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Why Should You Choose Flutter Development?

At Bytes Technolab, we promise to deliver you a mobile app with an aesthetic interface and native-like performance. Flutter uses a single code base to create apps for Android and iOS platforms. Let’s have a look at other benefits of using Flutter, shall we?

Our Approch

Flutter’s Popularity is on the Rise

Flutter is Google’s open-source SDK and has solid backing from the community in documentation, feedback, and code contributions along with Desktop support and state management. The development with Flutter is gathering pace due to its benefits to build native and cross-platform mobile apps in record time.

Pixel Perfect Mobile Apps

The layered Flutter architecture makes it easier to render, creative and expressive designs. The focus on iOS and end-user experience makes adds to better UI & UX. Flutter lets you create an app that looks exactly the same on iOS and Android platforms with responsive designs for various devices.

Single Code Base

Dart language used for programming is used in Flutter that supports multi-platform coding. The code built for one platform can be reused to build apps for other platforms with minor tweaks. Even the same code can run for both, web and mobile apps. This helps in faster development to release apps on multiple platforms.

Live Reload Feature Promotes Faster Development

Powerful Dart programming language used in Flutter provides Hot Reload, which allows the Flutter developers to make live edits on the code. They can review and witness the instant changes in the apps. This helps to save considerable development effort, time, and cost. It also results in a faster development cycle with the desired quality intact.

Reengineering Apps Become Easy

Programming in Flutter done can be integrated with the coding of your existing app if any. This makes Flutter versatile as the development team does not need to redevelop the whole app. Be it a single line code, modules, or features; anything developed in Flutter can be integrated into the existing apps.

3rd-Party Integrations

Flutter offers seamless third-party integrations to make the developed mobile apps even more powerful with added value. New features and third-party tools are being added to this framework on a regular basis. The use of these reduces development efforts, time, and cost significantly while tailoring the app exactly as per the needs of your business.

Top Flutter App Development Services


Android & iOS App Development

Unmatched expertise of Flutter developers to craft custom yet highly functional, scalable, and flexible Android and iOS apps.


App UI/UX Design

We promise to plan, create, architect innovative design experiences and app interfaces that will delight your customers using the app.


Web/Desktop Development

We also build intuitive desktop apps that are responsive using Flutter to deliver stunning performance on the web using the robust Flutter UI.


Flutter for Connected Platforms

Our engineers help you combine the power of embedded IoT devices with Flutter to deliver tailor-made automation applications.


Migration to Flutter

Bytes Technolab helps you to migrate your existing app to Flutter while modifications to integrate trending modules to add value.


Maintenance & Support

To meet compatibility requirements with the latest OS and ensure flawless performance, we offer post-launch packages for app maintenance.

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Bytes Technolab is committed to helping global businesses with the best-in-class software solutions through expert consultation and 100% customer experience. Your happiness at the project outcome defines the REAL success for us. Why wait? Brief your project idea and get a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

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Bytes Technolab is the preferred choice for some of the world’s leading companies to join hands in building high-quality cross-platform apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, we can go with MVP (minimum Viable Product) with primary features and make it market ready and then after we can take phase wise development approach

Yes, It highly secured and we can take care of all security patches

For startups, CRM & ERP for mid size businesses, Service based marketplaces, Hospital management, Reports management such types of projects are more suitable with Custom approach

If we are builing any web based Apllication or software with long term vision in that case it is one time cost and it will be definitely cost effective.

The platforms provide 60 to 70% of features & funtionalities already available and we need to make necessary customization on top of it based on our need. While, Custom based application is something developing completely from scratch and every small funtion and feature will be designed & developed as per the requirement which will effect directly to the timeline & cost of the project.

It means you get access to its source code and can study, modify and improve it according to your needs. There are many frameworks available in market but Symphony & Laravel are widely used framework of PHP.

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