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A complete guide to developing a beautiful eCommerce mobile application like Amazon

Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and Shopify the most trending eCommerce applications that people generally used for online shopping. Currently, the way do the business is different from traditional business methods. Most businesses create own shopping applications like Walmart, Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Shopify and many more to sell stuff online. The trend of online shopping is increasing because no one wants to waste precious time standing in long queues at the market place and they don’t want to wait for their turn during payment. Well, with the eCommerce applications, all can be able to do shopping from home without wasting fuel and time.

Are you thinking to build your business application to sell the stuff online? If yes, then the main priority is to know how to start an eCommerce business and create an application for it. Application is essential to do business online either you can create a web application or mobile application otherwise create an application for both web and mobile.

Amazon is the best player among all the shopping applications like Myntra, Flipkart, Alibaba, and Snapdeal. To develop an application like Amazon, it is important to set the business goals first with clarity.

Before making any decision you need to do marketing research and find out some answers like:

1 .  What kind of mobile application you want for your business IOS or Android?

2.  Who is your targeting audience?

3.  What are your targeting locations?

4.  What type of products you want to sell?

5.  How commission will work, payment directly deposit to the vendor’s account?

6.  Who can manage the delivery of the products your vendors or a third party?

7.  How you can decide the product prices?

Firstly you need to identify the answers to all the above questions practically. Once you sorted all the questions then your vision will clear.

Things to take care while building an eCommerce Application:

Ecommerce development is not an easy task to do. There is a lot of things to take care of like:

  • Easy to use navigation and visual appeal.
  • Unique idea and concept, do something different from others.
  • Explore other similar applications and select the pros of each and try to remove drawbacks.
  • Pre decides the flow of communication for your employee team, vendors, stakeholders, and customers.
  • Choose the right platform for managing an application because the SAAS platform has its pros and cons. Based on your budget and plan to pick the best one and compare features that can be the best fit for your present and future needs.

Key Aspects to develop an Ecommerce Application like Amazon:

1. Planning & Market Research

Almost every business starts its work by analyzing customer’s business needs and requirements.

The first thing you need to know what customers want and what king of product you want to sell? Do you want to sell all kinds of goods or any specific? If you want to sell all kinds of goods then create categories hierarchy so that customers can easily find out their desired products to purchase.

Analyze the patterns and behavior of the targeted audience. Know their basic needs, age, interest, likes and dislikes. This will help you to make a better decision to build a relevant eCommerce application.

2. Competitor Analysis

Once you have fixed what kind of goods you want to sell, the second thing is for better experience and reference do competitor’s analysis. Create a separate list of all competitor sites and find out the reason why they are the first choice for buyers.

Never copied their features or business model, just take their reference and try to create your own better ideas and design. For better ideas do the deep study of the best eCommerce applications and see what and how they are offering for the customers.

You can follow their marketing strategies, how they are promoting their application and using keywords to target the audience.

3. Choose Essential Features

Do this step very carefully because it’s time to determine the future scope of the application. You don’t want to make an app just like Amazon but better than this. For building an outstanding application user-friendly features are essential.

Don’t try to make an application that forces the visitors to click on your site. Just make a simple application that will be easy to use for the visitors so that they can automatically convert into your customers.

The above images are showing two different ways the first image is forcing the visitors to log in the app then only he/she will be able to process the further parts of the application. Whereas, the second image is showing the correct way.

Image Source: Google


Try to make a user-friendly application so that visitors show their interest in your application. Don’t frustrate the visitors by performing unnecessary calls to actions form.

4. Choose a platform

Android Development or IOS Development? For choosing a platform you need to do market research so that it becomes easy to select the platform that your targeted audiences are uses.

You can choose any one of them Android or IOS or both platforms for your eCommerce app development, it depends on the type of goods and targeted audience.

5. Attractive UX and UI Design

Attractive design attract more users toward your application. Create an attractive application where users get a lot to explore in a very interesting manner.

If you don’t know about design then consult with UI & UX design companies. They will help you to create an attractive logo for brand awareness and create the best design for your shopping application.

6. Advanced Technology Integration

Try to make a scalable application and for this, you should include future technologies. You must be aware of the latest technologies and try to implement your application over it.

For the better experience about technologies try to take knowledge about Technology Stack. Technology stack will give you the knowledge about the framework, frontend technologies, backend technologies, databases, programming languages and server-side languages.

It’s up to you which kind of application you want for sustainability go for native application and if you want a better time to market the build hybrid application.


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7. A simple registration process

Make sure the registration form of your application must be easy to fill. Try to keep the registration process very easy and integrate it with social media accounts so that users can easily do registration and login with their social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail.

Image Source: Google


8. Support multiple payment options

If you want to run longer in the market then build application according to customer’s satisfaction. Nowadays many payment options are available and everyone uses different payment methods for online payments.

The online payment method is a very sensitive part of an eCommerce application. You must include secure payment methods in your application that can accept payment through credit card, debit card, net banking, e-wallets and cash on delivery.

Image Source: Google


9. Implement notification option

To continue the customer’s engagement with your eCommerce website the “Push-Notification” is a key!

Each customer has their specific needs and requirements and it’s your duty as a website owner to fulfill their requirements. With the help of notification, your customers can be aware of the daily activities of your website such as, sale, discounts, relevant products, promotions, and offers to bring back the customers on your site.

10. A feedback section

The best way to find out our mistakes is feedback. Implement a rating and review section on your website, you need to get an idea about the positive and negative side of your site.

Customer’s satisfaction and feedback is the crucial section to determine the performance of the website. Make the strength for all negative feedback of the customers and rectify the issues to improve your website functionality.

11. Wish-list Button

Wish list button plays an important role in all the eCommerce website. It helps your customers to add the items to purchase later. This feature is helpful for those customers who don’t want to miss the current deal.

If customers found something but don’t want to purchase it at present but after a week then the wish list button is a better option.

12. Search Feature

This is very important to make your online eCommerce app with an embedded search feature. It allows any customer, visitor or user to search their desired product instantly. Depending on customer searches, you can show relevant search results for the customers for better experience and engagement.

Ineffective search results may result in lose your big customer that is why try to make the search feature more smart and relevant.

Image Source: Google

Development Cost of an eCommerce application:

The budget is a major thing while developing an eCommerce application. You need to decide how much you are investing and for whom you are investing? Both the things are in your hand, but before making any decision try to do a proper budget analysis.

Points for you to remember while going forward to develop an eCommerce application:

These are a few points that determine the cost of developing an eCommerce application.

1. Features and Functionality

The first criteria of application development is functionalities and features. It depends on you what kind of features you want like simple, or advance?

Simple & Essential features:

The mandatory features to develop an eCommerce application are:

  • User Login and Signup option
  • User profile
  • Product Categories
  • Checkout Process
  • Search bar
  • Payment Gateway

If you want simple features in your eCommerce application then the cost of building an application with basic e-commerce features then the cost will be less for both IOS and Android.

Advance Features:

If you want an application with advanced features like:

  • Chatbox
  • Product Reviews & Ratings
  • Push Notification
  • Social Media Integration
  • Product filter
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Wishlist Button and many more.

The cost of eCommerce applications with the above features might be higher. We recommend you to start with the basic application and once you can get the traffic and customer’s feedback then go for the advance features.

2. The platform IOS or Android

The platform such as Android, IOS, etc. depends on the targeted audience and business type. Selecting a platform means the selection of income areas. As we know more than 80% are android users and rest are iPhone users.

Hence, Android will help you to reach border audience and IOS have a higher customer lifetime value because IOS users generally have higher education levels, higher income and more engagement that means more profit to your business.

3. Wireframe

Wireframe is the rough sketch or aspect of an app that can be implemented first. It’s a visual architecture of the application layout.

The cost of wireframes depends on the application, for a simple application that have only 2-3 pages the cost of wireframe is less than $500 and for complex applications that have more than 3 pages the cost up to $1,500 depending on the number of pages.

4. App Design

The designing cost of an application depends on the scalability, flexibility, performance, and versatility. Average cost of application design falls between $2,000 and $35,000

5. Developer Cost

The development cost of your application depends upon the number of developers, app size, and functionality. Depending on different parameters an app development cost in between $1000 and $100,000.

6. Maintenance

Application maintenance is important because Apple and android often update its system. To make your app work properly after system updates, you need to determine the cost of further modifications and maintenance for your eCommerce application.

The maintenance budget of any eCommerce application varies from 20% to 30% of your full app development budget. Suppose your total app development cost is $100,000 then your maintenance cost will be $20,000.

7. Other Costs

  • Software License Cost
  • Marketing and Advertisement Cost
  • Application Store Charges
  • Database and Server Charges
  • Equipment Costs

The cost of each parameter lies in between $500 and $2,000.

Outsourcing Developers for eCommerce Mobile App Development:

If you like to outsource your eCommerce plan and want to hire a highly-skilled development team for your eCommerce application development then Bytes Technolab would love to the part of your application development.

We have highly skilled developers to build a beautiful eCommerce application like Amazon for you. Feel free to Contact Us. Just drop your inquiry about your requirements and our experts will get back to you soon to build your application.

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