9 Best JS Frameworks to Learn in 2022 to Boost Development Skills

Jun 20, 2022

Kamlesh Devaliya

By Kamlesh Devaliya


JavaScript is without a doubt the world’s most popular programming language and the king of web development.

A thorough understanding of JavaScript and numerous, popular JavaScript web development frameworks is required if you want to become a web developer who can swiftly design websites like those you see on the internet. For javascript mobile app development, it’s important to understand the frameworks.

Understanding JavaScript and jQuery

A decade ago, these frameworks completely transformed the way people produced web applications. After node.js, a whole web application can be built from front to back using only one programming language, JavaScript.

JavaScript began as a client-side scripting language that could be used in conjunction with HTML to create web pages and provide dynamic client-side functionality such as input validation and animations.

Things began to change when AJAX was introduced, allowing web developers to refresh a portion of a web page without downloading the entire web page from the server, making the GUI faster and more responsive.

Then there’s jQuery, which helped to popularize JavaScript. It easily won the client-side JavaScript race, but server-side languages such as Python, PHP, and Ruby were still needed to construct web applications.

Also, diverse technologies like JSP, ASP.NET, and others made it difficult to create and manage user interfaces, but then came node.js, which made it feasible to design a server-side component using JavaScript. You may now create a completely functional web application using only JavaScript.

What is the purpose of a JavaScript Framework?

A web development framework is an abstraction that allows user-written code to selectively update software that provides generic functionality.

A JavaScript framework is a JavaScript application framework that allows programmers to manipulate and use functions for their convenience.

Most website developers use frameworks because they are more versatile for web design. Frameworks make dealing with JavaScript easier and more fluid, allowing you to do things like make your app’s device responsive.

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Walkthrough of 9 Best JS Frameworks


Angular is an open-source framework for constructing Single Page Applications that is one of the most powerful and efficient JavaScript frameworks (SPA). It incorporates HTML into the program and understands attributes to achieve data binding.


  • Progressive Online Apps: Uses a modern web framework to create app-like experiences that are fast, offline, and require no installation.
  • Desktop: The same Angular methods as the web may be used to construct desktop-installed programs for Mac, Windows, and Linux, plus the ability to leverage native OS APIs.

Angular generates code that is well optimized for JavaScript virtual machines, providing advantages over hand-written code. Angular apps load rapidly using the new Component Router, which provides automatic code splitting.

  • Templates: Use simple and powerful template syntax to create UI views.
  • Angular CLI: Command line tools let you quickly start creating, adding components and tests, and deploying.

Angular’s straightforward API allows you to create high-performance, complicated choreographies and animation timelines with very little code.

  • Accessibility: Use ARIA-enabled components, developer guides, and built-in test infrastructure to create accessible apps.


The React framework, which was created by Facebook, has swiftly gained popularity. It’s used to create and maintain the dynamic User Interface of high-traffic web pages. Because it makes use of a virtual DOM, it’s easier to integrate with any application.


  • Virtual DOM: Every DOM object has a “virtual DOM object” that corresponds to it. It is a representation of a DOM object that makes a virtual duplicate of the original DOM.

React has designed its own completely compatible W3C object model event mechanism. Cross-browser access to a native event is also provided.

  • Performance: React leverages one-way data binding and a Flux controls application design. With Flux driving the application process, ReactJS helps refresh the View for the user.

React Native is a custom renderer for React that uses native components as building blocks rather than web components like React.

Everything is a component of the web page, which is broken into little components to form a view (or UIs). The aesthetics and interactions in ReactJS apps are defined by components.


Even though it was only released in 2016, this JavaScript framework has already established its worth by providing several capabilities.

One of the most appealing characteristics of constructing a high-end SPA is its dual integration mode. It is a dependable cross-platform programming platform. It is a great javascript app framework.


  • Vue.js makes use of a virtual DOM, which is a clone of the main DOM element.
  • Data Binding: This feature allows you to manipulate or assign values to HTML attributes more easily.
  • Vue includes many methods for applying a transition to HTML items when they are added, changed, or removed from the DOM.
  • Vue provides HTML-based templates that connect the DOM to the data in the Vue.js instance. Virtual DOM Render functions are created from the templates.


Ember.js was released in 2015, and its wide range of applications has helped it grow in popularity since then. Ember.js’ capabilities include two-way data binding, making it a dependable platform for dealing with complex User Interfaces.

Ember.js is used by well-known websites like LinkedIn, Netflix, and Nordstrom. It is one of the best framework for app development.


  • Create easy-to-use web apps that are also straightforward to manage.
  • HTML and CSS feature: It includes HTML and CSS as part of the development model.
  • Ember provides instance initializers for its classes.
  • Ember.js provides routes, which are essential capabilities for handling URLs.
  • Ember Inspector is a tool for debugging Ember apps in Ember.js.
  • Ember.js makes use of templates to automatically update the model when the content of applications changes.


The Aurelia framework is great for constructing significantly more robust websites, albeit it is not as popular as it previously was.

This JS framework can be used to augment HTML for a variety of functions, including data binding. Its current architecture ensures that toll is used for client-side and server-side interpretation at the same time.


  • The Aurelia framework is made up of components, which are made up of JavaScript view-model pairs and HTML views.
  • One of the cleanest current frameworks is Web Standards. It is entirely focused on web standards, with no extraneous abstractions.


Backbone is a single-page application framework that is simple to learn. This framework was created with the premise that all server-side functions must pass through an API, allowing for more complicated functionality with less code.


  • Convenience: Models, views, events, routers, and collections are given as building blocks for developing client-side web applications.

It is a basic library that aids in the separation of business and user interface logic.

  • Many extensions: Backbone offers a free and open-source library with over 100 extensions available.

Backbone uses jQuery as a soft dependency and Underscore.js as a hard dependency.


Meteor offers a wide range of applications, spanning a large chunk of software development. It is one of the most popular iOS frameworks.


  • Meteor demonstrates to be a full-stack solution for developing and deploying online apps. On the production server, features include automated CSS, reactive templates, and JS minification.
  • Meteor.js is an open-source, isomorphic development ecosystem (IDevE). It makes it easier to create real-time web apps from the ground up because it includes all of the necessary front-end and back-end components.
  • Isomorphic JavaScript Code: The same code can be used on the front-end, back-end, mobile, and web apps. It eliminates the need for developers to install and set up multiple module managers, libraries, drivers, APIs, and other components.
  • Front-end Solution: Meteor provides Blaze.js, a front-end development framework with various handy capabilities. It also works with popular current front-end frameworks such as Backbone.js to improve outcomes.

Meteor.js can connect to any database that uses a Node.js driver. MongoDB is a popular database.


Mithril is a JavaScript framework for constructing Single Page Applications on the client side. The framework’s implementation is simpler because there are no derived functions from a base class.

It’s lightweight (8kb gzip), quick, and comes with routing and XHR tools out of the box. Mithril is great for mobile backend framework.


  • Mithril is roughly 7.8 kB gzipped and does not rely on any other libraries.
  • Mithril does not provide any base classes from which to extend. When using basic MVC patterns, there are no hidden performance penalties.
  • Mithril has a small API, thus there’s no need to design features for every case.
  • Mithril is declarative, which simplifies code.


Node.js is a cross-platform open-source server-side JavaScript run-time environment. With its event-driven architecture, the framework can handle asynchronous I/O.

It runs in the JavaScript Runtime environment and displays JAVA’s threading, packing, and looping capabilities. Node.js is one of the best mobile javascript frameworks.


  • As Node.js is built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, it is extremely fast when it comes to code execution.
  • All APIs are asynchronous, meaning the server does not wait for the API to return data.
  • Node.js uses a single-threaded paradigm, as does event looping.
  • Node.js uses an event structure that allows the server to reply in a non-blocking way, making it highly scalable. It is great for TypeScript mobile development.
  • When uploading audio and video files, Node.js dramatically reduces processing time. The data is not buffered, and the application receives it in chunks.

The Node.js developers’ community has created several excellent models that may be used to extend the capabilities of Node.js applications.

Wrapping up

Javascript remains the most popular programming language for web development. However, each JavaScript framework has its own set of features, benefits, and drawbacks. So keep that in mind when making your decision to build a mobile app using javascript.

Examine your project needs carefully before selecting a framework for your application, as each framework has its own set of capabilities that you may need throughout development.

Consider the learning curve, complexity, compatibility documentation, and community support in addition to the features.

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