Data Scraping Services

Data Scraping makes your value proposition better

Bytes Technolab masters every bit of skills in data scraping needed to extract data or information from a wide variety of unstructured data sources. Our team of expert machine learning analysts gets them through ML models which then parses and brings to you intelligent insights. Data scraping is an advanced ML technique that helps you test ideas and innovate faster, giving your business a competitive advantage with customer retention and profitability.


Benefits Of Well-Designed & Usable Data

  • Cost-efficient : The process of automated data collection requires little investment for data extraction and analysis.
  • Accuracy : Advanced tools like Selenium, Nutch, Watir extract HTML tags and remove noise for better end results.
  • Time-saving : Our expert data analysts save you time you invest in manual processes of data mining and repeat tasks.
  • Credible information : AI and ML infested automated data extraction processes of websites or other sources reduce manual intervention, thus harnessing only relevant data.
  • Current market value : Real-time data improves your views about market trends and helps you optimize your investments.
  • Sentiment analysis : Web scraping with ML uncovers customers’ views about a product, thus improving better user experiences.

Bytes Technolab's Specialized Data Scraping Services

At Bytes Technolab, we are determined to serve any business big or small, no matter what your data scraping needs are. Explore our wide pools of hassle-free data extraction services.

Vacation Rental Properties

For us at Bytes Technolab, data mining for vacation rental properties is fast and reliable through thousands of property sites we scrape from listing type, address, property ID details. Get different file types in HTML, CVS, XML, MySQL and more.

Real Estate Data Scraping

Your customized requirements to fetch information from real estate websites are highly taken care of by us. Not only data, but also with images we scrape resourceful data from hotels and properties for sale, rent, auctions, agents and reviews.

Crime Data Scraping

Using Pycharm IDE for data extracted from crime database and dispersed sources like Wikipedia and social media; we create various visualizations to present crime trends and also valuable insights to promote a safer place.

Automated valuation model creation

We get every data doing rounds in property fraternity real estate leaders need to build a highly robust Automated Valuation Model. Our dedicated data team lets you avail high integrity data from surveyor records and help with better predictions on property value.

Offender data scraping

Good and clean data is providing us with a template we can parse to create data visualization making it useful to identify diverse patterns of offender activities. We can easily scrape the most novel data maintained by each jurisdiction.

Foreclosure data scraping

We do scrape foreclosure data daily targeted to look for any new or modified foreclosures about properties. Using an API endpoint, we run data through our ML-based systems and help customers retrieve tailor-made solutions.

Environmental hazard control

Our customized solutions entail multiple ranges of actions that cater to specific hazard impacting public health. Our environmental hazard data scraping detects changes and offers better value.

Radon data scraping

Our data analysts are experts in exercising improved data scraping techniques that help states, industries and laboratories collect radon data to improve tracking and promote better management of exposures to cancer.

Gun violence data scraping

We bring to you easily accessible and detailed information on gun violence. Make insightful predictions into developing future trends using our structured data format harvested from thousands of fragmented data sources.


Looking For Data Scraping Partner?

Insights into why Bytes Technolab as your data extraction partner


Quick and hassle-free data process

With Bytes Technolab, our data analysts provide you faster data scraping services that are 100% accurate. We reserve extensive ML modeling knowledge that reduces your expenses after deploying ML modeling, thus we get you data faster within days.


Expert team of data analysts

Bytes Technolab guarantees a reliable collaboration with you that nurtures your data extraction needs to the full potential as we heavily invest in the latest technologies and methods for innovations in data analytics.


Flexible and scalable

Importing & creation of a data model into CSV files, HTML, XML or JSON formats is some of user-specific requirements suitable for every type of business. This is easy to access from your database and also downloadable via REST API.

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