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QR enabled web ordering system for your restaurant: A guide to build food ordering app

Aug 23, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

QR Enabled Web Ordering System For Your Restaurant: A Guide To Build Food Ordering App

QR codes are one trend whose popularity has been steadily rising. There are several reasons for their appeal, but the most important is that they are not only simple to use and give numerous benefits, but they also provide a touch-free experience.

Businesses are now redoubling their efforts to guarantee that their consumers get a one-of-a-kind experience. They must be astute enough to keep existing clients while also attracting new ones by informing them about their services or goods and attempting to pique their interest in the store’s appropriate discounts. Their goal here is to use QR based web ordering system, which is a simple method to provide a pleasant shopping experience for customers.

Many entrepreneurs and company owners should be familiar with QR codes. If you operate a restaurant and are looking for the most effective approach to boost foot traffic and provide a better client experience, a QR Code is a way to go!! Allow for a seamless transition from takeout to outdoor eating with this contactless ordering system.

The QR-enabled web ordering system has the potential to transform your restaurant into a tech-savvy, contemporary, and fast establishment. The restaurant industry has determined that the QR code has suddenly become a requirement of the hour. These codes can readily alleviate the labor shortage by requiring fewer wait services.

What are the Benefits of the QR-based web ordering system for Restaurants?

Scanning QR codes have become more popular as it eliminates human interactions and allows information to be retrieved quickly. In today’s restaurants, the QR Based web Ordering System has a lot of advantages. Contactless food ordering system for Restaurant Owners has lots of advantages :

Mobile Ordering System using QR Codes

The first and most important benefit is that it is easily available. The QR code may be easily scanned by anybody with a smartphone or tablet. This may be done automatically with the camera on newer devices. In many situations, it may also be read via a third-party program.

QR codes are the greatest companion for the digital platform with mobile since they grow with mobile-optimized content. The restaurant sector may make use of this feature to offer a simple and secure food ordering system.

Reporting in Real-Time

Restaurant owners may now generate real-time reports to learn about the most popular meals, peak times, daily sales, and other information in their establishments. The best part is that they have access to this data at any time and from any location. And can continue to be at the top of their game.

Contactless Food Services

You may provide valued clients contactless services and give them the confidence to dine out. The way people dine out has evolved, and your consumers are increasingly concerned about cleanliness and safety. They would like not to come into contact with the virus or illness. Contactless service is a strategy that reveals personalized gestures to your clients while also protecting your employees.

Lower Your Overheads

A contactless scan QR code helps to reduce the expense of printing paper menus regularly. The spread of illness is facilitated by the use of paper menus. The proportion of orders placed may be increased, and staff labor can be minimized, thanks to QR Table Ordering for F&B Merchants. The expense of employees is also reduced.

Provides a Fantastic User Experience

Every company owner strives to provide the finest and most pleasant client experience possible. They come up with novel techniques for this, which are truly tough. You can provide a rich user experience while also ensuring safety by utilizing Restaurant Contactless Ordering menus, such as QR code menus. The dynamic landing pages on QR code menus are intended to provide a one-of-a-kind but pleasurable ordering experience.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

When your average consumer is aware that you have taken several steps to safeguard them. It will earn consumers’ trust, and they will feel unique as a result of the safety precautions you are doing because everything you do for safety is vital not just for growing your sales, but also for the safety of your customers. We cannot risk the safety of our employees or customers during this time.

The Advantages of Early Adoption

When you look at the competition, you’ll find that every restaurant is implementing the necessary steps to provide contactless service to potential consumers.

Everything has altered as a result of the recent pandemic catastrophe. People want to enhance the way they utilize restaurant services. They are pleased with the modifications and are working to build an all-food ordering system. Customers will be happier if you implement the changes at the correct moment, and they will return.

Increased Profitability

If you utilize the scan Restaurant Contactless ordering system for your restaurant, you will not have to deal with the periodic changes that come with using third-party aggregators. It is a one-time investment with fewer features. The expenditures may be reimbursed after a few months of use or even in the first month.

Get ready for the digital age

Improving the restaurant industry’s internet presence can assist right away. Online meal delivery is anticipated to increase at a pace of about 7% each year, according to estimates. When the online ordering system is in place, QR codes may be used to advertise an extra revenue stream for the business.

Reduces the time it takes for an order to be processed

Customers who are usually busy and don’t have much time to wait at a restaurant can come to your business and enjoy the dining ambiance. The time you spend waiting for an order is reduced and speeded up when you use the QR code menus.

Prevent menu sharing between customers

The most obvious benefit of a QR code menu at a restaurant right now is that it lowers the number of objects consumers have to touch when dining in. When a group of people is deciding what to eat and drink, a menu is frequently handed around the table. Display your QR codes in prominent locations throughout the restaurant to make it as easy as possible for guests to locate and scan them.

Save money on printing costs

The menus in many restaurants change regularly. It takes money to update a print edition of a menu every time the chef introduces a new dish or runs out of something. Instead, with a QR code menu, modifications may be changed digitally as needed, without incurring any additional costs.

Reduce customer contact with staff

During the epidemic, people learned to limit their physical contact with others. With a QR code menu, you may reduce contact between your employees and customers as a restaurant owner/operator. The employees may still be required to deliver the meal to the table in some cases. However, to reduce human touch even further, you might implement a collecting point system within the restaurant.

Order values should be increased

When customers purchase online, they spend more money. With online ordering integrated into your processes, you may boost your average order value by as much as 30%.

It may be a clumsy, unpleasant experience for both employees and consumers when an upsell is tried face-to-face. Customers who order from a digital menu don’t feel rushed to make a decision and are more at ease adding extra menu items.

Increase table turnover

One of the most difficult tasks for restaurant management is to serve as many customers as possible without making them feel rushed out the door. As a result, instead of waiting for a waiter to notice them and take their order, your clients may scan the QR code menu as soon as they are seated. You might even want to let them order before they sit down. This greatly accelerates the process. Customers can also purchase more things during their meals.

Menu items may be regularly updated

It’s a pain to have to inform consumers that a menu item is no longer available when you run out of something in the kitchen. With a digital menu, you can easily update it as often as you like.

Improved menu design

A digital menu is designed with a great user experience in mind, so you can highlight your most popular products, enhance order value, and improve conversion rates.

Food pictures can be used to entice

On paper menus, space is restricted, which is why there are rarely any images of the dish. Customers, on the other hand, make decisions with their eyes. People will be enticed to order your mouth watering burgers with all the fixings if you post a great photo of them. You may add photos with as many menu items as you like with a digital menu.

Collect customer data

Customer data may be collected throughout the QR code ordering process. Customers supply an email address or mobile phone number throughout the order process, which you can save in your system and use to sell to them in the future, increasing loyalty and retention. Data is vital to any successful organization, and yours is no exception. Over time, you learn more about your consumers – what they eat, when they eat, and what keeps them coming back for more – and this information helps you develop your business.

How QR Code Food Ordering System Works

QR Table Ordering Systems have been around for a while and are favored by the majority of establishments. They are a cost-effective alternative to cardboard and paperback menus, allowing for rapid and secure ordering. It is not difficult to implement in your restaurant. Follow the steps below to provide your customers the greatest eating experience possible:

It is not rocket science to implement a QR-based ordering system in a restaurant. The QR code menu may be operated in a few easy steps, which are outlined below:

Know where you want your consumers to go online, which is usually the digital menu.

Make a QR code for yourself. In most cases, you’ll be able to execute directly in your design program.
Put the code in the same area as the other graphic to be printed.

A rep for as many marketing items as you’d like. There is no technological stumbling block.
Place the code for the digital menu in the printed menu as well. Alternatively, a link to the daily specials page through a code.
Place the marketing materials in windows, on tabletops, at entrances, and along the curb.

How Customers Use QR Codes in Restaurants for Food Ordering

As previously said, smartphones come equipped with built-in QR codes and cameras, so there is no need to download a separate program. Customers may easily access it by following the procedures below:

Place QR code menus at ordering stations or on tabletops so that customers may scan the QR code with their smartphones.
Customers may check the meal menu online after finishing the procedure of scanning the QR code menu without having to contact anyone or download an application.

Customers may now order directly from the digital menu. The kitchen order ticket is printed as well. Food preparation begins later.
Payment can be made in cash at the counter, on a tablet, or through a mobile-friendly web ordering system.

The Best Ways to Showcase a QR Code Ordering System in a Restaurant

You must post the menu on the restaurant after uploading it and making the food ordering QR code. Here are some of the finest places to put the QR code so that customers may check it out and scan it easily:


Allow customers to navigate through the digital version of the menu on their smartphone.

Table tents

You may put the QR code in front of clients with a free-standing desk account.

Tabletop Inserts

Initiate the scanning process by sliding the insert into the holder.


The most effective and cost-effective method of displaying QR codes on walls and windows.


Flyers with QR codes were distributed on the tows to promote the cuisine.

Sandwiches Boards

By using free-standing sidewalk signs, passers-by may scan the QR code.

Labels & Stickers

Make the surface into a display area for the QR code.

Rack Cards

Allow QR codes on rack cards to display promotions.

Business Cards

When you associate with a business card, you can stand out and be readily found by consumers.

Wrapping up

To boost restaurant sales right now, use a contactless internet ordering system that scans QR codes. It has completely transformed the way people acquire information, as evidenced by recent data.

It’s never too late to start implementing it if you haven’t already!! So if you are looking to get your own QR-enabled web ordering system, Bytes Technolab Inc is your solution. Developing a web ordering system is a piece of cake for us. We assure you to develop the best food ordering app for your business.

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