Turn Black Friday Profitable With Ideal App Optimization Tips

November 25, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Turn Black Friday Profitable With Ideal App Optimization Tips

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have sparked a lot of excitement in recent years, both on E-commerce sites and in stores. When huge discounts are offered, brands generate significant sales, and customers can meet their demands in cost-effective ways.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday also give significant benefits to e-commerce platforms, which are becoming increasingly popular. These unique days have become extremely essential in the world of mobile marketing. If you improve your ASO for these special days, you may quickly boost your app rating.

November is a big month for the retail sector, with key marketing events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching. Everyone looks forward to the Black Friday Sale.

They will take place on November 26 and 29, respectively, this year, and will formally kick off the Christmas shopping season. With so many advertised bargains and offers online, Black Friday and Cyber Monday usually result in a large number of downloads of Shopping applications from both the App Store and Google Play.

Read on to learn the process of app optimization for Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Make your E-commerce app ready for Black Friday with these tips.

Tips for making the most of your app on Black Friday

Black Friday is the one day when you can make the most of your app. And get ready because it’s only a week away! What used to be all about being the first in line at the shopping malls is now all about having a mobile device that allows you to snag the deal of the year with a single click. Here are some App development Ideas for Black Friday for you.

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To make this possible, mobile app developers must have their eCommerce apps ready and click proof, as smartphone sales are the ones that alter the color of the retailer’s figures from red to black.

But, during Black Friday, are mobile purchases really that important? The answer is an unequivocal and capital-letter YES.

Prepare your Black Friday 2021 app

If you have an eCommerce mobile app, we recommend that you prepare it to capitalize on the predicted surge in sales on that big day.

To that end, we’ve compiled a list of Black Friday-related advice for you. The best Black Friday app is the one that is easy to navigate and find the best Black Friday app deals

Test your app to ensure that your users have an uninterrupted experience.

When they launch an app, the vast majority of developers give it a shot. However, the best approach to go about it is to try and test the app as much as possible a few days before key days like Black Friday.

The days preceding these dates are ideal for attempting to purchase something using the app to identify and correct any potential errors or vanishing points during the shopping process.

Promote the app before its release.

Black Friday is regarded as the opening salvo of the Christmas shopping season since tremendous purchasing records are set on that day as people begin to look for Christmas gifts and make their shopping lists.

As a result, it would be perfect if your app was already designed for Christmas present searches to provide an optimal, fun, and easy experience.

After that, advertise the app using your own channels (such as your website or social media channels) as well as campaigns that encourage consumers to download and purchase the app. If you plan ahead of time, you will almost certainly achieve wonderful outcomes, so go ahead!

Experiment with different ad formats.

The only way to get people to know about your app is to let them know it exists and communicate it properly. You will need to plan ahead of time to accomplish this. First, create a budget and an action plan. When you’re done with that, you may go on to the ad formats:

  • The most traditional method is to employ classic mobile advertising, but you may also use any more inventive format that allows you to reach out to and interact with your target users more quickly.
  • Full-screen interstitial ads have the obvious advantage of taking up the entire screen, especially if they are rich formats that provide consumers with an experience or a pleasant interaction to find the content.
  • Audio advertising is an intriguing choice because they allow visitors to listen to the ad content without stopping their activity.
  • There is also the option of using native mobile advertisements, which combat the desensitization of some consumers to banner adverts.
  • Don’t overlook push alerts. If you pick the appropriate messages and deliver them at the correct time, they could be one of your most effective app promotion strategies. Learn how to improve them here.
  • TikTok and Instagram are safe bets these days if you’ve clearly defined that your target audience uses these networks.
  • And, if you have the funds, you may even explore television!

Black Friday Seasonal ASO

Some apps have even modified their graphic assets to Black Friday a few weeks before the big day – this is known as seasonal ASO. Here’s an example of an app, SHEIN, that recently changed some of its on-metadata ASO criteria on Google Play, including upgrading its featured image and screenshots to coincide with Black Friday and advertising its discounts and offers.

We used TheTool’s Timeline function to see the ASO on-metadata changes done by SHEIN. This feature allows you to see the changes of version, app icon, screenshots, features image (and more) in mobile app or game listings over time.

We recommend that you update your mobile app during Black Friday, both in terms of graphic and textual fields. Add a tab indicating that you have special discounts on your app icon for graphics, and modify the screenshots to showcase the deals.

To attract customers, remember to emphasize in the description that the app will have exceptional deals during Black Friday and include some details about the different discounts (product, price decrease).

Wrapping up

These suggestions are applicable not only to Black Friday but also to any other day with a high volume of purchases, such as sales seasons. Remember that this occasion is followed only three days later by Cyber Monday, the day dedicated to internet transactions.

In order to prepare your app for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we recommend that you follow the following advice:

  • Add Black Friday and Cyber Monday-related keywords to their metadata to increase their chances of ranking for these terms.
  • Update screenshots to put the most valuable offerings at the front of the page and increase conversion.
  • Ensure that their apps are of high technical grade (no bugs or crashes).

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