On-Demand Beauty Service App Development

Feb 23, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

On-Demand Beauty Service App Development

With the growing technological advancement and digitization, it is necessary for all of us to learn swimming along with the waves of change. Industries are operating through applications and the success of businesses is highly depending upon the efficiency and potential of the apps. In such an app centered world, where every business is being operated online, the success and optimum growth of your beauty salon business is also defined by the experience of your customer with your services and your online business app can play a significant role in determining this experience. If you are still running your beauty salon business without an app, then there won’t be any other right time than this to launch your beauty salon app, because building a beauty service and salon app can get you an opportunity to unleash a continuous flow of customers. The experience of your customers with your app can drive them to make frequent visits to your salon.

It is a significant question which is natural to be coming to your mind after thinking about taking your beauty salon business online that- What a beauty service app should be containing or how to build a makeup app for beauty tips? The solution for this problem can easily be provided by any of the best beauty and hair salon app development company; as such a company can help you developing an exact blend of aesthetic features and functionality you need for your business.

In this article, we would discuss about the scope for the business with beauty salon app development, features and essential functions of the app and how much it cost to make beauty salon application. So, let’s begin-

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Types of beauty Salon Apps in the Market

Presently, numerous types of beauty salon and service apps are available in the market.Some of the popular types of beauty salon apps are:

  • Beauty salon app for appointment bookings, that allows you to avoid wasting time sitting in the salon for hours and waiting for your turn.
  • Beauty products delivery app, which enables you to order beauty products online and get them deliver wherever you want.
  • Salon services on the doorstep app, which allows you to call assistant and beauticians home to give you beauty treatment.
  • Hire beauty professionals app, by this you can hire beauty and wellness professionals for a certain period on rental basis.
  • Wellness app, that assists you with the tips on your beauty and wellness maintenance.
  • Beauty and wellness services app provides you with all from beauty and wellness tips to online ordering facility of beauty and wellness products from home.

Essential Feature and Functions for an On-demand Beauty Services Application

The features and functionalities determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the application you develop for your business. For a beauty salon service application, some significant features are considered essential to be included. For a beauty salon app, the interface should be divided into different screens for different users and the functions should also be included according to the respective user screen. Following is the list of different user screens and functionalities to be added in those screens:

Admin Panel

Admin panel must equip with some essential functionalities including Manage user, stylist and beauty salons; Approve or reject the stylist registration request; Real-time reports and analytics; create offers and discounts; Manage payments and earnings; and Marketing activities.

User Panel

User panel is for customers and visitors and the user experience of the application highly relies upon this panel. The functionalities this screen should involve are- Social signup or login; Nearby salon and beauty and wellness services available; Select stylist or salon; Book or schedule appointments; Multiple integrated payment options; Rate and review services; Order history and repeat order; View subscription packages; Chat or call with the stylist/ salon owner; and Track stylist route.

Salon Owner Panel

This screen would allow salon owner to list and prioritize the customers and services and assign stylist or expert according to the demands of the customers. This panel shall include the functionalities like Social signup or login; Accept or decline user’s request; Manage catalogue and price; Schedule stylist/expert for the user/customer; Create offers and discounts for selective customers; and Track earnings.

Beauty Expert Panel

This screen should include different functionalities for ease of serving for individual beauty expert. These functionalities include- Social signup or login; Accept or reject or reschedule user request; Manage calendar; List services and the prices; Make offers and discounts; Track payments; Chat or call customers; In-app navigation; and Customer location tracking.

These are the various functions to be included in the app according to various screens provided for the ease of each category of users in a beauty salon app. Now, we will discuss about the essential features the app should provide.

Essential Features for a Beauty Salon App

Social Signup or Login: This feature allows customers to sign up quickly for using your application through any of their social media accounts. A simple, quick, short and eye catching sign up interface will be proved critical in earning user base, customer loyalty and frequent visits on the app.

Service Ratings and Reviews

This feature is significant with the point of view of enabling users to check out the ratings and reviews about the service satisfaction level of stylists, salon, products and pricing before finalizing bookings and schedules.
This facilitates effective and robust decision-making and ensures transparency in the business-customer relationship. Also, customers and users can leave detailed reviews and feedback about the service and service provider after availing the service.

Push Notifications

This feature is helpful in keeping the users and customers well-informed about all the updates and new arrivals in the service packages. Also, by this service providers can send them beauty and wellness tips, send them information about new products and change in properties of the products and services, special discounts and offers on various occasions, etc. This not only keep updated the customers but also service providers can receive notifications about important tasks,assignments, payment intimations, new users, confirmation of bookings and many other important things.

In-app Chat with Service Providers

This feature enables customers to maintain communication with the beauticians, stylists, and makeup experts, via messaging form the bot available in the application only. This allows them to communicate easily with the service providers and clarify all their doubts and issues related to services, pricing and appointments.

In-app Call with Number Masking

This allows customers making free calls to the salon owners or service providers for any further communication or clarification. Also, the number masking feature within free call feature ensures that the actual number is not given out or revealed to the customers.

In-app Navigation

The app should also integrate with the GPS location finder and navigator. This feature provides facility for users and service providers to track and find location of each other in real-time. Also, this provides the estimated arrival time of the personnel or the customer. This ensures complete punctuality and security.

SMS Authentication

This is a robust feature that enables security measure within the app itself. To prevent fraudulent activities, the OTP service through email or mobile number is very helpful and effective. The OTP is mandatory to be provided to the professional either at salon or at customer’s place to complete the services.

Video Portfolios

This allows stylists and makeup artists to upload videos of the makeup and hairstyles done by them. These videos and portfolios gives idea to the customers about the services and help them selecting from the stylists available.

Effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

An efficient Customer Relationship Management system plays crucial role in managing customer demands and queries. With the help of such a CRM system in place, the salon owner can provide quick resolutions to all the queries of customers and ensures an improved user experience.

Efficient Content Management System

This feature helps in managing all the content available on the application related to bookings, appointments, payments and products. Service providers can easily make updates about the salon, services, working schedules, contact details, etc. Similarly, the admin can maintain a style blog to input content on the ongoing trends, top products and interesting beauty hacks.

Mobile Wallet Integration

By integrating several payment options within the app only, salon owner can enable the quick and secure payment alternatives for customers. Such hassle free payment options can help improving customer experience in the app. Multiple payment options can include UPI, PayPal, PayTM, ApplePay, etc.

Marketing and Promotion Tools

Marketing is an essential component of any business. A beauty service app must integrate marketing tools including calls, email, SMS, discount coupons, festive offers, etc. These can be forwarded to customers through push notifications. These tools also persuade customers to use the app.

Cost of Developing a Beauty Salon App

The last thing which bothers is the estimated cost of developing an effective application that serves the needs of beauty and wellness. Frankly, there is no exact answer to this as this depends upon the features, elements, functionality, Front-end and Back-end, Complexity level, UI/UX needs, and third party integrations. All these collectively determine the cost of such an app development.

If you are an aspiring beauty salon business owner, such an app can give you the exposure to shine brighter in the market. Investing in a beauty salon and wellness app is a great idea presently.

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