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Top features that make Flutter ideal for mobile app development

Oct 9, 2020

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Top features that make Flutter ideal for mobile app development

Flutter app development is a buzz that is rolling everywhere these days. At first sight, it sounds like a butterfly, but Flutter is Google’s new framework that helps build native mobile applications.

With the increasing use of Smartphones, mobile applications have become more prevalent nowadays than ever before. This trend has forced companies to create apps that are user friendly to remain competitive in the market.

Are you planning to launch a versatile mobile app but still in a predicament of which platform to pick in 2020? Flutter mobile development can make it progressively possible even for startups to develop a rich portable application without spending much.

What is Flutter?

Today with several tools and platforms available in the market for web development, you must be wondering why flutter? To understand this, you must know that platforms such as iOS and Android require codes to be written in two distinct languages, and it can be a difficult task. Hence many tools have risen together to make cross-platform app advancement into a reality. One such tool released by Google in 2018 is Flutter. It is an open-source kit to create highly scalable mobile applications using a single codebase. It is based on Google’s language called dart, so it becomes easier for developers with knowledge of java to learn and understand this language.

With great network backing and tutorials available, developers with any degree of experience can begin using this platform without any problem. You can leverage the Flutter app development services to know how your business can benefit from Flutter.

Why pick cross-platform mobile apps like Flutter?

There are many reasons for choosing such cross-platform over native ones, some of which are as under:

  • Cross-platform is based on a single code base hence, there is no need to write new code to run the app on the different operating systems. No repeated code writing leaves more time to focus on the development of the app.
  • Such a platform has easy plugin options that make the development process flawless and smooth.
  • Testing of the app also becomes easy as the QA expert has to check one version of the app only.
  • As a single code is being used across various platforms, the developer can save a lot of time and also reduces the cost involved in app maintenance.

As seen below Flutter has already established a market for itself and is getting popular each day.

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Hire flutter developer today and get your app developed at an affordable cost.

What are the features of Flutter app development?

Hot reload feature:

Flutter’s hot reload feature is what makes it stand out. With this feature, the developers can effectively build UI, include features, and investigate debug in real-time. It instantly reflects all the changes made in coding, and there is no need for saving the file to view final changes.

Open-source platform:

It comes with inbuilt design options, rich APIs, widgets, and smooth features that can easily make your app look polished. As it is an open-source, many design options are available to explore while developing.

Multiple Operating systems with single code:

The language used by Flutter is Dart based on the single language code, and hence it does not require maintaining separate coding files for iOS and Android. It is also easy to edit and incorporate the unique or required features.

Advanced API:

Flutter has a range of advanced APIs which ensure smoother, faster, and cleaner app animations. The rich motion APIs and other inbuilt features help in faster development with expressive UIs.

Easy integration:

Flutter is simpler to embed into any current application, which implies it can be easily incorporate new UI in the old application.


Flutter offers a consistent model with its readymade widgets. By combing these widgets with font, button, or padding, the app can be customized drastically.

Flutter development covers everything, right from the code writing to compiling and is the best choice to build an app quickly.
To reach a wider user base with less investment, Flutter app development services are the most ideal decision for you to put resources into! It has just become well known in the portable application advancement world, and 2020 is the ideal opportunity to try it out if you are thinking about it for your next versatile MVP.


As you can see Flutter offers a lot and its increasing popularity is a testimony for that. For companies or businesses looking to develop applications both on android and iOS, Flutter is an ideal platform. It is well suited for instant apps and progressive apps. However before you begin your next project, evaluate whether it is the right choice through our Flutter app consulting team. We have experience in Flutter development and our team of flutter developers can work with you to ensure that your project meets the required goals.

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