Create Your Own Team of Software Developers

Why Hire a Dedicated Team?

The success of hiring a dedicated team depends on three factors: Expertise, Skills, and Mindset. And every expert at Bytes Technolab has it all.

  • An enterprise-level software product is complex and it requires long-term engagement to hire an experienced dev team for evolving needs of the business and app users.
  • Initially, no one else except you knows the true purpose of your project. What could be better than creating your own team by handpicking the right tech experts from us through long-term engagement for assured and continued success?
  • Our flexible hiring approach makes this process fast, cost-effective, and easy to start the project immediately.
  • The client-focused flexible engagement models will empower you to hire a remote team of developers to accomplish business needs when the project scope is evolving and undefined.
Remote Team

Simplified Approach to Hire a Team

We follow the best practices in talent acquisition processes. The implementation of a standard dedicated development team governance framework is a result of that. We possess a wide spectrum of resource expertise to deliver every client a personalized approach for the best engagement experience.


Explain project idea to us

Feel free to contact us and share your ideas. We promise 100% confidentiality & transparency to help you with all your team hiring and other business needs.


Resource Identification

We will put the right experts in front to advise you on the primary project needs, suggestions, ideas, tech stack, and mode of engagement.


Shortlisting & interview

Based on the tech stack, a list will be prepared by selecting the most fitting developers that would be matching yours as well as the project requirements.


Selection & creation

The resumes are forwarded, screenings & interviews are scheduled at your convenience. Onboard a great team of software experts and get started.


Execution & reporting

The remote team shares everything on tools like Basecamp, JIRA, etc. without fail. Stay updated, review the work, analyze, and plan calls to discuss.


Exchange & convert

Swap single or multiple developers on the go based on project needs. You may also ask us to utilize developer for a different project on a continuous basis.

Our process flow

Perks of Engagement with Us

We see and understand things from your perspective and that really has helped us to realize the pain areas in offshore engagement. Our engagement models are designed with flexibility to complement your business needs. Our developers will be experienced enough to gel up with your in-house teams, culture, operations, and methodologies.

Your team. Your control.

Your team. Your control.

You will have full control over the hired remote team. Set boundaries, budget, and time as it allows you to make runtime changes, research and experiments.

Meetups & reporting

Meetups & reporting

Communicate using Skype, Google Meet, etc. We use JIRA, Trello, Basecamp, etc. for reporting and use code repositories such as Git, Gitlab, bitbucket for code management.

Transparent billing cycle

Transparent billing cycle

No advance payments for recruitment & infrastructure. Pay monthly fees for hired developers. The hiring models empower our clients to manage their costs.

100% Confidentiality

100% Confidentiality

Our confidentiality agreement and the legal contract are to make your business idea and project confidential. We do have an agreement in place with developers.

Customize your team, anytime

Customize your team, anytime

Flexibility to swap developers to match runtime project needs. Scale up or scale down your team with prior notice to bring in effect from the next billing cycle.

100% delivery guaranteed

100% delivery guaranteed

We always say that our mission aligns with your vision. Bytes Technology is a leading offshore development company that guarantees 100% project delivery.

Remote Team

Hire off site developer

You can ask us to plug our developers to work at your locations on a temporary or full-time basis for the engagement period.

Remote Team

Hire on site developer

Select & create your own cloud (remote) team with full control, which works from our development center, but only for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

NO. You’ll be required to notify us as per the contractual agreement before the said period as mentioned in the contract. You cannot terminate the engagement within the first month.

Yes. We do have that option for special skills like Graphic designer, UI / UX Designer, Project Manager. Part-Time engagement enables the team member to be available for consecutive 4 hours per day on all working days in a week.

Precisely. The team working on your project fills in DAILY report in our internal system (as shown above in this presentation). They will submit a copy of the same on weekly bases to you to keep a record of the efforts spent. Moreover, they will update you on DAILY bases over basecamp with summary of tasks executed and where to see those updates.

Our developers works out of our India Development Center. They work for 8 hours a day and can be available to work easily between any slot between 9:00AM to 9:00PM India Time (+5:30GMT). It is totally fine if you need a meeting in a week for discussion during your timezone. However, if you require them to work dedicatedly during your timezone only - they can certainly made available. In such cases - you have to pay a nominal additional fee to ensure they’re available during your timezone.

We require that anybody in our company who wishes to leave us - they notify their immediate supervisor, delivery head and HR team at least 2 months in advance. When they resign from their job and we accept their resignation - we immediately plan to switch the resource and initiate a handover process along with knowledge transfer (KT) to the new developer. During the transition the new developer takes up the front seat while the person leaving the job have to support and ensure the new developer is in full control of what is supposed to be worked upon. Before leaving the company, the resigned developer signs EXIT NDA with Bytes Technolab, where they undersign the confidentiality and non-compete, non-sharing terms. They also handover all credentials and access and communication rights back to the relevant authorities at Bytes Technolab.

Certainly. We will share our holiday calendar upon initiation process - and will also keep you informed a week in advance for any public holiday.

Absolutely. This is totally possible. We can arrange for the developer(s) to visit your country and stay there for working with your team for a period. In such cases, you have to bear the costs of Visa, travel, accommodation and per diem expenses on top of their monthly fee.

We believe it is our responsibility. However, something that’s within our reach or access - we can certainly chime in and help you to fix the issue even before it arises. However, in certain cases - our clients prefer to leave a few parts of the project to their own teams. In such cases, we can’t do much - except to guide you or show you the solution. To be able to "FIX" the problem itself - we need to have your permission along with the access.

No. They don’t rely 100% on you. Most of the time and more often than not - they’ll find out the solution by seeking advise, consulting and technical help from their peers, supervisors and experienced members within the team.

The Scope should be defined very briefly and the requirements are very likely to change throughout the project. Can define clear short-term milestones - depending on the working model chosen (i.e. Agile or Waterfall). Works best when you're ready to go into multiple iterations for a given feature and fine-tune it by inspecting all the possible aspects. When you have more time to spend with the development team, by sharing clear objectives and goals so that they are always in sync with you

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