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Our Approach for iOS App Development

Bytes Technolab is a top iOS app development company that possesses industry expert consultants, designers, and certified app programmers- who will help at every stage or phase of the entire product development life cycle, from concept to distribution for all iOS devices.

During the entire stage of plan creation, our iOS app development team will suggest and agree on the decisions that are most likely to provide what you need from the iOS app that can elevate your business.

Our Approch

Expert iOS App Consulting

Every project comes with a unique and different set of requirements. This asks for a custom approach even during the initial consultation. Our experts will collaborate with you and get to know more about your project idea, goals, target audiences, locations you want to target, etc. They will ask questions to brainstorm and suggest if iOS is a good fit. The purpose is to extract every tiny detail to plan a design roadmap that encapsulates your brand identity and to provide the right app functionalities during the native iOS app development.

Wireframes & Prototype

Exemplary and immersive app designs are the core identities of iOS apps among Apple users. The expert UI/UX designers will jump to the scene from the start to design and create special experiences that perfectly align with your brand and compliment the app to be developed. The design team will present wireframes and prototypes to you for approval. Changes, if any, will be made before the app development process starts.

App Architecture & Database Design

Our 10+ years of experience in successfully building iOS mobile applications from scratch has made our iOS app developers well-known about the loopholes between the front-end and backend. This is why we follow a custom and holistic approach to design an iOS app architecture and database that offers maximum security and scalability.

360° Expertise in iOS App Development

We follow a user-centric process to design & build apps with powerful backends, iOS widgets that perfectly deliver a seamless experience on all Apple devices and complements the features of the latest version of the iOS platform. Be it Swift, Objective-C, Cocoa/Cocoa Touch, ARKit2, UIKit, CoreData, dynamic backend, or custom API, we know how to use the right tools for the development of your iOS app to drive growth.

QA & App Testing

Security and quality are the two cornerstones of Bytes Technolab’s success in delivering successful software applications. The wholesome ecosystem of iOS app development is not different too. We have in-house QA engineers who are well-versed in using the right tools for manual and automated testing of the iOS apps to ensure that the mobile app delivered will be completely glitch-free and hackproof.

App Deployment

Many times it happens that run-time issues occur during the development of an app and the end product differs from the client’s expectations. To avoid this, we ensure that the whole plan is consulted with the client at the start in order to make sure that both parties are in mutual agreement and the app is delivered within the timeline. Later, we also help in deploying iOS apps on App Store by taking over the complete responsibility from listing details, content (if not provided), assets to app submission.

End-to-End iOS App
Development Services

Bytes Technolab has catered to some of the most successful Enterprises, SMBs, and Startups to elevate their business processes, ROI, and vision with the best iOS app solutions. We are proud to solve their existing business challenges and provide the end-users with the right features leveraging satisfactory iOS app development services.


UI/UX Design

Our designers help you to create stunning UI/UX designs that give visual reality to your ideas. Our designs surely will delight your users and improve your brand image.


Strategic Consultation

Experienced industry and business experts will work with you closely to help in planning, defining, creating, and implementing a strategic roadmap to boost the chances of your app succeeding


Enterprise iOS Apps

We will create a high-quality, secure, multi-featured, and custom iOS app as per your enterprise needs to streamline your workflow, increase employee engagement, and overall productivity.


Custom App Development

We created apps for diverse business needs ranging from real-time analytics to route matching, geo-tagging, video streaming, payments, voice integration, etc.


Maintenance & Support

Post-delivery packages to continue the relationship and ensure responsiveness, stability, resource usage, scalability, version upgrades, bug fixes, etc. with full app maintenance on your behalf


AI ML Integration into iOS Apps

Our expert mobile app developers have unparalleled experience in integrating cutting-edge solutions based on AI & ML into the existing or newly built iOS apps with perfection.


Full Spectrum Development

We follow the right practices to build brilliant apps for all Apple devices, be it custom iPhone app development, iPad app development, iPod app development, Apple TV apps, or Apple Watch apps.


Agile Development

The development environment uses a custom agile framework that minimizes risks and boosts development speed while installing full transparency in all the areas between us.

Tech Stack we use to build ios applications

  • Swift

  • Objective C

  • Cocoa Controls

  • Cocoa touch

  • Cocoa 2D

  • Native SDK

  • macOS Big Sur

  • macOS Catalina

  • macOS Mojave

  • ios 13

  • ios 14

  • ios 15

Ios App

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Frequently Asked Questions

NO. You’ll be required to notify us as per the contractual agreement before the said period as mentioned in the contract. You cannot terminate the engagement within the first month.

Yes. We do have that option for special skills like Graphic designer, UI / UX Designer, Project Manager. Part-Time engagement enables the team member to be available for consecutive 4 hours per day on all working days in a week.

Precisely. The team working on your project fills in DAILY report in our internal system (as shown above in this presentation). They will submit a copy of the same on weekly bases to you to keep a record of the efforts spent. Moreover, they will update you on DAILY bases over basecamp with summary of tasks executed and where to see those updates.

Our developers works out of our India Development Center. They work for 8 hours a day and can be available to work easily between any slot between 9:00AM to 9:00PM India Time (+5:30GMT). It is totally fine if you need a meeting in a week for discussion during your timezone. However, if you require them to work dedicatedly during your timezone only - they can certainly made available. In such cases - you have to pay a nominal additional fee to ensure they’re available during your timezone.

We require that anybody in our company who wishes to leave us - they notify their immediate supervisor, delivery head and HR team at least 2 months in advance. When they resign from their job and we accept their resignation - we immediately plan to switch the resource and initiate a handover process along with knowledge transfer (KT) to the new developer. During the transition the new developer takes up the front seat while the person leaving the job have to support and ensure the new developer is in full control of what is supposed to be worked upon. Before leaving the company, the resigned developer signs EXIT NDA with Bytes Technolab, where they undersign the confidentiality and non-compete, non-sharing terms. They also handover all credentials and access and communication rights back to the relevant authorities at Bytes Technolab.

Certainly. We will share our holiday calendar upon initiation process - and will also keep you informed a week in advance for any public holiday.

Absolutely. This is totally possible. We can arrange for the developer(s) to visit your country and stay there for working with your team for a period. In such cases, you have to bear the costs of Visa, travel, accommodation and per diem expenses on top of their monthly fee.

We believe it is our responsibility. However, something that’s within our reach or access - we can certainly chime in and help you to fix the issue even before it arises. However, in certain cases - our clients prefer to leave a few parts of the project to their own teams. In such cases, we can’t do much - except to guide you or show you the solution. To be able to "FIX" the problem itself - we need to have your permission along with the access.

No. They don’t rely 100% on you. Most of the time and more often than not - they’ll find out the solution by seeking advise, consulting and technical help from their peers, supervisors and experienced members within the team.

The Scope should be defined very briefly and the requirements are very likely to change throughout the project. Can define clear short-term milestones - depending on the working model chosen (i.e. Agile or Waterfall). Works best when you're ready to go into multiple iterations for a given feature and fine-tune it by inspecting all the possible aspects. When you have more time to spend with the development team, by sharing clear objectives and goals so that they are always in sync with you

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