful freelancer needs less time. You can quickly replace a core in-house staff with a community of freelancers and complete tasks that would otherwise be impossible to complete.

But as sad as it sounds, freelancers have a reputation for being inefficient. According to anecdotal evidence, one out of every three freelancers possesses the contact and openness qualities that agencies need.

Worse, freelancers may “ghost” you or become non-communicative after taking half your deposit. They are untrustworthy due to their versatility and agility, which make them such valuable commodities.

If the thought of recruiting freelancers makes you nervous, consider hiring small web development agencies. Transparency, fairness, and responsibility would be provided by these departments. Some can also have skill sets that are comparable to those of an in-house employee.

Wrapping up

Agencies who wish to put themselves well in 2021 will need to be adaptable. As a result, keep the following in mind to help the agency succeed:

  • Adapt to the changing needs and patterns of the market.
  • To draw and retain strong talent, delegate as much as possible.
  • Manage customer needs by communicating freely and openly.
  • To save money, hire freelancers or web development agencies.

So, get your development motors going and make 2021 a prosperous year for your company as soon as possible.

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